Japan Zone Wahala – Part 2

I want to use this medium to inform all members of Neo Black movement world wide that Lord Patrick Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu ju name Lucky Aghaku  has been De-axed from the Neo Black movement due to his unruly behavior which is contrary to the constitution of the great movement.
Few years back when the lord was in the mist of my head lord W.E.B Duboise, his wife, lords and ju men were present, he got drunk and started dancing with my head’s wife inappropriately, he was cautioned by the lord present but he turned a deaf ear to them and continued with what he was doing, the situation was now becoming unbearable that the butchers has to take him out to caution him, that was when he began to shout and drew the attention of the police.
It was again found out that the said lord went about discussing issues discussed in the zonal IT to non members of the zone and ju men, 5min match was pronounced for him and when the lord found out he has match he started absconding from the zonal ITs.
The then zonal chief butcher now saw him in a function and now asked him why he was running away from the zone when he knew he has match, he started creating scene and in the process of the chief butcher lord Kinta Kunte taking him out of the gathering he gave the butcher a head butt in the eye that caused him severe injury in the eye. Due to the injuries sustained by the cb on his way back home he got an accident with his car which is now beyond repair.
The said lord was suspended from the movement for some period of time, and was called back when he was able to convince the zone that he was remorseful for what he did.
The same lord Kaduna Nzeogu did the same thing by disrupting our zonal jolly, the head asked the cp to appoint 2 lord that will assist in rotating in the jolly so that everything will go orderly, but during the process of the jolly he snatched the microphone from the appointed lord and started his own rotation which was not following at all, so the chairman asked him to give back the mic to the cp, he refused and started running around the circle with the mic.
During the general dance with the invited guest, he started again by dancing with the girls inappropriately which make them to start complaining, that drew the attention of the zonal chairman who cautioned him, but to the chairman’s surprise the said lord told him the chair that he is fucking up, the chairman now alerted the head of the situation, the head now pleaded with the chairman to mercy him so we can carry on our boogie peacefully. But the lord in question still continue with his misbehavior which make the chairman to caution him again, he told the chairman to fem right in the presence of my head, the head now asked that he be taking out and be giving 5min, the said lord ran into the circle shouting that he was being oppressed, he started fighting the zonal butchers, gave lord kinta kunte again head butt, lord barrack Obama elbow and tore their clothes. That was when the chairman called for an emergency coe and lord kaduna Nzeogwu was suspended and was asked to be given 5min match, that was when he started destroying things in the boogie venue in the process injured my head in the leg and my zonal butcher lord Thomas Sankara in the eye and most of all spitting in the face of the zonal eye and rained insult on my zonal head and his family.
The chairman called again for another emergency coe meeting and it was recommended that he be De-axed from the movement.
I enclose the pictures of the injuries sustained by my head, his butcher and the things he destroyed.

Lord Fela Anikulakpo Kuti
Elder Japan zone.
Ikpitan 97

photo9 photo (10) photo (1) photo (8)photo (4) photo (3) photo (6)

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