Italy Zone Wahala Again

On the 6th of July in Verona city Italy at the ground of our jollification some hoodlums who called their self axe lords who are not registard came with destructive spirit in them and acted with so much violence to the extend that they fought with all of the security protocol they were trying to fuss their way through the gate at the entrance of the jollification ground but their fussing was of no avail ,they regroup with other ayes who came for the same purpose together fussing their way again and again but all to no avail because the security protocol was strong and firm.
The said hoodlums are Kevin Onabor also known as kevin police, Eghe Okuns,Atekha,Charles Olighi,Orgla,Asewo and Freeborn, This person’s continued their display for over two hours,then the zonal chairman tried to use his descretion in other to save the situation by asking the security protocol to allow all of them inside so that the rabble will stop,so they entered not knowing to the council chairman that this folks has in mind their own agenda,so in less than one hour the chairman lord Catager asked Orgla to come with him to the ju camp and Orgla on his way with the chairman asked Asewo to follow him also.Arriving at the entrance of the ju camp Asewo was stoped by one of the security protocol in charge of the camp telling him that Orgla was allowed to go in there because he was with the chairman,then Asewo said asked the security (if i nor be aye) why will they stop him so he try to fuss his way in but the security protocol stood his ground,then the zonal head intervene he asked Asewo if he is a member of the security protocol Asewo said no then he was asked to please go back by the zonal head on that note Asewo quickly grab a bottle and smack it to frighten the zonal head black lord ibn godidi the security protocol countered him and they quickly took the head out from that place,after which all of the hoodlums as a group took bottles and begin to smack and frighten all in attendance there were childern and even pregnant women in the side of the hail club side near upon valley where refreshment took place ,as the rabble was going on someone in the group throw teargas and lord Martin Luther King COE scribe Italian zone his wife fainted at the spot first aid was accorded not to attract the italian security. In know distance time the owner of the place called the police arrived at the scene and at once the zonal head black lord ibn godidi went up to them presenting himself to them and gave them his document,and protect all members and explain to the police that we are celebrating africa festac 77-2nd world black and africa festival of arts which they saw Egede bound cultural demostration with white and black women in attendance in that was celebrated under the regime of nigeria former president Olusegun Obasanjo by this time the hoodlums has cowered but still with the head was over 200 aye the executives and all the council members was still in venue.This is just a summary of what happened the night of July 6th 2013, After much investigation by the executive the report came to the council and these are the council’s resolution.

Reasons for deaxeation on ju name Yakubu Musa Freeborn formerly known as Aye Aminu Kano (Santa Ika 96) Deaxed from the movement for gross misconduct.

Violent and phyhsical attack on a zonal security officer and other zonal lords and failing to report to ZCOE after 8 mouths of INDEFINITE SUSPENSION, also part taking in robbering at verona city on the 29th of june 2013 while on under suspension.

(2) ju name Sule Moses Philip (Lopez): Due to the vibal apology by him to the zonal head the ZCOE has concluded that his matter of robbery will be pending sequent upon the mandate given to him to return the stolen property of one ju now member of the great movement back to him.
(3) ju name Orgla: Due to his act of repentance, the ZCOE, has placed him on indefinite suspension and awaiting his Official apology before the next council meeting.
(4) Osagiede Charls (aka Olighi)formerly known as Aye Desmond Tutu (Ikpitan 2004) Reasons: Assulted ju in the name of movement and seal laptop from him, The ZH ask him to returned the properties back to the owner and stop using the cover of NBM not to attract the police towards members since he is not fellowshiping with the zone.
He undermine the constituted authority and refuse to return back the property,he also arrange with his thugs group to Council chairman city giving him egede on his head while others taking pictures while on indefinate suspension.In the council meeting assulted lord report to the council with blood by said person. DE-AXED for gross misconduct.

Eghe Okuns Formely known as Aye Binzingo (Santa Ika 2002) Asewo formerly known as aye Obiri Yebruwa, Kevin Onabor (aka Kelvin police) formerly known as Aye Sudiata Kieta (BENIN ZONE 2000) and Ju Name Osarobor : are hereby DE-AXED from the great movement for gross misconduct for master plaining of evil towards july 7 event without considering the fact that we are in diaspora. Noted the above names are inimical to the movement and they should not be address as axemen all over the world,This discussion was taken with all Council members in attendence(8),The head is constitutionally empowered and ensure that discipline is highly maintained within the zone.

FJ2 2001,

and a word from Bemigho on the matter:

It is our NBM adage that may we not see the death of The NEO BLACK MOVEMENT OF AFRICA in our time sequel to this and the recent strange happenings in Italy zone that has never been heard of on our zonal or national cadre that is tantamount to rebellion by a group of dis-oriented, disrespectful Axemen who lack the prescribed discipline that we preach and do not have regards for constituted authority and the entire movement as prescribed by our constitution.

I made concerted effort after the committee I setup headed by the NCP who gave me their recommendations, to speak with one or two persons involved to retract their rebellious action and go through due process to address their grievances, this group still did not bulge after the ultimatum I issued.

In lieu of the above the following Axemen who are parading themselves as congress exco and coe of Italian zone are hereby suspended indefinitely from the Neo Black Movement of Africa pending recommendation to the NCOE for their excommunication from the movement for gross indiscipline and acts that suggest mutiny within the movement that is totally unacceptable.


The above named persons if seen in any NBM function worldwide should be treated as rebels as stipulated, all Regional Coordinators, zonal heads, sub-zonal and forum coordinators should please take note .

I want to appeal to all bonafide registered due paying members of Italy zone to note that the only recognized administration by the National body of this great movement in Italy zone is the Sixco led administration until we are advised otherwise by the zone. Anybody that has any complaints should please channel same through a petition to the ZCOE if you are not confident of the council on the zonal level report to the National Body for appropriate and unbiased action on the matter.

On the issues raised as regards the zonal head blending in his sitting room investigation is on to ascertain the veracity of this claim considering it is totally out of order and upon recommendation from the investigative panel action will be taken accordingly.

I will advise very sternly that hence forth anybody who goes on the internet to write must be very objective and respect  and appreciate constituted authority very heavy sanctions will be meted out on any axeman that goes on air to cast aspersions and insult constituted authority as prescribed.We must be disciplined axemen at all times amongst us and to the outside world,any form of mis-gathering will not be entertained by any axeman for that matter.

All members should be guided accordingly.


Lord Aare Ona Kakanfo

National Head


3 thoughts on “Italy Zone Wahala Again

  1. African you are an idiot. Can you not see?

    These are the words and accusations of both the Italy Zone Chairman and the Worldwide Head Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo.

    Take your problems with their accusations up with THEM not with me (Uche Tobias…. not Najuju you jobless goat)


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