Japan Zone Wahala – Part 1


The issues was made known to the house when the  uncle who is a lord in the zone ,Lord Barrack Obama complained about how he is being disrespected by Lord Dan water.(lord dan Walter is a son to lord barrack Obama elder bother) He talked about how his elder brother who is the father of the said butcher asked him to help is sending Lord Dan Walter abroad due to the constant cult crises in Benin then.

He talked on how he gave an agent money to bring him to Japan, but at the end of the day he was taken to Korea which was not the initial plan. Then few years latter he was able to get connection to Japan which he told Lord Dan Walter to go back to Nigeria from Korea and told him how much it would cost and that he can foot the bills but when he gets to Japan the money can be paid back to him by monthly installments when he gets a job.  He said that the connection was successful and when the lord came to Japan he now gave him an account which he can be paying the agreed amount every month. Lord Dan walter paid for some few months and stopped without a specific reason.

Also he sold him a car Benz 320 which lord dan walter said he was going to give to his father as a gift, he said he bought the car for about 820,000yen and fixed it for 40,000yen since he was going to give it to his father who is also an uncle to him. The money should also be paid by installments, lord Dan Walter paid up to 700,000yen to balance 120,000yen.

He said he has been asking for the balance and the lord has refused to pay him, giving him all kind of excuses.

Then he sent him a mail telling him that he cannot pay the balance money, that he can only buy another car of the same kind and give to him. He came on a December 25th with the car he bought which was very different from the one he sold him. That was when an argument occurred and words were being exchanged, he said that if not being a strong man, something else would have happened.

He decided to report the matter to the COE to look into the matter before it get out of hand. The COE now invited both of them, including lord Dan walters younger brothers who came through the same process as Dan walter and they are lords too.

When the COE met they advised that the matter should be settled once and for all and lord Dan walter was asked why he refused to pay for the money he owe the uncle, Dan walter said on the issue of him coming to Japan, why he is refusing to complete the payment was that he felt the money was too expensive and that he is being extorted by his uncle. And on the issue of the car he bought, he said he wanted to pay the balance by credit card and lord Obama said he was going to take percentage from the card which he refused and decided to rather buy him another car as exchange.

The coe decided to call the agent to clear all doubt, but before then lord Dan walter was asked if the agent confirmed the actual amount and it agreed on what lord Obama told him if he was going to pay the balance, lord Dan walter agreed. The agent was now called and he confirmed that it was the actual amount.

The coe now decided that lord Dan Walter should pay the balance, but he would be giving the chance to tell the coe how much he can be able to pay conveniently, which Dan walter promised to be paying 20,000yen monthly, the total money for the traveling was 1.2million yen and he has paid 350,000yen to balance 850,000yen.

The coe told lord Dan Walter to add the balance money for the car which is 120,000yen to the money he used to come which will now amount to 970,000yen, which he agreed to pay.

The coe warned him that failure to pay will be a slight to the coe. Lord Dan Walter failed to pay as promised, that drew the attention of the zonal CP who was the acting head then, cause I traveled out of Japan. The cp told him that he should not give an excuse for not able to pay as at when due because he was given the opportunity to say how much he can be paying without defaulting by the coe, or if he cannot pay the present month he should pay 40,000yen the next month. Lord Dan walter did not agree with what the cp said and started disrespecting him. The cp lord Ngugu Nwatongo notified the chairman lord Patrice Lumumba who presided over the coe meetings on the day Lord Dan Walter was invited, he said if he fail to pay he will be given 5min match and suspended from his position as a chief butcher. Dan walter failed to pay the money as told by the cp, the chairman now consulted with the council of elders and it was recommended that he be given 5min match and be suspended from his position as chief butcher, because as a chief butcher he should show good example. When the zonal butchers met him on the discharge of their duties lord Dan walter refuse to collect his mach and was fighting with his fellow butchers, the chairman lord Patrice Lumumba who was present during the time of the mach asked the butchers to leave him (lord Dan walter) because he was now drawing attention of people around, for refusing the mach the chairman decided to suspend him from the movement.

That was what caused his problem with the zonal chairman, when I came back to Japan, I was told the issue, I rectified his suspension because the chairman has no sole power to suspend a lord from the movement without consulting with the elders and moreover he is the chief butcher of the zone and that same period the cp traveled too and the next man to act for the head was the chief butcher, so he should have been given considerations.

But lord Dan Walter still kept the anger in his heart, whenever he met with the zonal chairman he always disrespect him. When the behavior of the chief butcher was becoming unbearable to the chairman, he brought up the issue at the coe meetings, and the matter was resolved.

Surprisingly without even informing me as the head,members of the exco of the zone ,his intentions, he Lord Dan Walter wrote a petition to the zone saying how can the zone have a chairman who was a robber and ex convict and that he wanted the zone to look into the matter. And the issue is what he knew nothing about and he was not in Japan then. The petition was circulated to all lords and I set up a committee to investigate the matter, which included the zonal elder lord Jaja Jawara, the then zonal ihaza lord Bulawaya, the zonal eye lord Chaka De Zulu which is young brother to lord dan walter and him the chief butcher lord Dan water, to go and meet with the lawyer that handled the case then so that he can give them the actual story of the case and the document showing that the chairman was exonerated from the case of robbery and that he was only charged because he has probation for fighting which he violated because he was at the scene when he the chairman was holding a man not to fight with his girlfriend and let her escape which angered the man and he pressed charges. Dan Walter could not go because he gave an excuse that he has work on that day.

The findings were brought to me then i call for exco IT and at the IT it wes agree by majortiy that for not bringing the issue before the exco so he not capable of holding the position of a cheif butcher and it also agree at the exco IT that he should be giving 5mins mach and a fine of 10 yen. COE which now deliberated on the issue.

The chairman said he was not really happy about the accusation that  if Dan Walter which he joint the movemnent before also he(chairman)older then,if he was a Jew he would have charged him for deformation of character. Members of the coe pleaded with the chairman and concluded that Lord Dan Walter will have to send an apology letter to him. The issue was also taken to the house, on IT day, I and some lords that was aware of the case took our time to explain what really happened then.

The matter was taken to the exco for necessary action to take on the chief butcher for misleading the house, it was resolved that he be removed as the zonal chief butcher and be given 5min match and he should tender an apology to the chairman.

Lord dan water wrote  apology to the chairman but the chairman rejected the apology letter because he said according to the content of the letter Lord Dan Walter was still not convinced on the issue.

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