Strong Names in NBM

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Due to frequent requests I present to you a list of the TOP 35 STRONG NAMES IN NBM ranked by popularity.

A so-called strong name is given to a new member of NBM aka Black Axe during initiation. They come in many versions due to misspellings and intentional alterations of names which are however standardised in the list below.

SN stats

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24 thoughts on “Strong Names in NBM

  1. Aye axemen
    I greet men oh
    Na ju name mike the align
    Make men no paro oh
    E get mata way no clear me oh, na abt this s.n ibn bulawire, any man way the copy abt this s.n gum am make e align so that d copy go gum me, na ot infinity oh
    Aye axemen


  2. Aye axe men i greet men with 147 language akwana men go dey identify for here e no clear oh make all men metal sharp oh my jew name na yaks from makama dogo axe forum under keffi sup_zone under abuja zone


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  4. I grt all men for d here Biko I no March anybody tongue oooo but make men put cry to their fellow Barundas make Dem dey update Dem any vital alinement cos our black tongue do to cast …….. Biko…
    Jn: ernestdams dey report


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