Greece Zone Wahala


The greek zonal “unrest” came to the forefront recently,upon which the national head set up a three man commitee comprising the european regional cordinator(spanish Zonal head),the netherland zonal head and the german zonal head to investigate the root causes of the unrest and make possible recommendations on how to deal with the problems.
 The Greek zonal head had alledged that he instructed the zonal ihaza to release some money to the zonal cp being debts owed to the zonal Cp by the zone arising from events in which the zonal cp spent his personal money to cover up for zonal activities,however the zonal head further avvered that the zonal ihaza was insurbodinate by telling him, the zonal head, that only the Chairman can mandate him to release monies to anyone in the present circumstances.Upon this disobedient act the zonal head thereafter consulted with the zonal chairman why such an instruction had been given to the zonal ihaza by the chairman.Council Chairman apologised for this act ,howerver the ihaza was consequently removed for insurbodination and disrespect to constituted authority.The zonal head complained further,in his report to us, that certain elders had become unruly to him both in words and action and that some of these elders lacked orientation and were consequently acting beyond their legislative and judicial powers vested in them by the constitution,for instance they connived with the zonal ihaza to disrespect the instructions of the head.
Events reached its crescendo on that fateful day at the greek zonal intertalk when the zonal head after disolving the office of the ihaza atempted to swear in a new chief ihaza at the zonal intertalk,this attempt was opposed by the chairman at the intertalk and made it clear to the zonal head that any new exco officer must be screened by the council before any oath of office will be administered,when the head refused to heed their pòsition they consequently walked out on him and refused to support the swearing in of the new chief ihaza.For this reason the head allegedly,dissolved the council of elders at the zonal intertalk including the position of the chairman of council.
In view of the foregoing analysis, we respectfully wish to make the following fundamental observations regarding our investigation so far.
1. That according to our constitution, the council of elders shall be responsible for screening of all EXCO members,therefore the Greek zonal head should have presented the prospective “chief ihaza” to the council for screening before embarking on a swear in ceremony of the new chief ihaza.
2. That the chairman and his council should not have disrupted the zonal intertalk nor walked away causing unrest in the intertalk and consequently creating some disaffection therein.In our view the chairman and his elders should have summoned an emergency council meeting and then pass a resolution by vote to nullify the swear in of a new ihaza being a breach of the constitution.Confronting the zonal head in an intertalk in the manner they did could have and actually created panic, kios, disaffection and sent a wrong message to the greek congress and the entire black movement which is unhealthy .
3. That the greek zonal crisis basically erupted out of a complete lack of orientation of the zonal officers including and especially “over ambitious ” elders who wanted to assume and interfere with executive functions by convincing the ihaza that the head cannot and have no powers to instruct the release of funds from the zonal account.
We asked the warring factions to sit down on table to dialogue the way forward for greek zone,consequently, the “removed chairman” and the zonal head sat down together today and resolved the impasse ,they came up with what we called the “midle line” in order to solve the problems.
1. The greek zonal head agreed to restore back the council of elders and renounce his pronouncements on the dissolution which both the chairman and the head confirmed to us this afternoon that the council has been restored to its staus quo.We agree with this position as part of our recommendations
2. The greek zonal head and the zonal chairman both confirmed to us that they have agreed to terminate the appointment of three zonal elders whom they both agree are incompetent and fall short of standards and qualification as elders and being the cause root of the problems,we expect them to apply the laid down constitutional proceedures for the removal of elders and we accept this position as part of our recommendations.
3. we recommend further that the new zonal council immidiately fashion out workable bye laws for greek zone as we have observed that greek zone does not have zonal bye laws,those bye laws must be delivered to the national body as specified by the national head at the amsterdam conference and another copy delivered to the regional body.
4. We further recommend that a thorough orientaion programme for greek zonal lords should be put in place immidiately as the root cuase of this “unrest” is basically lack of orientation, greece olympic zone is relatively new  and should be properly guided by the more balanced zones in the region through the regional body,in this regard we also appeal to the national body to assist the regional body with funds to be able to accomplish this kind of programme which can help to stabilise the region better than it is already.For instance,our investigation on this matter was gathered through phone calls and email conversations which can be quite restrictive compared to visiting the zone personally to truly ascertain what is on the ground itself.Presently regional activities like this are carried out with our personal funds and sometimees zonal funds if available,theres no ground structure for the regional body to function financially which is very inhibitive.We need to provide them with lecturing and seminars to redirect their minds to the real objectives of the movement.Orientation cannot be built overnight,we require regular visits,the chairman must understand he cannot deal with the ihaza without the knowledge of the head,his fundamental duty is to help the head to succeed through constructive checks and balances and consequently help the zone to grow through efefctive judicial and legislative responsibilities,administrative and executive functions are the responsibilities of the EXCO through the head and not that of the council
Lord Santos Kabaka
Udi 97
Head Spanish zone/European Regional cordinator

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