Canada Zone Wahala

Details of an NBM pedophile ‘Nestor Omoruyi Amayo’ in the Canada Zone raping a 13 year old girl (over the period of a year… therefore since she was 12 years old). The NBM conducted their own investigation which included “Lord Kwesi Wiredo interviewing the little girl”. Also the NBM conducted an image laundering exercise to “protect Nestor’s name, by so doing, our (Neo Black Movement) name too”. Mr Nestor fled to Nigeria and is currently wanted by Canadian Police on rape charges.


Canada zone was informed that Mr. Nestor was being looked for by the police for rape; the rape of a 13yrs old girl who is the daughter of Nestor’s family friend. A man who housed him for 8 months when he got to Canada.

It is important to understand here that Nestor was a dedicated Axeman, a man who had his arm tattooed with the symbol of nbm, a man who was widely believed to be the leader of nbm in Toronto by the Nigerian community and one who was instrumental to the growth of Canada zone.
We held him in high esteem.

With the news of this rape, Canada zone quickly acted to protect Nestor’s name, by so doing, our name too. We immediately sent two men (Lord Kwesi Wiredo of Canada zone 2004 and Lord Bazi Bagada of FJ 91) to visit the family involved. They came back with unbelievable tales of despicable betrayal of trust.
Please note that Nestor had run to Nigeria at this point in time leaving behind his wife and 9months old son.

The police report states that the little girl was raped; but this is not true. According to Canadian law, because the girl was under-age, when things like this happens, Child Services is called immediately and rape is always focus point. Moreso, the family said it was rape out of shame.

The fact is this: Nestor was having an affair with his family friend’s teenage daughter for more than a year until the day the girl’s mother found out because the little girl was in pain as a result of a tear in her virginal.

With all this information, we called Nestor (via Lord ABK), and he said that man was a disgruntled friend who is upset as a result of a business deal gone wrong.
We called him again, this time on a conference call with Lord ABK and Lord Bonafinga, and he again told them that everything is a lie and that the man and his wife are not being truthful. Even with our Elders telling him about the police report and that Lord Kwesi Wiredo interviewed the little girl, he still denied.

A Council of Elders meeting was then called to resolve the case; in that meeting, Nestor was called and he addressed the Council (with the phone on speaker) saying that he has personal issues with his friend, that his friend is trying to use his daughter to get back at him … but that other members of their families have intervened and that the issue was now resolved.

At this point, the Council asked Kwesi Wiredo to once again reach out to the little girl’s family.

After careful consideration, the Council had no choice but to protect the name nbm and all members of nbm who have teenage daughters. It was Council’s believe that Nestor betrayed his friend and slept with his teenage daughter; and that, simply put is pedophile. We still believe same today except other facts comes to light.

Funny enough, Nestor told our COE then that he would be back in Canada in 2 months, that was more than two years ago. It is our understanding that he is wanted for rape here in Canada and the day he steps his foot back here, he will be arrested. He knows this, hence he has refused to come back for his wife and daughter.

Aye my National Elder, please please, leave this man where he is, do not let him come close to your house if you have teenage daughters, and do not truth him with your wife either. He does not deserve to be an Axeman.
I have written this after due consultation with Lord Abebe Bikila of FJ88, Lord Bonafinga of Udi87 and my humble Zonal Head.

It is my hope and sincere believe that the National Council of Elders will act accordingly.


Aye Axemen!!!!!!!

Lord Kaduna Nzeogwu (DAMISA 1994)

Zonal Chairman Canada zone



9 thoughts on “Canada Zone Wahala

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  3. Ayes,

    Dodorima to all Axemen far and wide especially those
    in Canada Zone. May Olodumare give u the wisdom to
    handle and treat issues as it will bring justice and
    equality to all spheres of life. Since it has been
    proved that Nestor Amayo is a rapist.

    I will now state categorically that he should no
    longer be addresseD as Abebe Bikila 2nd. He does not
    deserve to be referred to as a de-axed Axeman. He is a
    complete disgrace to NBM worldwide.

    He felt he can do it to a ju and go free, not knowing
    that Olodumare will bring in justice even amongst his

    Please I will also use this medium to alert all
    Lords in Canada to be carefull of such a ju man like
    Nestor so he wont try that to any of your children or
    even your wives. May Olodumare expose more of such bad
    eggs amongst us. I wish all Axemen worldwide a
    wonderfull celebration in the forth coming 30th
    Anniversary of our great movement NBM worldwide come

    Dodorima to all Axemen worlwide…

    Yours In The Strugle,
    Aye Harare Mugabe,
    Manchester Uk.


    Aye Axe Men!!!

    Greetings in the name of Korofo.
    This is to inform all Zones and Temples of our great movement that Canada Zone Council of Elders have De-Axed ju name Nestor Amayo strong name Abebe Bikila 2nd of Udi Temple blended 1994 at Inikpin Dragon for gross misconduct, and actions unbecoming of an Axeman.
    Please find below the facts that led to the decision of the Council of Elders.
    Abebe Bikila the 2nd ju name Nestor Amayo was accused of raping a 14 yrs old girl, the daughter of his ju friend. After much investigation and deliberation by the Council of elders, they came to the conclusion that the accusations were true.
    “Major Slacking shall be punishable by De-Axing which shall be redeemed by the council of Elders and ratified by the Zone.
    Examples of Major Slacking shall be: Murder, Rape, Armed Robbery, Capital Offences and Acts that threaten the existence of Movement/Zone and a life of a fellow Lord and Acts contrary to provisions of Articles 9: 1.3, 5, 7.”
    Article 11: 5.3 of the Bye Law of Canada Zone
    The article above of the Bye Law of Canada Zone was invoked by the Council of Elders which resulted in the De-Axing of Ju name Nestor Amayo.
    Dodorima to all standing Axemen!!!
    May our metal never go blunt!!!
    Lord Ahmed Baba,
    Canada Zone, 04
    CRIER, Canada Zone


  5. Whether or not you think the rapist deserves to be an NBM members is beside the point. The fact is that the rapist WAS a NBM member.

    Najuju’s bias to me seems to be purely between good and evil. Raping a 12 year old girl is as evil as it comes. Given you NBM virtually all are rapists, fraudsters, robbers, murderers and other criminal scum I dont think it’s unfair for Najuju to point out the rapists affiliation with your cult.

    An NBM members reaction to such sickening stories seems always to be the same:

    1) Claim the criminal was a “bad egg”
    2) Shoot the messenger
    3) deflect from the message

    You cannot defend each and every instance of criminality with this “bad egg” methodology which is so often used. You are all bad eggs. You show me an NBM member and i’ll show you a bad egg. Simple.

    Why bash Najuju when this person is good law abiding, God fearing citizen of the World?

    Why deflect from the message that simply put the NBM are a criminal mafia that (this is not the first occasion) rape children?

    By your own rules. None of you deserve to be members…… but this is only pointed out after you get caught right?

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  6. There you go being biased as usual. Does the letter indicate that NBM supports the rapists action?
    The writer clearly stated that the rapist does not deserve to be an Axeman but of course, you are blinded by your sentiments.


    • How is it “biased” to find it disgusting that the main concern of NBM was to “protect the name” of the rapist (!!) and thus the name of NBM as a first and most important step? How is it “biased” to see a PATTERN in this? After all this is what NBM does about all the uncounted crimes committed by its members. Lie, deny, if absolutely necessary (= if caught –> bad image) de-axe the “bad egg”. There is never a word about the victim of the crime. None of you cares about the hundreds of lives lost in your brainless cult wars either, or the thousands of existences that have been ruined by NBM fraudsters. Or how about those that you forced into prostitution, or the communities that are constantly terrorized by asmen? Instead you pretend to mourn the Soweto massacre 1976. I mean seriously….?? Welcome to the sick and twisted world of the Neo Bad Egg Movement.

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  7. So raping a 12 year old child for a year after which the rape still leaves “tears in her virginal” is re-defined as an affair between two consenting adults, according to assman morals. Certainly they know better than the forensic pathologists and police officers who examined the girl and investigated…. after all they have a name to protect! As usual, their only concern is protecting the name of a despicable pedophile rapist pig who destroyed a girl’s life, and making sure it is all swept under the carpet. Even more importantly, they are concerned about protecting the name of NBM. Lovely!!! What a “glorious movement” indeed!

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