Switzerland Zone Wahala


Aye my Zonal Heads
The reply to the letter of complaint from the jews is below.
Please read my answers in the email.
Attention my German Head: i clear road for you. Na head you be i great you.

The circumstances in which you are contacted on this issue it’s wise but not in a good manner. This deaxed (jews) know that any petition or complains will be accepted here in Switzerland Zone from them and delivered to the appropriate office which is the NCOE. But they ignored and disregarded the zone. Remember a zone is a zone. As long as the manner which you got and took this petition could be an encouragement for repeated situations that consigne the movement.
I will advice as a zone which we are, that our matters are not bigger then us and in such we could treat and handle it. We are not in a run, it is them that has broken the law of the land. I will not allow them to use NBM as a cover up.

Aye my Zonal Heads,

Please, read below the two mails I got from 2 deaxed lords from Swiss zone.

I know that its not our position to question or interfere with some sensitive issues affecting individual zones but an appeal and a complaint from any member of a zone in the region will not be swept under the carpet without giving it a thought and try to resolve it before going to the National Body.

Thank God I was able to discuss on phone with the Swiss zonal head yesterday and I called for a proper handover to be conducted before the regional IT if possible.
Issues relating to deaxation and appeal can only be addressed by the National body, but like I said earlier we can only prevail on the affected zone with our collective wisdom before washing our dirty clothes outside.

Your suggestions and wise counsels are most welcomed for peace, love and justice to reign.

Lord Jainka Haile Selassie II
ZH German Zone
Regional Coordinator

Dear Mr Co-ordinator Euro Region,
my jew names are ikponmwosa omoruyi,i bam 2001 ikpitan high temple, chief butcher switzerland zone but now removed through a text message by the zonal head Lord da faiye.
This jew ikponmwosa omoruyi was a member of switzerland zone and was deaxed.
With all due respect i’ll like to bring to the hearing of the present Co-ordinator and all present heads and councils of Elders NBM of Africa european Regions after all effort to talk with my zonal head and the COE of the need to change the ways and approach been used in treating members of the NBM of Africa switzerland zone was proven abortive
As a jew which they are presently, i don’t see any reason for them to address members of NBM as heads, elders or lords. During the time when they were still in the zone, there was no effort, even when giving opportunities. This opportunities were abused repeatedly. No lord in the zone is been treated wrongly with accordance to the rules of the movement.
in which led to the removal of myself and the zonal ehazar and were asked to appeal to the same COE in three days or faced deaxation on the 31st of march 2012: according to my Head, this decision was reached by him because he instructed the chief priest to tell me to retrieve the money in the possession of the zonal ehazar which i did ask and was told by the ehazar that the zonal head as asked him before to send the money to an unknown bank account which he refused stating that non of the members was awared, that all matter relating to the affairs of NBM should be reasoned or better still discussed at ITOHAN that our case should not be excessional.
The reason that led to the deaxation is a complete unaccepteble behavior: stealing from NBM, as ehazar, he didn’t pay money in to the NBM account in Nigeria for our convention dues. But he had all the necessary bank informations and account number. After so many effort from the zone to make him pay the dues, he keep lying from one to another reason, why he didn’t pay the money yet. Till his suspention because of his attitude and abuse of office, he didn’t pay the money to the NBM account. To the best of our understanding, NBM money was used for his personal reasons and could not be returned. I instructed the zonal CP to inform the then chief butcher to retrieve the money and properties from the then ehazar unviolently because he is living in the same city, called Bern, with the then ehazar. NBM has just one account to the best of my knowledge with home country in Nigeria. This is the same account that was given to the then ehazar to pay 80’000 Naira. It is clearly stated in their repport that the money was not paid as i stated.
Matters relating to NBM are discussed among NBM members and every last saturday of the month, is our IT day, it was clear for a long time, that convention dues are to be paid to the national body just like any other zone. All members of the zone knows that the convention was few weeks to that time and were aware that we might make an extra contribution to the zone. I personally told the then ehazar to make a financial plan to cover the convention and the yearly dues to be paid. But all the effort of the zone to make the then ehazar to do his duties well, prove abotive turned out that he was not a honest person. As an ehazar he could have verify if he had doubt about the payment to the account that was given to him through the national ehazar of NBM Worldwide.
All our IT’s are well coordinated with agenda to suit the time and lords.
that he would like to tender this money at the presense of us all, saying that he stood for transparency and accountability which i told the elder as all acessed to my head as the chief butcher was always unreachable and was to faced deaxation because of this. Dear Mr regional Co-ordinator, on a more serious note: since the borning of Switzerland zone i can vividly said that on behalf of the members of NBM of Africa Switzerland zone that we have made no achievement other than HATE, ANIMOSITY and DISUNITY amongst ourselves as members, i do hereby state that, before the dissolvement of the zonal eye he was able to minute down our previous ITOHAN which can be subject to verification at anytime.
Personally I as head have not given any reason for doubts financially or otherwise. I and some lords have tried times to give the zone a financial stability through personal contribution (eg ticket money to Nigeria for the convention). Because we had failures of lack from dues payment, still from this same group of people. All lords in my zone know how to reach me, especially through the zonal crier, they haven’t been a case in the zone that my attention was not responded quickly.
The only problems or misconduct we have still is from the same group of people that was deaxed. We have had five major problems in the zone to the best of my knowledge and of the zone:
1. few year ago a lord’s leg was broken. Until date this lord has a metal that was placed in his leg because of this incident. It was the same group of people that broke his leg one evening. The police was involved and is on record.
2. Two lords were fighting in a bar publicly. One was a then elder, now deaxed. It was the same group of people.
3. On the day of my son’s dedication and first birthday, that i had all my families, relatives and friends, present for sure i invited my zone and gave them a special place to stay for refreshment and otherwise. There was a fight, caused from the same group of people that a bottle was broken on a jews head close to his eyes. This is a respected jew in the city of Zurich that wanted to involve the police but with propper arrangement we happen to treat his face and agree not to involve the police. Their actions on my son’s birthday as members of NBM worldwide disrespected me and the movement. On that same day they also wanted, and in some way attack my chairman COE Switzerland zone on their way out of the city with reasons best known to them.
4. Sliting of office: there was a fight between themselve right in the IT which make me to instruct one of them the then chief B to be placed on orientation for three lessons with a time frame of 30 minutes.
5. The last reason that broke the camel back is still present situation: three of them were placed under suspension and were told to appear in writing. But they didn’t. On the day of our IT, two of them were with us in the IT till the end when the attack was made, on the way out of the ground. The method of attack was with metal that they cut repeatedly on my chairmans head and my CP’s head in various locations close to they exit to their car. With them was a white man carrying the attack and as suspended lords they disregard the movement and carry out their wishes (environmental implications of their action) has come to the notice of the Swiss Criminal Police. As we could not handle the terrible effect of the attack that was putting my chairman unconscious with blood all over his body as well as my CP. Around were few bystanders that approach the emergency ambulance was important. The ambulance called the police which arrived some minutes later. The police have evidence and handprints from the jacket of the wounded onces, and nearby car that they destroyed by an unknown owner also found a lighter that belongs to the run away deaxed (jews). We don’t know if they were contacted of found by the police. Because we don’t see them anymore, but we hear, they are still around involving in one fight to the other in night clubs.
After repeated warnings, we realized that deaxation is due. Because NBM shoudn’t be related to act like this and it is unacceptable to us in Switzerland zone if we really need to grow for a better Switzerland zone. We also felt that this decision will help Switzerland zone not to have the problems of the pass italian zone.
Another matter is the issue of the HO which my zonal head told us at the last ITOHAN two months ago, that he has been seconded by the NATIONAL HEAD and the region to continue undermining the plight of the zonal lords, However men are saying, that can not be possible as the zonal lords will be the ones to choose or elect who to become their head certainly not the NH
The situation of HO is a situation that Switzerland was among those zones that where to continue as to get inline with the NBM calender. Oven on that note, on the day of a lords birthday that a IT was held, there was a vote to show if anybody was in objection of this same exco’s carrying over to the next region or if anybody has an intention of a change. The vote was carried out without no fear or favor and only one lord objected ( not among the deaxed lords). And his reason was that we didn’t assist him when he was in jail. I told him that the reason why he was in jail was not an NBM issue because of what he was dealing with. But all the same a lawyer was looked for. It was a personal problem. Switzerland zone don’t have a problem with the HO issue. Only this group of people which were deaxed felt my body was not hot enough on the street.
Dear Mr regional Co-ordinator, i indulge you to use your office as an epitome of justice and freedom to precede on this matter as i saw brothers fighting brothers in time to come instead of researching on ways to moving the movement forward.
Justice and freedom are raining in Switzerland zone and brothers are not fighting brothers, just this same group of people which are deaxed.

In continuation of my last letter of complaint before my deaxation, i wish to bring to the notice of the region sice we could no longer treat our matter within ourselves, that since the inuaguration of switzerland zone, a lot of issue has occur and one of it was the invitation of the zonal lords by the zonal head to his son party, at the commencement of the party, the then chief priest of the zone lord idi baba also facing deaxation at present was asked by the chairman( c.o.e) to insert an LP cd so that lords can jollificate undermining the presence of jews and other members of various confraternity there, which lead to the observation of the then zonal eye(deaxed) that the background is unconducive for jollification but however ignored by the chairman. During the cause of the jolly, a particular jew was always seen in the gathering and intending to change the LP cassette which lead to the provocation of the zonal lords and were told by the chairman that the jew is an ITJ of the zonal head, that the jew has been duely informed by the head that he was the chief of us, that this is the sole reason why the jew has been slighting so many lords since our arrival and was also confirm by the then zonal eye that he over heared the jew refering to jew name osayi present zonal chief priest of been suspended before and was newly lifted. haven been observed by the zonal lords that such a thing has never happen to our knowledge, led the chairman to pronounce HIT on the jew and was gladly carried out by the zonal lords at that spot. i’ll like to say that at this juncture the zonal head came out from an unknown place, stood on a chair with his right fist raised up as if declaring a war, not even asking the chairman what was wrong, ordered myself been the then butcher1 and the then chief butcher to get down which was followed by a kick on my rib by the same chairman who order the hit on the jew man and said that he was drunk and was been used by the zonal lords to order, that led to a serious mending on the chairman reasoned that it was the chairman who ordered and at same time trying to stay innocently thereby treating a lord like a jew man by kicking the lord on his rib,After sometime, Excos itohan was called and we were told by the zonal head, lord dan faiye jew name terry that the national body has already been brief by him and that resolution has been made, that the chairman accepting his incompetence and haven getting himself drunk and thereby ordering an hit should paid a sum of 200 francs with 7 jama dozen and will still remain as the zonal chairman (c.o.e). this resolution was however unsatisfactory by the zonal lords which also led to a big fight in the zone after reasons were not reached and still were threatened by the zonal head saying that he was ready to deaxed anyone who were not in suppose of him, forgetting that NBM shouldn’t be run based on him but on the constitution and motto of the movement. that he doesn’t care eventhough they were only two lords left in the zone which is now the case after deaxing five dedicated members of the zone.i wish to say that this facts were all minute down by the then zonal eye before his dissolvement and till date the zone is having no eye.
Every matter in Switzerland zone is been treated well according to the rules of NBM worldwide without feer or favor. There is no justification to violence in the movement and the society we leave in. No matter the situation as lords even leaving abroad we all are aware that it’s zero tolerance to violence. Even if more stories here are completly lies and sensless, but everybody has the right of speech. The formal zonal eye (also among this same group of people) is always missing IT’s, having every time problems with the Swiss Police on personal issues (jail), and also scouting for lords to cheat with so many occasions that he is in position of money that he can not return to the owners. And such cases where brought before the COE, that came to an agreement and he didn’t comply till date. He mostly didn’t pay his dues because of his excuses of his personal problems.
futhermore, on the 31st of march 2012 was the last zonal itohan and was held in a bush in which the zonal lord dan faiye, re-stating that he has been sworn in by the national head to continue as head switzerland zone and thereby dissolving the office of the chairman and was re-sworned in as chairman of the C:O:E again. which led to many observations from the zonal lords that this is a matter of the zone and must be treated as such.which at that point lord dan faiye made it cleared that whoever, is not in agreement with him been the newly sworned in head by the national head will be de-axed and there was a big fight among members of the zone as means of dialogue was un reachabled. Dear Mr co-ordinator it will only been seen normal that justice prevail.
Furthermore on our IT day 31st march 2012 has bring to light that lords have shown full disappointment in their actions and behavior of the pass and were ready to pull a fully completed IT on them if asign to if not for NBM that is encouraging peace and that is a non violence organisation. Every discussion was on the IT not on the streets where the attack happend. Three of the suspendend lords weren’t in attendance. The IT was completely peaceful. There was no fight among lords in the IT till when we came out of from the ground and the ambush to place.

Dear Mr regional co-ordinator, I lord masa musa ikpitan 2001 former ehazar switzerland zone now deaxed by lord dan faiye zonal head swiss zone. on behalf of the deaxed lords, i’m writing that the reasons been said by the zonal head in respect of our deaxezation were based on fallacy and allegations to his fellow members of switzerland zone. Mr regional co-ordinator i will like to draw your attention to this following statement about the zone, since the inuaguration of the zone in which lord dan faiye took an oath of office, it has always be a problem to the zone. therefore all lords were not given the freedom of observation at itohan based on the fact that he always want to be right in whatever and thereby neglecting the plight of the zonal lords, failure of the lords to obliged to his unconstitutional way of dealing with the zonal lords is met by the threat of suspension and deaxazation.
Mr co-ordinator on this note i can say vividly that since lord dan faiye took over office two year ago as head switzerland zone he has suspended five lords and put on deaxazation five lords based on personal issues.
My regional co ordinator i can say that lord dan faiye head switzerland zone is ruling with force/facism of which NBM is based on democracy, always saying that switzerland zone was formed by him and can do whatever he pleases to do. i wish to say that switzerland is a country of the police and that the fight of justice among ourselves here should not lead to the police.
Same story applied to the then ehazar (now deaxed).

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