Apapa Zone Wahala

James Babatunde Barrow

El-Senussi I

Chairman Apapa Zone

Blended 1994 Kiriji

Graduated In Unilag

(Second Class Lower 2.2)


Apapa zone stopped functioning as an organized body as soon as we where

granted a zone in the last national convention. Due to my

head’s bureaucratic and anarchical leadership pattern. He did not call for IT since

inception as a zone till date. In fact, it was due to his inability to call for IT and his

inappropriateness that spurs the brouhaha in Apapa Zonal

arena where they attempted an unconstitutional and unlawful violent event,

claiming I was no longer the chairman of COE Apapa zone in an arena

development and inaugural committee meeting. (not ZCOE IT).

Sir, enumerated below are some reasons which hinder the progress of Apapa

(1) My head, the C.P and some Excos and Elders were not graduate of any

tertiary institution. He forged a certificate of BSc. Hons Lasu he presented to

the NCOE. It is evidence in the constitution that a black lord should at least

posses OND, NCE, BSc, Hehas none of this so does his C.P and some of them.

(2) My head did not call any IT all through the year since we where granted a

zone though he attended one IT in October. The IT I compelled him to

attend that informed his hatred for me. He did not attend any NCOE or

embark on any meaningful NBM project all through the year, he was never

(3) The inaugural I.T which was due to hold since inception as a zone has since not seen the light of day

(4) The zone is an Ajegunle Forum, it does not have the presence of other parts

of it jurisdiction, e.g. Apapa, Festac Town, Satellite Town, Ijora, Orile down

(5) The zone was hijacked and situated in Ajegunle instead of the original

Apapa metropolis where it started thereby affording captains of industries

and the established lords we all started the zone together to all opted out.

Any one who attempt to question his inadequates would be label a rebel. So

no one could raise objections against his antics.

My N.C.O.E Chairman, I bring the above to your attention so the movement could

save our beloved Apapa zone from it imminent collapse. It is on record that I am

the only member in Apapa zone who was in Lagos Zone for almost 17 years and

also have serve in several committees including being a Butcher in Aigbedo Osude

Regime. Others had not attended 6 I.T’s before we were approved a zone.

Therefore, do not understand what a zone entails. It’s on record.

I wait your urgent and positive response.


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