More Italy Zone Wahala (Again)

Aye my National Head,

Aye my National Crier,

This is to inform you that news reached me from Italy that we have lost one of the brothers residing in Napoli, Italy.The said Lord (Aye Thambo Mbeki, Limpopo ’05, Ju name Jonathan a.k.a Ojo) was involved in gambling with some other friends, reported to be Jus and Eiye friends.

In the event of the gambling an arguement ensued over money and Aye Thambo Mbeki, Limpopo ’05 was stabbed to death by one of the men with whom he was involved in the gambling.

When calls started coming requesting for what action to be taken, after discussing with the Austria ZH(Napoli Forum is under Austria Zone), we informed them that information of the perpertrator of this evil act should be given to the police to help them apprehend the culprit so that the laws of the land will prevail.

Lords where advised to resist any form of violence that will escalate the already existing problem.

May KRF guide us.


Mangosuthu Buthelezi

Rocky Olota’ 95

Head Netherlland Zone

Coordinator, NBM European Region

2 thoughts on “More Italy Zone Wahala (Again)

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