Netherlands Zone Wahala

Illegal Axemen in the NL Zone under pressure:


Aye My Lords,

I greet you all in seven languages!

As you all may or may not be aware, the security situation as it concerns immigrants in the Netherlands is not very clear at the moment. A reference point is the raid by the immigration police on Grand Café and an Afro Shop in The Hague where mostly Nigerians hangout.

In both cases Nigerians were the specific targets under the excuse of searching for internet frauders. The raid on Grand Café led to the arrest of one hundred and eleven persons and the raid in The Hague led to the arrest of an unspecified number of persons. In recent times it seems that new practice of the police force in the Netherlands is to target where large numbers of Nigerians converge.

An obvious fact in the whole situation is that most members of the Nigerian community as well as Axe Men are not systemized as per Residence Permit, Visa or otherwise. This is raising the fear among a large number of persons in our community for being at public and known reoccurring specific social gatherings.

In view of the above and haven reviewed the security threat the above may pose for our members, I Lord Kulisamama in consultation with the Chief Priest, the Eye and the rest of the Exco members with the powers conferred on us to deal with issues bordering on Administration, Emergencies, Publicities, Security, etc for the good governance of the Zone hereby postpone our monthly I.T. slated for 7 July for one month.

Going ahead in holding the monthly I.T. under the present unclear situation will be a failure on the part of the Exco in the oath we took to serve the best interest of our members at all times. We will continue to review the situation and if the circumstances allow we can always hold a make  up I.T. somewhere in July.

To replace not holding the I.T. we are proposing that all members of NBM Netherland Zone attend their various places of worship (Church service) the next day as a form of thanksgiving to God.

Korofo on guard!

Humbly yours,

Lord Kulisamama ( Limpopo 1986)

Head, NBM Netherland Zone


When when you consider that Lord Muta-Karibo1(Akugbe Dennis), Lord Amilcar Cabral (Ndbubuisi Dunkwu), Lord Amilcar Cabral (Frank Asemota), Lord Oba-Eweka (Uku-akpolokpolo), Lord Martin Luther King (Ogbeifun Chelsea Osafanmen), Lord Marcus Garvey (Charles), Lord Isaac Adakaboru (Festus Murphy, ERHUNMWUNSE-OSIFO), Lord Ginuwa (Timothy Ajehi), Lord Ibutacumasic (Ejiro Udih), Lord Samora Mitchel (Eseoghene Ushurhe), Lord Idris Alooma (FESTUS), Lord Fela Anikulakpo Kuti, Lord Fayinka (Victor Nwabuebo), Lord Kamuzu Banda, Lord Kasavubu (Anselm Ikhimopka), Lord Opoku Ware 1 (John Ayide), Lord Kulisamama, Lord Amilcar Cabral (Ndubuisi Dunkwu), Lord Mangosuthu Buthelezi (Owens Agbongiator), Lord JaJa-Jawara (Mondris Awoko), Lord Yakata Muhammed, Lord Thamo Mbeki (Monday), Lord Komo Karumeh, (Ernest Omunizua), Lord Shaka de Zulu, (Solomon Monye), Lord Malla Millar, (Sunny Saliu), Lord Unthanbo Ubake, (Surag Yamah), Lord Cyril Ramaphosa (Theo) ,Lord Peter Abraham, Lord Shaka De Zulu (Charles Osas Egbon), Lord Thambo Mbeki (Damain M. Ikhenoba), Lord Soso Soweto (John Saliue) Oyegun, Eseoghene Ushurhe, Elamah Chris, Monday Edomwonyi Osaigbovo, Agiobasimi Collins Ilamai and Bobby comprise the world’s biggest criminal NBM Zone conducting fraud of all kinds and cocaine trafficking…. this is a great tactic by the police! 

Plus the Grand Cafe is of great NBM significance…..


A fresh report of fighting between Lord Zulu Laziz (Ju
Name Hammer) and Ju Name Val Okhia was brought before
the Council. The Chair commented that base on the last
warning to Ju Name Hammer as read in the just adopted
last COE minutes his issue has to be treated with
seriousness and fairly. After full deliberation by the
council it was agreed that both of them are expel from
grand café for 6 month, they are hereby suspended from
the movement indefinitely and any fight from either of
them will attract De-axezasion.



Misconduct by Zuru Laziz: Lord Kasavubu informed the Council how Zuru Laziz assaulted the National Crier during his visit and Chaka de Zulu also informed the Council how he molested Lord Sundiata 2. After lots of variously variously the Council resolved that in view of Zuru Laziz contravening conditions of his definite suspension and different sections of our Zonal by-laws, he is hereby placed on indefinite suspension from NBM, by the ZCOE. It was also agreed that in light of this decision that henceforth any Axe Man that has a conflict with Zuru Laziz is always right no matter what happens.
Since we still did not have a venue in Amsterdam, Richie fixed the November I.T. in Marcus house in Sittard;
During this November I.T. the Head informed the house that he did an investigation while in Nigeria on the membership of Ogidon and Joshua; The results of his investigation were 1) Joshua was not a bona fide Axe Man since his Ini was unclear, 2) Ogidon was not a bona fide Axe Man since his credentials were unclear, he did not attend Ikpitan as claimed and was not qualified to be blended into the Movement;
After statements by Richie to the house, Iro Kabila (Jermaine) also claimed that the Head that blended Festus already handed over or was not the Head as at time he did that blending. They (Joshua did not attend) were then asked to excuse the house till further investigation is concluded via the National Body;
At the December I.T. which the COE Chairman did not attend at a restaurant in ????, the accused men came to the I.T. The Head ordered them to leave, but Mikado opposed their leaving saying the charges against them were still mere accusations and they should be allowed to state their side of the story before being asked to leave. The move to forcefully eject them from the I.T. venue and the counter move to keep them at the I.T. led to rowdiness and some pushing and shoving. This eventually led to us abandoning the restaurant as I.T. venue since cops were already arriving downstairs;
Fewer Men later re-assembled at another restaurant in the binnenstraat of ???? in Kraainest. While there we heard that Cooper and Owens (Didikpo) were held by Koti in relation to the rowdiness that happened earlier. Luckily they were released the same day. At this second venue things seemed okay, but eventually there was a fracas with major role reserved for Frank (James Hornu) against Rufus and Jermaine and to an extent Frank (James Hornu), Richie, Mikado and Ogba amongst others.
Following this fracas a COE meeting was convened to discuss the matter on request of Elders. The Chairman agreed to a COE meeting in Rotterdam, but stated he would not be attending. The Head did not attend the meeting as well. The Elders who attended sent out an email after the meeting suspending Frank and Mikado from the Movement. They also removed Richie as Head and nominated CY to replace him

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