Benin Zone Wahala

Nigeria, effectively a lawless and dis-functioning failed nation (aside from functioning for those who pervert it’s functionality) is a country that can demonstrate a level beyond that of simple ‘corruption’.
It is a country where corruption itself is able to be corrupted. Below is an example of that. Where large payments given to corrupt organisations by corrupt government officials are channeled away as corruption within corruption.
The text below is taken from ‘petitions’ of infighting internally occurring within one such corrupt group: The Neo Black Movement of Africa (aka ‘NBM of Africa’ and ‘Black Axe Confraternity’). They are documents which outline payments and government positions allocated as rewards by gangs/cults to perpitrate political thugery, violence, killing and corruption.


The National Head ,
N.B.M Worldwide,
We wish to bring this to your knowledge because of what is good for the Goose is good for the Gander,so we want the National Executive to treat this.
(1)CASE OF 35 MILLION GIVEN TO NBM FOR ELECTION OF COMRADE GOVERNOR FIRST TERM IN OFFICE:It is well known to all Lords in Benin that Lord Patricks Lumumba played as a leading role in first term bid of Comrade Governor not as an individual but as the National Head of NBM Worldwideto this end the sum of 35 million was given to this great movement to assist the Comrade Governor to victory.This money was distributed through the then Cheif of Staff Hon. Sam Iredia
(2)MONEY GIVEN AS SECURITY MONEY TO PROTECT THE VOTES:During the April 2011 election into the house of assembly.senate and house of Representative,money was equally given to Lord Patricks Mulumba,this was to ensure that the votes of he’s party,the Action Congress,was protected and mostly because of the role he played in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State where he fights against a Lord in the opposite party Hon. Cheif Lucky Imasuen(Former Deputy Governor of Edo state).
(3)ISSUE OF MONEY RAISED UNDER LORD PATRICKS LUMUBA FOR NBM NATIONAL HEADQUARTER OF EVBORIARIA IN BENIN CITY. over four million was raised and uptill now there have been no work done on the site, and the money have never been accounted for by Lord patricks lumuba, even if Dr Amadasun is under suspension from the movement for a similar issue
Donors-(1) Hon. Paul ohubamu #500,000.00
(2)Hon. M.A. Iduoriyekamwen #1000,000.oo etc
(4)FUNDS COLLECTED FROM AVARIANS OVER THE BURNING OF BENIN ZONAL ARENA. When benin Zonal Arena was burnt down in a peace deal, Avarian were asked to rebuild the burnt down arena. Later, Lord Patricks Lumuba, collected an undisclosed sum of money from them and uptill now the arena was never rebuild. Also, Prof Wole Soyinka was brought to see the burnt down arena to further humiliate NBM.
(5)POLITICAL APPOINTMENT AS COMPENSANTION TO NBM. As compensation for all these use of NBM to fight political opponent even if they were members of this same movement, political office was given to him not as an individual but as a personification of NBM.
(6)AKOKO-EDO RERUN ELECTION: Lord Patricks Mulumba collected serious funds from the Comrade Governor to ensure that a fellow Lord Hon Anslem Agbabi and Hon. Saiki Samuel do not win the rerun election into the house of assembly,strong men were seriously mobilized to fight against their fellow brothers.
(7)KOGI ELECTION:Lord Patricks Mulumba was equally given millions in the name of movement to mobilise strong men to Kogi State to ensure the victory of political associates in that state.not as an individual but as a known NBM Leader.
(8)COLLECTION OF FUNDS FROM CAPTAIN HOSA OKUNBOR:Lord patricks Mulumba collected millions of naira from captain Hosa in the name of NBM for he’s relection into the office of the National Head of this movement.
(9)ISSUE OF #750,000.00 MONTHLY FROM GOVERNMENT UNDER LUCKY IGBINEDION REGIME: Lord patricks Mulumba,as a Zonal Head collected the sum of #750,000.00 monthly as a compensation for the role NBM played to ensure the victory of PDP as at then.
(10)CONVERSION OF APPOINTMENT MEANT FOR LORDS IN THE ZONE INTO HIS PERSONAL USE:After the April 2011 election into the house of representatiove ,senate and house of assembly was given to NBM as neighbourhood watch co-ordinators and other offices,Lords Paticks Mulumba and former chairman National Councils of Elders converted this appointment into theirs,80 slots was given to NBM,they took 60 slots and gave 20 to the Zone.
(11)ISSUE OF HANDOVER OF FORMER HEAD OF BENIN ZONE TO POLICE: Lord Patricks Mulumba deceived former National Head of the Zone Lord Mammar Gaddafi to the state police headquarters and handed him over as a criminal and a killer to the state commissioner of Police.
We want the National Executive to use their good offices to investigate all these and that we shall come out with proof at anytime when called upon.
Thanks for your tradition co-operation.

Yours in Movement
(1) Zino Fazeez
(2)David Diop
(3)Kenneth Kaunda
(4)Scadela Ekhator(Mahmood Gadafi)
(5)Odinga Odinga
(6)Chucks Okungbe
(7)Oyo Stephen
National COE Chairman
National COE Member
All Zonal Heads
All Zonal COE chairman
The Arena,
Benin Zone,
The Ag COE Chairman,
Benin Zone

The zonal/council of elders( COE) to investigate various monies/properties that was misappropriate under this regime, by the zonal head (lord muammer Ghadaffi) since the zone does not have an auditor.
1.About N3.5m was given to the zone by the governor during the governorship election.
2.N380,000 as a part of zonal money given to the zone by Edo state government.
3.How 40 names was compiled back to government house as part of the names requested by the government for lords employment.
4.Lord Samora Mitchel (Ebo Amagba) N50,000 donated after receiving an award from the zone.
5.Jew name Edion 1 donated N20,000 after receiving an award from the zone
6.Lord Asoro N100,000 donation after receiving an award from the zone.
7.Jew name Paul Ohunbamu N50,000 donation also as a recipient of the same award.
8.Jew name Micheal jones N68,000 gift toward arena renovation.
9.Ireland head donation N50,000 as gift towards beautification.
10.Jew name Isele bought 10 drums of paint where 6 was used,the zonal head took 4 to his personal house
11.Jew name Abu donated N160,000 to fix split A/CS cannot also be accounted for by the zonal head.
The Benin Zonal COE should carefully investigate these monies and properties for proper accountability because the movement does not belong to one person.
Lord Mammer Ghadaffi
Ikpitan 1996
Benin Zonal CP
Cc: National head
Cc: National COE chairman
Cc: National COE members
Cc: All axemen world wide

Lord Kaduna Nzeogwu 1
Ikpitan 1997
Member COE
Italian zone
National Head
NBM Worldwide,
Chairman, NCOE,
Scribe NCOE,
OC legal NCOE
Members NCOE,
Zonal Heads,
Zonal chairmen,
We the dedicated members of Benin zone wishes to expressly state our position on the committee that was constituted at the last NCOE IN Umuhia to look into the various petitions that was submitted to NCOE chairman, that in respect of the said issue we are categorically stating that the committee lacks merit and more so we don’t have confidence on the chairman of the committee Jew name Omelele, for the following reasons:
1) The said chairman of the committee, tried as NCOE chairman then to impose Jew name Henry Omeregie as Head of Benin Zonal when the zonal COE was exercising the process of bringing in a new Head.
2) Omolele has been a party to various petitions that has been emanating from Benin Zone to NCOE right from when he was an NCOE chairman till date by way of inciting, instigating and sponsoring Jew names Kpangoli, fola, Henry Omeregie and co.
3) This same former NCOE chairman has used Benin Zonal status to gain appointment from the state government as a special adviser to the state governor.
4) It’s also amazing that this same man and Dr. Mayor hijacked 60 slots out of the 80 slots allocated to NBM Benin Zone for immediate employment by the state government.
5) We are not satisfy with the educational qualification of this former NCOE chairman, for investigation has reveal that he went to school of health, therefore he was awarded certificate of completion or attendance which does not make him a lord as specified by our constitution.
6) This man spends most of his time in Benin though His family are in port Harcourt, got appointment and work in Benin but does not attend zonal IT’s except when there is crisis, due to his personal attachment to a certain clique in the zone that has been refusing to let the zone move forward.
Our national Head its worthy to note that with the above stated reasons, the Benin zonal members has lost confidence on the committee set up by the NCOE chairman to look into the various petitions and also we don’t have confidence on the chairman (Omolele) of the said committee based on the fact that he is an interested party therefore the committee investigation cum findings will be sentimental and biased which will be inimical to the growth of our great movement in Benin zone.
Sir, as the national Head who is in charge of the day to day running of the movement and for the fact that the NCOE meets quarterly, that is why we want you to please use your highly coveted and revered office to look into this petition so that Benin zone can move forward positively.

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