Germany Zone Wahala

Aye Axeman German Zone!!

I greet you all!!
As most of you know, i have been an instrument for peace in German Zone. I am a builder not a divider. I have work tirelessly for unity in this our great Zone since I became an elder . I believe in unity and peace. Even when I know that numerous grievances that has been brought against my Zonal head in past are true. I still stood behind him for untiy. And I want to use this media to thank the lords who has listened to me in the past to understand that no matter how much we disagree but we must always meet at the final bus stop of peace. But now i have come to realise that my peace and unity crusade has been misused for their own selfish means. It is time for me to bring my case to the congress because myself and few other elders has tried to use our seats in the council to address matters for the interest of the lords in the zone but the Chairman has handicapped all our effort. We elders of this Zonal are the custodians of the constitution, norms and values, principles and idealogies of our great Movement. We are the represntative of the congress in protecting these values.

First, since my Zonal Head took office until date,he has been spending the money of this Zone without any single approval from the COE. I have told my head repeatedly that the Zonal money beyonds to the lords of the Zonal, not his personal money and he needs approval from the COE before he can spend our money. Since i have been an elder, the COE has never approved not even a cent for my Head but yet my head is spending our Zonal money. It is the constitutional obligation of council to determine the genuity of the expenses. We don`t even know who is the Ihaza of the Zone. The CP keeps our Zonal money sometimes. I have severally called my Zonal Chairman to call the head to order to stop spending the Zonal money without collective COE approval. But all my effort has been in vain.

These are hard earn money even if its a cent,it does not belong to you my head. Some of us wake up 5am in the morning to go to work and work all through the day to make this money. Some of us struggle day and night in our different ways to make this money and we deserve accountability,check and balance of the funds. Rather my head spend’s the money as if it belongs to him without proper accountability. In our last COE January in Berlin,the head promised the COE that he will present the acount that has been requested on or before 15th Febuaray 2015. We did not receive the acount as my head promised. The same day 15th Febuaray I called my Chairman to ask him why my Head has not presented the finacially report as we agreed in the last COE. He said he will ask him. Uptil today I have not received any answer to my question or any financial report.

I must say this, the Chairman has been incompetent in his duties as a chairman. I have quarrelled with him several times about his incompetent attitude towards his duties. I have even told him that its two options,either he delibrately close your eyes to the improper excersie of duties on the part of the Head or he doesn’t know his job as a Chairman.

Aye axemen! time has come to tell my head enough is enough. If the Chairman has handicaped the COE in doing so,the congress should act to tell my Head enough is enough. Our money is not your money. My Head MUST present his financial report to the COE immediataly as requested by the COE two months ago. And also stop spending the funds of the Zone without approval from the Zonal COE which tantamounts to misappropriate use of Zonal fund. My head has to explain to the Congress why he has been spending our Zonal money as if it is his personal money since he took office as the Head of this Zonal even for telephone cards as he claimed that he is using the telephone cards to call the National Head for conference call which the National Head told me he has never had any conference call with my head.

Secondly, concerning the blending which took place in NRW. The Zonal Head and the Zonal Chairman lied to the COE. A ju was brought from Luxembourg to German Zone for blending. The Head told the COE that the National Head told him to blend the ju. The Zonal Chairman also told the COE the he spoke to the National Chairman and he gave him the authorisation to blend the ju. Axe men!, i spoke to my National Head today and he confirmed to me that he was not aware of that blending.He never told my Head or anyone to blend the ju from Luxemburg. He said Zonal blendings are authorized by NCOE and then sent to him to execute as the National Head. I also spoke to my National Chairman and he also told me that he was not aware of that blend and that our Zonal Chairman did not call him or notified him of such blending. The National Chairman even told me that there will consequences because there was no authrization for German Zone to do that blending. Axemen!! This a gross misconduct on the part of both the Head and the Chairman. They lied with the name of the highest governing positions of our great movement.

The National Head asked me to clear this issue with every lord of the Zonal that he did not authorize or was aware of that blending. He said the only information he gave him was about the lord that was de-axed and brought back that day but my head did not tell him he blend any ju that day. The National Head futher explained to me when I told him that we have been very grieved with the way the National Body has been asking us money for welfare without putting our situation in europe into consideration. My National Head told me that he has never imposed any compulsory welfare levy on German zone apart from the 500k building levy for our National secretariat,one man one block and compulsory levy of 183k for our annual dues. Then i wonder why my Zonal head always tells us the National Head imposed compulsory fee for the lords that lost their family member etc etc. etc..

The National Head was even angry with we the lords here,he said that every lord should have free access to him to clarify or varify issues relating to his orders. I should give his number to lords who wish to contact him personally at any time concerning any matter. After speaking with the National Head today, i found out that our grivances against the National body was out of wrong informations that are been feed us by our zonal head always.

After my discussion with my National Chairman and My National head, i concluded and believed in the words of ju name moses omorodion that there is Nepotism in our Zone. Even though i have seen such signs but in my good faith of untiy and peace i have always tried to ignore it. But it is time for us to dismantle such Nepotism. I also told them that the Zonal head threatens lords of the zone who speak against his misconducts with suspension and de-axesation. The National Chairman said that is oppression which i have always said.

Futhermore, concerning the blending which my Head and the Chairman has scheduled for 7th of May 2015, the National Chairman told me that he was notified by our Zonal Chairman. But our Zonal Chairman has not given him the blending date. He was surprise to hear from me that it is on the 7th. He is only aware that the screening will take place on 6th of May. He said how can we screen on the 6th and blend on the 7th, there should be atlest two to three weeks gap. And he can only give approval after he receive the screening result and then notify the National Head. Without getting the screening result he can’t give approval. And without approval German Zone is not authorized to blend.

We all are memebers of Neo Black Movement German Zone and we all have our constuitutional and civic right to speak out . As an elder, my Chairman has failed in his duties, he has mislead the council. My Head has shown that his capacity to lead this great Zone truthfully and openly is in question.

Enough is enough!!

I greet you once again!!

Lord Ibn Walata
Chidi Maduakolam (Chocho)

Aye Axemen,

I am not sure if i read correctly that my fellow elder spoke with the National Head and National Chairman. If this is so and what he expressed in his mail is true, then My Head, Chairman and my fellow Elder Haliselasie has lots of explanation to tender to Geman Zone. We were told at the COE that the National Head gave the go ahead to blend the ju from Luxemburg and that the money has been remitted to the National Head. This amounts to gross misconduct and an act of destroying this great movement that I belong to. If however, my fellow elder is just saying this to cause problems, he is also liable to same degree of offence. Lord Haliselasie even challenged us to call the National Head to confirm. I protested that the National body cannot run German Zone for us but he insisted and I remembered we exchanged words and that made me abstain from voting to blend the ju. The head said the Blending fee has been remitted to the National Head himself. It has come to the point where we have to clarify some of this issues.

The Chairman has done everything possible to ridicule and abuse the office of the chairman and the COE. It is a disgrace to have a chairman who is a puppet and a liar. The Chairman told us in that same COE that he was only informed about the blending 2 days before our general Inter talk and he contacted the chairman to verify the authenticity of the blending. Imagine a chairman of a zone lying to elders because he has his own selfish interest. I even accused the chairman of collecting bribe to enable the Luxemburg ju to blend. If he was refused in France, why will he be blended in German zone in the toilet? My fellow ayes in the zone were very angry with us in the COE. The blending of that ju for me is illegal and therefore he is not an Axeman. The blending fee should be returned to the zone and he should be de-axed. The Head, Chairman and My elder Lord Haliselasie should explain to the Zone and movement who collected the blending fee from this illegal blending and the money returned without hesitation to the zone. This is an issue we have to address in the congress.

My heart bleeds that even lords that I thought know the movement have sold their souls to the devil for peanuts. This is a massive disgrace and a setback to the growth of NBM in German zone and Worldwide. The National Body should place an embargo on blending particularly in German zone because we only blend rubbish, criminals and illiterates in this zone all in the name of blending. I do crave the indulgence of every real and true Ayes in this zone to challenge any ill and bad intentions by some few individuals who thinks NBM is all about thuggery and gangsterism. I for one will not sit and watch those who did not even finish secondary school or attended any tertiary education to misinterpret what my great movement stands for. How they managed to join this movement has always been a mystery to me. Anybody who comes from spain, Italy and other European countries will claim he is an axeman even when that person cannot even write his name and we will just accept that person as an axeman. Enough is enough. We have to remix the cards. We will not let this Head bring problems to our doorsteps. He has to adhere seriously to the Norms of our great movement. The chairman has failed woefully.

It is time for all true axemen to stand against any form of oppression and threatening in this zone. The head and chairman is like anyone of us and the idea of Head don talk is stupid. There should not be Head don talk and everybody should shut their mouth. We are all equals in this great movement and that is the beauty of it all.

The Zonal CP who is not the Ihaza of the zone is keeping the zonal bank card and can withdraw money at will and without records. We were deprived from the Last carnival the culture because we are been accused to be a criminal group and my national Head was even mentioned in the petition sent that made them ban us but till date we have not seen any evidence or proof what the 450 euro the CP collected from the account was used for. We have not seen any receipt of payment to the lawyer neither have we seen any letter from the lawyer that he is handling the case. I have told the Head and chairman about this but they have been witch hunting others and threatening to de-axe and suspend. I am demanding that the CP tender the zonal properties not related to his office and the bank documents, He must explain to the congress how much he paid the lawyer and tender the receipt and also the letters he received from the lawyer. Also, I will want to know if my name is still been used in running the Zonal account after almost 8 years that I left the office as the Head. Failure for the CP to bring these documents will be a clear misuse of priority. The CP should also explain why he took with him dues collected at Krefeld and the list of people who paid with him. He should give a correct account of the money and why he has refused to send the list and information till date to Lord Adakaboro as. Why and what is the CP doing with the list? Why has the CP refused to send the list to Adakaboro? Why has the head, chairman and Lord Haliselasie remained mute about this after Adakaboro has complained so many times to them that the CP has failed to send the list? Is that he is giving preferential treatment? Others are witch hunted for nothing and the CP is been allowed to do what he wants. The CP must tender all documents and properties not related to his office. The CP´s issue will be the first to be treated before any other business.

There is also the issue of people being accused not to be members of the Movement and they are holding positions. I heard that the CP is not an Axeman and this I take very seriously because this is impersonation and a crime against my movement. If however, it is true that the CP is a ju, then we have to do something about it. The CP must tell the congress how he blended and what school he attended to become an Axeman. The CP must clear the air about this accusation. The word Links man is something I don’t want to hear in this. He will have to show proof he blended and mention names of people he blended with. The National body has to be involve in this because infiltrators and impersonators are the people dragging the name of this great movement to the mud. Anybody who is accused or has been accused of not being a strong man should not hold any office. The business as usual to nominate of make someone an executive without proper due process is not acceptable. Anybody who has not spent at least one year in this zone, is not supposed to hold any office. Nobody will be called acting Ihaza unless we have so decided to fill that office properly. This sensitive office cannot be given to someone who is been accused of being a ju. My fellow Axemen, its time we call a spade a spade. The Head does not have that sole authority to do whatever he wants and the chairman does not have the right to approve anything without the consent of his fellow elders. The chairman and head have in so short a time succeeded in dividing the zone.

We are a legally registered organization in this country and the only registered zone outside Nigeria with the Government of the country of residence and this should not be allowed to be destroyed by the wild wild west style of doing things. We are no thugs. We are suppose to be men of integrity and letters and not thuggery style of doing things. I crave the indulgence of the Head and chairman to make sure they provide all information that will be required of them at the next congress. We don tire for rubbish

I great you all.

Lord Marcus Garvey
Elder German Zone

Macjean Omuvwie
KB 88

Aye Axemen,
Disciplinary Deaxed Notification
As discussed in our recent Exco meeting held on the 26.02.2015, this letter is to confirm that Lord IBN Walata (J-Name: Chidi Maduakolam) has been Deaxed from NBM.

This decision was made because of Lord IBN Walata misconduct, which varies from deformation of character, it has been alleged and confirmed you lied against the Z-Head during your phone conversation with National Head/-Chairman.

You’ve been previously warned against your angry outburst, and disrespect against constituted authorities. This decision won’t come as a surprise at a time, you could hardly remember when last you paid your dues and attended the ZONAL Conference.

These are severely disruptive and misinterpretations against Neo Black Movement Of Africa fundamental aims and objectives.

The decision begins immediately, and you avoid and distance yourself from any NBM activities Worldwide.

If you have any questions regarding this decision or if you have any important information that could shed further light on these allegations, please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate body.
Lord Marcus Garvey
FJ’ 99
Crier, Germany Zone

Aye Axe Men,

Dodo to all glorious axemen, should we fold our hands and let the zone to be run this way? The answer is No. Aye my head i put it to that you don’t have that solely power to de-axe without due process and it’s even wrong to deaxe a lord that hear is views.

Come to think about it, if go back to history you not be sitting there as head because of your past record in this zone you continue to treat Aye’s with Deaxezation or suspension which operations in NBM.

We decide to let peace rule but now it’s as if we don’t want peace, i will start with the issu of your certificate which we are told as been comfirm but i’m putting it to zonal coe to revisit it again and i will petition the NCOE. Aye my head enough is enough.

Aye my chairman you have let the coe down and your office too, if what i’m hearing is true you not capable to be holding that position at all and for lying against the NCOE and ZCOE.

Aye my zonal members how can we sit dow and let such happen and we all know what the constitution says. Miss used of power and founds of the Zone as a consequence, the zonal cp should tell the zone what to the 450€ we have been asking for the receipt and explain to the Zone about is blending and the Head that blended him should we allow a ju man to cp zone? a enough is enough

As you price you go pay!



Aye Axe Men,

Dodo to all glorious axemen, should we fold our hands and let the zone to be run this way? The answer is No. Aye my head i put it to that you don’t have that solely power to de-axe without due process and it’s even wrong to deaxe a lord that hear is views.

Come to think about it, if go back to history you not be sitting there as head because of your past record in this zone you continue to treat Aye’s with Deaxezation or suspension which operations in NBM.

We decide to let peace rule but now it’s as if we don’t want peace, i will start with the issu of your certificate which we are told as been comfirm but i’m putting it to zonal coe to revisit it again and i will petition the NCOE. Aye my head enough is enough.

Aye my chairman you have let the coe down and your office too, if what i’m hearing is true you not capable to be holding that position at all and for lying against the NCOE and ZCOE.

Aye my zonal members how can we sit dow and let such happen and we all know what the constitution says. Miss used of power and founds of the Zone as a consequence, the zonal cp should tell the zone what to the 450€ we have been asking for the receipt and explain to the Zone about is blending and the Head that blended him should we allow a ju man to cp zone? a enough is enough

As you price you go pay!



Aye Axe Men,l have had all your complains concerning what,s happening in the zone,Your complains we be look into accordingly and none will be swept under carpet ,For everything we be put in place for the betterment of the zone,l Indulge all zonal members to channel their complains to the appropriate authority or come to the floor of the zonal inter-talk to lay your complains,For we disagree to agree,Aye axe men,Long live Nbm German zone,Long live Nbm worldwide ,Lord Kaduna Nzeugwo ,Head-German zone.

Aye axemen!!!I want to sincerely appreciate you my lord for this beautiful piece, egede for you for you are a true axeman and your metal will never go blunt. Your commitment in bringing peace to the zone speaks volume and it is there for all to see.

Following the mail from the zonal Head where he promised to ensure that all the complains from lords in the zone will be attended to and none will be swept under the carpet, and also the beautiful mail from Lord Ibn Walata aka Chocho, i encourage the head to do everything possible to fulfill that. If a person is suffering from a disease that requires surgery, you cut open that part and remove that which caused the disease and not to be pretending that all is well when in the real sense the reverse is the case. In my opinion, German zone is in that situation at the moment and i suggest that this disease be cut off ASAP. There are many issues that are still not addressed which keeps erupting like volcano and if they are not taken care of, the zone will keep spinning around and no major progress and achievement will be recorded. That is not the kind of zone i and other dedicated lords in the zone who have done so much to build wish to belong to.

No one should lord himself over other lords in the zone because my foundation orientation in NBM thought me that we are all equal in the movement but as protocol and courtesy demands, elders(seniors) and principal officers in the movement must be respected. Transparency, consistency, tolerance and sincerity must be our watch word if we must to restore trust among axemen in the zone and we must also endeavor to show love to one another. a cry for one must echo in the collective ears of all. NBM German zone is not a money making venture or be seen as an avenue to enrich oneself so, no one should ever contemplate using it as one. Axemen must be shown a sense of belonging especially those who are less privileged among us.

German zone was once envied worldwide by other zones because we set the pace, but today things are no more the same. I know that with the pedigree of some lords in the zone that German zone will bounce back to reclaim its rightful position in NBM worldwide. I hereby appeal to all lords in the zone to shield their swords and embrace each other with open arms because that which binds us together is greater than that which divides us. And instead NBM go fall we go take egede nack egede. May Korofo guide and protect each and every one of us as we continue our March to Uhuru. Iseeeeeee. This is my humble opinion.
Lord Julius Nyerere 11
Kanta Okemini High Temple 1997
Ju name Collins Nwabueze Chineduh
Member German zone.


“The Destiny of Man is to unite, not to divide. If you keep on dividing you end up as a collection of monkeys throwing nuts at each other out of separate trees.”- T.H WHITE
We are all equal in the fact that we are all different. We are all the same in the fact that we will never be the same. We are united by the reality that all ideas and principles are distinct & individual. We are harmonious in the reality that we are all held to this great Movement by the same gravity ,”brotherhood and love”. We don’t share blood, but we share norms and values that keeps us together. I will not blind myself and say that my black brother is not different from me.But my black brother is he as much as I am me. We are made of different principles, beliefs, idealogies and character. We are all different. But the key to this door is to look at these differences, respect these differences, learn from and about these differences, and grow in and with these differences.

What i am trying to say is that, we are people of different character, principle and idealogy but due to good circumstances we came together as one. As such we should respect each other’s opinon and idealogy. We should embrase ourselves with brotherhood and above all love. In the quest for unity and peace, we cannot blind ourselves and expect to be all the same. We are not on a journey to become the same or to be the same. But we are on a journey to see that in all of our differences,we work together as one people and that is what makes us beautiful as brothers.

In light of the above,i will once again ask every lord to see the leaders including myself as different from you in principle and idealogy. And we should all torolate one another in unity. We are all important in this great Zone. A choir is made up of many voices, including yours and mine. If one by one all go silent then all that will be left are the soloists. And I will advise My Head to always at all time listen to the complain and voice of your subjects. Treat every complain with almost transperancy and urgency. Give the lords the atmosphere to speak their heart freely like a daughter will tell her mother of her first kiss and her first love.

In this great movement, our stories are singular, but our destiny is shared, and a new dawn of transperancy and openness on the part of the leaders of German Zone and strong unity and committement on the part of every lords in German Zone MUST be at hand because those are the prices of Unity and peace.

My Head has promised that all the complains will not be swept under the carpet. He will listen to every lord as a father will listen to his son. He wants Strong Unity and love among us. As an elder of this Zone I pledge my support. And hoping that such promises will be sincerely executed. I am calling on every lord as your humble brother to rely behind the zone with your voice in Strong unity.

All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall

Dodorima my lords!!

Lord Ibn Walata
Scribe COE German Zone

Dear Lords an EXCOs in particular,
I just dont want to beleive what I read in this email is real. Maybe an April-fool in advance.
Anyway, this goes to show the level the zone has been reduced to. To a level that Lords are staying away from activities.
Now , the ZH and his ExCOs are mandating Lords to explain why they are not participating in zonal and forum activities. Is that not too far to go? Even the National head cannot summon someone in his room in Abba to explain why he has not been active in NBM activities.
Come to look at it, are these four names the only members that are no longer participating. What of Kelvin, Onome, Skele, Sunny , Moses, and others. Why are they not mentioned in that mails. The earlier we (including the exco and COE) acknowledge where they have failed the zone , the earlier things shall take the right part. This is not the NBM I know and I have been receiving calls from outside asking how I could be in a zone so disorganised?. I really cannot answer because you guys shall face the consequences of what you are doing. A zonal where the head single-handedly picks national elders without informing the COE, the congress and the Elders he chose. A zone that hasnt been receiving invitations and correspondences from the NCOE . And the COE chairman sees nothing wrong going on. A zone that has only one non-permanent COE member, despite cry for months from me to extend the COE. And the COE Chairman thinks all is well. A zone where the COE cannot check the Exco.
I have said all these during previous COE meetings but nothing has changed. There are people who cant be in a system that is derailing and therefore decide to stay aside and watch your agenda. I really dont blame them. It is simply maturity in staying aside and observing.
I would like to use this medium to advise the originators of that mail to re-trace their motives for there is no base for that 24 hour directive. This zone doesnt belong to the exco, Eweka, Ologbo, Victor, Macjean or Dr. Ukiri. We have to follow laid down rules.
“You can force someone to come to IT’s”
We are not Temple ayes. We are matured men, Fathers, Uncles, Administrators, Directors and entrepreneurs.

Dr. Ukiri Richard
Lord Leopold Senghor
FJ `1989

Aye Axemen,

This resolution is an important quest to recognize grievances of our members, be it justifiable or not but finding peace and rendering solution. Certain steps were taken immediately this current administration came into existence to resolved wrangling issues.

The essence of our commitment for a true reconciliation have given us the privilege to associate equally and to resolved issues without sentiment. We could all agreed to have received the ZH email sent few days to last ZONAL IT, inviting all members officially with or without grievances to attend. In spite of all this, very unfortunately to observed the absent of those with complains or something to resolved.

Under this circumstances, the ZONAL CP got castigated wrongly to the extend calling him a Jew after all notable steps taken by the Z-CP to create formidable fellowship environment in Hamburg and a workable pact to relief any tension within the ZONAL structure.

We can’t continue to accommodate unjustifiable excuses that created since the last one year unwarranted disobedient and disrespectful attitude.

On this note, the following persons are to provide within the next 24 Hours under the directives of the ZH, reasons why they don’t participate on NBM activities (Forum and Zone) and negligence to their failures to comply with our constitutional obligations (Dues).

The names are as follows:
Lord Biko Nyerere (Jeu-Name: Osahon)
Lord Kamuzu Banda ( Jeu-Name Chibuzu)
Lord Julius Nyerere ( Jeu-Name: Collins)
Lord Oba Erediauwa ( Jeu-Name: Sammy)
Lord Kamuzu Banda should also provide in addition, fact and reasonable information to back allegation against Z-CP axemanship.

All these are sensitive issues that could either protect our general interest or separate us deeper when nothings is done. We’ve chosen the pact of transparency and fairness to attract all issues with equality and those in concern should act accordingly.
Lord Marcus Garvey
FJ’ 99
Crier, Germany Zone

Aye Axe Men,

I greet you all the name of baba “K”. let me start to thank baba “K” for the wisdom he gave to us as Axe Men.

Let me quickly address this issues because i think we are all men not boyz. The last forum IT in hamburg i said could like to attend the IT but i will not be arround which i explain to the house why i will not be coming to the IT.

Aye axemen why don’t we think about the betterment of this Zone and stop looking for problems that we will not gain anything from. I joined this great zone in 2005 and i have been alwalys up to date with my dues and also attend ITs. We have never in this zone run after Axemen that don’t come to IT or give them 24 hours to explain why they don’t come to IT or pay there dues this is new to me Axe my lord.

Meanwhile i have never own the zone more than 120 euros and i think there are zonal members that’s owning more than that today as writing you now. If we decide to start this, we should start from people like samgbokro, onome, sikle, mr b and order more and i think this names i mentioned some zonal members don’t know them we have history in this zone.

Aye my lord’s, in the last regime which i was an Elder in the zone my former Head do call lord’s to ask them why they don’t come to IT and the former zonal cp also call too in forum IT. So why ist now different?

Aye my CP, I lord Kamuzu banda is moving a motion against your Axemanship asking you to defend your Axemanship which i have the right as a lord and i don’t need to provide any evidence, you should come out and defend yourself because Axe no get lawyer

Dodorima to all Axemen……..

Lord kamuzu banda
Obanta ’99
Ju Name obijiaku chibuzo

Aye axemen,

I am writing to acknowledge and respond to this e-mail as directed by the zonal Head.

I want to categorically state once more that i do not have issues with neither you the Head nor any member of the zone, this i demonstrated by speaking with you on the phone and even when we met at one COE meeting held in Berlin. The last forum IT i attended in Hamburg prior to the last zonal IT that was held in Augsburg, i told the forum coordinator that i will not be attending because i was traveling outside the country. We should stop looking for faults in people because we all have our flaws and it is not going to help this zone. If you say you want a true reconciliation, i think people should not be biased in their judgement and should not be looking for who to make a scapegoat. Aye my Head with due respect, how many times have you picked up your phone to find out how i am fairing in this country or is the welfare of your members not paramount to you or is it my sole responsibility to be calling you on the phone? I could remember vividly when Lord Haile Selasia was Head, he do contact his members once in a while to find out how they are doing but unfortunately this character is missing in you. I think you should wake up to your responsibility. Aye my CP, it seems you have forgotten how we fix our forum IT in hamburg, i could remember that before we fix IT we call round to find out a date that will be convenient for members, but today you fix your IT without inquiring from those of us mentioned in this mail or you have those you contact before you fix your IT and you do not call us to let us know, though SMS is sent out but i suggest that it should be followed up with calls. I forgot that there was a forum IT yesterday in Hamburg and to be sincere i was outside Hamburg as well.

I am indebted to the zone yes, but i will start paying when i attend IT and i am sure that i am owing the zone not more 120 euros but there are people who are owing more than this but there names are not been mentioned. I was one of those that had a fixed transfer into the zonal account and my financial contribution to this zone cannot be forgotten so soon. I would suggest that this present EXCO always consult extensively before taking decisions because most of their decisions are sometimes irrational and could cause serious tension and chaos if followed accordingly, a typical example is this mail. The Head could have called us to discuss this issue instead of sending this mail because it could cause unnecessary tension in the zone and giving us 24 hours to respond or face punishment according to the mail makes me to start questioning the integrity and orientation of the men in the EXCO. There are a lot of axemen who have decided to sit down at home due to some reasons best known to them, should we go and drag them out to attend ITs? The list of such lords in this zone is endless so we should do things in the appropriate manner. I reserve my comment for now till further notice.

Lord Julius Nyerere 11,
Kanta Okemini HT 1997
Jew name Collins Chineduh

Chairman Coe Germany zone
Aye my Elders,

I greet you all,
Aye axemen, Dodorima to you all members COE German zone. Aye my chairman, in response to the mail i got yesterday from the Zonal Exco asking me to present evidence to back up my claim about the axemanship of the zonal CP. I am presenting this as an official petition that the zonal CP’s axemanship is questionable and hereby appealing to the COE to take it upon themselves to investigate and confirm his blending. As an axeman i have the to call for the investigation of any Axeman that i suspect his blending is questionable and in the same vain i should be also accused if anyone also suspect my blending. It is then my responsibility to defend myself. Thank you for understanding. Dodorima.

Lord kamuzu banda
Obanta ’99
Ju Name obijiaku chibuzo

2 thoughts on “Germany Zone Wahala

  1. Aye mi lordy’s i greet u,mi lordy’s my hand de down oh mke i skrach una back small,i believe say no man sabi pass oh, so if una NH no get codination men knw de best thing to do.ju name BENJI7


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