Spain Zone Wahala

On behalf of the C.O.E and the entire Spanish zone, i wish to inform and clearify the national body NBM worldwide, European zones and all other NBM zones worldwide on the following issues;
(1.) That jn Leo giebaen, was found guilty on the grounds of finanial  embezzlement and misapriopriation by the council’s meeting held on the 8th of May 2013 which started by 6:15pm. This action was unanimously taken by the nine elders present on ground which was consequent upon the report from the three (3) man committee that was set up to investigate the account statement earlier presented by the then head (jn Leo). Other elders outside the committee also faulted the account statement and relying on Article 6, part 2 subsection 2 under TENURE OF OFFICE that; (In the event that any Executive Officer of the Zone is found wanting in the discharge of his duties or gross misconduct, he shall be suspended or remove from office by two-third majority of Zonal Council of Elders and supported by two-third majority of the Zonal members present at the meeting where the issue shall be resolved.) Further more, for the fact that Spanish zone is indebted to the national body more than half a million naira, the council of elders can no longer condole any act of financial misapriopriation whatsoever in the zone, hence the constitutional legal power as the legislative arm of the zone was exercised by the council. It is worthy of note that the zone recorded a sturning income amounted to 9,049.000.00 euros (Nine thousand and fourty-nine euros) as at September 2012. This amount is aproximated at more than two million naira, there was no justified reason why the zone should be in debt. Finanlly, the former head (jn Leo) is to pay back an obvious total amount of one thousand eight hundred and eighty-two euros to Spanish zone. it is Spanish zonal funds we are talking about here. The council has physical evidence intact to prove this fact.
(2) According to the verbal confessional statement made by the his longtime fiancee(wife to be), jn Leo connived with her and other person secretly to take the lives of the chairman jn omoruyi and some elders, jn izekor (fmr head), jn bishop (fmr head), jn Ik austria, jn peter (fmr chairman) jn tayo (coe scribe), jn ikhide (fmr cp) and other congress lords and above all, the name of the NATIONAL HEAD by using their names diabolically. This names according to her were all collected in her very presence through the national data base registration web of NBMA worldwide by jn Leo and were taken to shrines of various native doctors and prophets in Benin city and environs. She said that the onetime money (20 euros) given to jn Leo by jn olitan was sent unused sealed in an envelop by jn Leo to a native doctor. AYE MI NH, NCOE,ZH and zonal LORDS, the ethics of this great movement speaks exressly against this act and the blood oath of kokoman that we all took stood up and fought for our innocent souls. We have  made various investigations and confirmations and we discovered that 95% of what she confessed was true. We have a recorded verbal confession made by her to that effect.


(1) With regard to the above, we the elders are urging and pleading the NH, NCMAN, NCOE and other stakeholders to throw under the carpet every informations and utterances that has been passed to them either verbally or email by jn Leo. (lord santos kabaka).

(2) When he had issues with the fmr cp, the council stood by him immediately retifying and confirming the suspension notice he issued on the fmr cp without any further delay. This is contrary to what he is circulating around.

(3)  Most of us (the elders) just like him, had cordial relationship as axemen/lords when we met here in Spain. Contrary to what he is circulating around that the decision of the C.O.E  is as a result of the conspiracy by intimate elders to dethrown him.

He deliberately refuse to attend the council meeting where the decision was made having being properlly informed. It is also

valueble to know that he has  since armed himself with a police extract against zonal lords. This can be confirmed in the various emails he has sent so far.


(1) We still maintain our stand that jn Leo Ogiegbaen has been suspended indefinitely from the office of the head of Spanish zone and from all activites of NBM worldwide.

(2) He is to immediately pay back the sum of One thousand eight hundred and eighty-two euros (1,882.00.00 euros) embezzled during his duration as head or else apriopriate action will be taken.

(3) He is to return every Spanish zonal property or official materials in his possession with immediate effect.

(4) Finally, we are praying the NH, the Chairman NCOE and the NCOE to disregard any information or conrespondence he has disseminated so far. It will be so transparent to deal with the facts and evidence on ground rather than mere speculations. We are  ready to provide evidence to prove our case whenever we are being called upon.





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