Belgium Forum Wahala

With due respect i the cordinator of belgium forum here by suspend  jew name Minaky(DAVID AGHAHOWA OMORODION) (Lord Isaac Adakaboro BLENDED Udi High Temple 1996) and hereby also recommed DE-AXEING.

He should be DEAXE from the NEO BLACK MOVEMENT OF AFRICA for failing to abide to the rules of our CONSTITUTION.

Insummarry the said jew name Miyaki stab an Aye Jew name Ayo Akinyemi Akindele( Lord Chaka Steven BLENED FJ.1 1995.Forum Ihaza) on thrusday night 31st of July 2008,after a little misunderstanding between them as we talk now Ayo is the hospital in a state of COMA with a knife stab on his neck with three stitches .


1.Stabing his fellow brother on his neck cutting three of his vein with a knife who is presently in the hospital also in a state of COMA

2.He was also caught as a thief by stealing the CANADA ZONAL CP hand chain

3.After the National Head visit to belgium forum this same aye passed what was disscused on the IT to his jew friend.

I believe this are just few of some evidence and reasons why he should be DEAXE,i thereby awaits your decision which should be treated as fast as possible because what this AYE has done has created an awareness to we members of the NOBLE NBM in Belgium.

Lord Oba Akenzua (Gabriel Okoh)  0032-496-***-544

Belgium Forum Butcher ,
Lord Jaja Jawara  0032-488-***-149

Aye my Head,

Please find herewith my report/observations in regards to the mission you sent Kasavubu and I to in Belgium.

We arrived Antwerp a couple of minutes after 4PM and the Coordinator, Lord Oba Akenzua was already waiting for us at the train station. The I.T. we went for was booked 6PM for the same evening so we were roughly an one hour thirty minutes early.

From the station the Coordi took us to the venue where we started rubbing minds generally on NBM and other matters. So as not go into irrelevant details that are of no consequence to our assignment, I will now give my straight to the point observation:

* Aside from the Coordi, the Forum Eye and one other Lord that attended other members of the Forum failed to turnup for the I.T. Please note that their Eye and the other Lord that attended travelled from another city to attend the I.T.
* The 3 Lords we met all blended before 1987. The Forum has a few old Lords and there are lots of Lords living in Belgium, but this does not mean they are members of the Forum.
*The Coordi is very dedicated and willing to see the growth of NBM in Belgium. But a tree cannot make a forest.
* The Eye thinks it is a security risk to have minutes of I.T.’s with him. So we could not see the minutes, attendance list and due payment of their last 3 I.T.’s to make an independednt opinion if they have enough dedicated Lords to form a Zone. It is also my impression that this happens during all I.T.’s
* Their I.T. is held every 3rd Sunday of the month in different locations within Belgium. But the day is not definitely fixed as the Coordi tries to plan the I.T.’s around the availability in Belgium of certain dedicated Lords.
* They are in need of a Zone so as to be able to discipline erring Ayes who are fond of misbehaving in public while claiming to be Axe Men.
* I told them they could in their I.T. agree and pass disciplinary measures against any Lord living in Belgium. The Coordi was of the opinion that he cannot De-Axe as they are still a forum. We then advised in a case that would warrant De-Axing, he should discuss it at his Forum and after they agree they should make recommendations to my Head who will present the matter to the Netherland Zone COE as the Coordinating Zone. If the COE concurres our ZH will pronounce the person’s De-Axation.
* In my opinion they are on the right path to becoming a Zone, but this will still take a little while.
* For this we need to observe their I.T. 3 times to form a founded opinion before making any recommendation for or against their becoming a Zone.
* With each month that passes the number of I.T. minutes, attendeance list and due payment we will require from them increases.

I hail!

Kamuzu Banda

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