Spain Zone Wahala…. Once Again

Aye axe men,

With reference to the mail below we have been sent to all zone as regards the suspended lord below:
Strong Name: Aye Bulala.
Jew name:Uwaifo Okonobo.
Temple Blend: Ogunpa (Ibadan)
Year 96..

He has refused to answer the call of the COE and also he did not make effort to repay all the money he stole from the lords below,he want as far of insulting the zonal head and he refuse answering his phone.After give two weeks since last year to write a appeal before the Zonal COE.He refused no man is an island.

HE has been DE-AXED from the movement

We bring to the notice of NBM worldwide and Lagos Zone/Benin Zone must especially,that the Aye name below have been suspended indefinitely from the movement and also declared wanted by Spanish Zone:

Strong Name: Aye Bulala.
Jew name:Uwaifo Okonobo.
Temple Blend: Ogunpa (Ibadan)
Year 96.

The reasons are stealing/obtaining in the different Stage:

He want to an Eiye man house (Airlord) the son a Benin politician (Bob Izua),them were in a company one lady/girl,according to a lord that reported matter to the zonal,the girl want into the bathroom free herself,to cut the story short on coming back the girl discovered that her pause is open,she was all alone with Jew name Uwaifo before she left just 10minute interval, € 600 has been taken from her wallet,meanwhile the Bob Izua son was in the kitchen try to make food or something for them,the girl start shouting her money that Jew name Uwaifo have taken her money,the Eiye boy now apprehened the aye to bring the money out,the next thing the aye did was to bring out a DOG (pistol) from his body and he left the house to his own house on his going 50 euros drop from his pockage after he claim he has nothing with him.

The girl want to trace the aye house,he gain entrance to the main flat where the aye release 5 shot on the air,which attract the police,the matter was report to the police,he ran away to another city call Sevilla (his Hide joint).The matter was report to the Zonal Head,the zonal call him and warn him bitterly for this gross misconduct,he appologize for his conduct.

The Recent one his the most saddest time in the Zonal,which all lords make vow to make sure he pay for this evil,this involves a lord in the Zonal,he give his documents as help to a lord to secure a job normally European black way of life,the lord Jew name Odion work monthly why the salary is paid into Uwaifos account because he is the legal owner of the documents,that is how it is here,Uwaifo duty as a black man even without NBM relationship is to withdraw the money I give it to the lord jew name odion who is working with his documents,the first two month according to the lord,Uwaifo withdrawn the salary from his account and give it to the lord,the lord give him something from it as a sign of appreciation that he lend him his documents to secure a job,which we suppose to for a follow lords.

The month on June,before my Zonal Head want to Nigeria,Jew name Odion report that is more than month he work and the copy have paid the salary to his account,uwaifo withdraw the money and travelled to his Sevilla his Hiden Joint,My head personally call Uwaifo to return the money he said when he come to Madrid,so the lord worked for the second months the money was paid into that account,he denied he did see no money in the account,the company now presented a prove that the money was transfered to the account.

So when my zonal head came back to Spain,find out that is no longer the month issue now two months which amount €2,700 (Two thousand seven hundred euros), My head call him personally to return the to teh lord,he refuse,he later refer the matter to teh COE,the COE send message even through the zonal Head to him 5 times,he did not honour the invitation from the COE and on one occassion he off his phone on my Zonal head.

Till now he as not return the money to the Lord Jew name Odion June and July monthly salary,if an aye can do this to a lord where are we going and the movement,the head advise the lord to stop the work and look for other documents.

We appealing to NBM in diaspora and Nigeria Zones to take note and Identity of this aye whenever and whatever is found with him should be seize ,which will be converted to the equal how money he took from the lord and paid back.

He did similar thing to my Zonal Head in the year 2004 when he was working as with my Zonal Head as new comer to Europe.He took 9,800 Euros from the house,money that belong to people,he ran to the Sevilla 5 hours drive from Madrid,my and want to search for him in company of two other lords in a car that same morning,only to find him in a hotel,my Zonal Head only sucided in getting just € 2,000 from him,till today he did return the balance put my Zonal head in tied corner.

Enough is Enough.

If he refuse to bring back the money he took before xmas the COE have no options to DE-AXE him and treat him like a jew,then the money will be easy for us to get any where.

Korofo on Guard.

Lord.Ibn Battuta.
Head Spanish Zone.
K.B 92

Lord Dedan Kimathi
Spanish Zonal Chairman
K.B 95

Cc National Head For National Executive
Chairman NCOE For National Council Of Elders
All Regions NBM Worldwide
All Zones NBM World wide
All Forums NBM Worldwide
All Lords London Zone
All Axemen World wide

3 thoughts on “Spain Zone Wahala…. Once Again

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  2. This truly highlights just how “glorious” the so-called movement is. In this one paper we learn various interesting things:

    – assmen who are illegal immigrants in Spain are illegally acquiring jobs using the papers of fellow assmen who do have them, and they consider this “normal black way of life” in Europe (NBM consitution: members must be law-abiding)

    – assmen are armed and dangerous even when in Europe and behave as if it were the Wild West (alternatively Nigeria).

    – assmen keep huge sums of money in their houses. Honest and hardworking immigrants in Spain would certainly not be able to have such sums sitting around. But as we know the assmen are not honest and hardworking. They are running a crime syndicate in Spain and wherever else larger numbers of them congregate.

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