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Due to frequent requests I present to you a list of the TOP 35 STRONG NAMES IN NBM ranked by popularity.

A so-called strong name is given to a new member of NBM aka Black Axe during initiation. They come in many versions due to misspellings and intentional alterations of names which are however standardised in the list below.

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International Index of NBM Wahala – Part 1

Here is an index of recent Neo Black Movement bad behavior (like stabbing a fellow NBM member), misconduct (been insubordinate to a higher ranking elder) and gross-misconduct (embezzling Zonal funds).

Also it documents any resulting suspensions and de-axeations that occurred should this bad behavior, misconduct or gross-misconduct attract any police attention or arrest (the worst cardinal sin a member can commit).

International Index of NBM Wahala – Part 1

(Clicking the underlined title will take you to the full story)

Apapa Zone Wahala – Complaints about “anarchy” and “hijacking” of the leadership in the Apapa Zone. Including an “unlawful violent event” (Which of course is different to the ‘lawful violent events’ like when the NBM are sponsored as thugs or killers by politicians). Also allegations that elders within the zone forged educational documents contrary to the NBM constitution in order to gain Lord status.

Belgium Zone Wahala – Complaint and recommendation for the de-axeation of ‘David Aghahowa Omorodion’ after a “little misunderstanding” led the aforementioned Lord to stab another member in the neck leaving him in hospital in a coma. Stabbing a fellow member in the neck been purely ‘bad behavior’ additional reasons for his removal from the NBM are included: Stealing the Canada Zone’s Chief Priest’s hand chain and passing on NBM information to a jew (non-member)

Benin Zone Wahala – Complaints regarding the “misappropriation of funds” and embezzlement of money given to the Benin Zone leadership in order to secure government positions for various politicians. Complaints also on how the promised “job slots” within Edo State Government were not fairly distributed. This money and these jobs awarded for the NBM Benin Zone’s help perpetrating political violence, political killings and generally helping to rig the elections. This is not the issue of the complaints of course…. it’s the embezzlement of the corrupt payments and hijacking of the government jobs that is the real issue to the NBM.

Canada Zone Wahala – Details of an NBM pedophile ‘Nestor Omoruyi Amayo’ in the Canada Zone raping a 13 year old girl (over the period of a year… therefore since she was 12 years old). The NBM conducted their own investigation which included “Lord Kwesi Wiredo interviewing the little girl”. Also the NBM conducted an image laundering exercise to “protect Nestor’s name, by so doing, our (Neo Black Movement) name too”. Mr Nestor fled to Nigeria and is currently wanted by Canadian Police on rape charges.

France Zone Wahala – Lord Yakata Samora pleading to be found innocent on the charge of embezzling Zonal funds… and blaming others.

Greece Zone Wahala – Details of Greece Zone embezzlement, insubordination, disobedient acts, chaos and panic that has led to the Greece Zone becoming “dis-functional”

Germany Zone Wahala – Accusations and complaints that the Germany Zonal Head is using “Zonal money” for his own personal use (naughty), spending otherwise too without any approval from the Council of Elders. Also accusations and complaints that the Germany Zone Chief Priest is doing exactly the same. Also accusations and complaints that the member holding the role of ‘Ihaza’ could be doing the same… but nobody in the Zone knows who holds that position.

Further accusations that the Germany Zone Chairman is “incompetent” and furthermore that him and Zonal Head conducted an illegal blending of a ju from Luxembourg without complying to the correct procedure (informing the NCEO for ‘authorisation’ and then passed to the National Head for ‘execution’)

Complaints too about 450 Euros lost when the Berlin Carnival of Culture kicked them out for been a “criminal group”. I wonder you wrote to them and told them that…..?!?!? 😀 😀 😀 😀

Accusations too that the Chief Priest, aside from stealing Zonal money, is not actually an axe-man.

Many other accusations and complaints too. Huge wahala in the Germany Zone.

Ike Bobby Onwubuya Wahala – Ike Bobby Onwubuya complaining about how it “looks” that Spain Zone NBM property was raieded by police and quite a huge and sizable haul of stolen goods and drugs discovered. Ike Bobby Onwubuya I would imagine worried how this might look to see his employers who at the time was a big high street UK bank. Also Ike Bobby Onwubuya voices his displeasure over a failed terror bombing and how the NBM will come under greater scrutiny as a result.

Ireland Zone Wahala – Accusations that Lord Laurent Cabilla ( Ju name Suba Emmanuel) took it upon himself to, against the constitution install himself as ‘acting head of the Zone’ following huge disorder and fighting in the Zone. Upon the troubles been rectified the Zone held their first IT (Itohan) which was then followed by a party to celebrate Lord Katanga newborn baby girl. This culminating in some “some public order offenses ( i.e shouting, screaming, fighting disturbing the entire neighborhood)”. NBM member Abella verbally insulted the chairman resulting in a charge of ‘Gross Misconduct’. Other trouble, tension and chaos also documented including an attempted ‘mutiny’ to oust the Zonal Head.

Italy Zone Wahala – Part 1 – Complaints by the Italy Zone of the Head embezzling Zonal funds, been monitored by the Italian Security Services, his phone been tapped by the security services, attacking someone with an axe, beating up a lady too…. but most worrying to them his house raided by the police (this causing huge concern due to two computers been seized which held “NBM datas”)

Italy Zone Wahala – Part 2 – Details of a robbery within the zone. Also details of a party including children and women (some of whom were pregnant) in which 200 NBM members were in attendance. In addition to slapping the attendees the voilence was escalated to the use of bottles and tear gas. Details of the de-axeation of a Lord for “attracting the attention of the Police”

Italy Zone Wahala – Part 3 – Details of the murder of an NBM member in Italy following a gambling argument over money. Members of the Zone instructed: “resist any form of violence that will escalate the already existing problem”

But it’d be ok to use violence to end the problem? or use violence is situations where the violence would not lead to an escalation?

Japan Zone Wahala – Part 1 – Details of an NBM member (Lord Dan Walter) who paid money to an “agent” to be smuggled into Japan. Things didn’t go as planned and the member ended up in South Korea. He was then helped financially by another Japan Zone member to get back from South Korea to Nigeria and then into Japan as originally planned. An agreement to pay back the money was made but Lord Dan Walter stopped making payments causing unrest in the Zone. Arguments and fights ensued. Disrespectful comments to NBM Elders been the final straw and a committee was formed to investigate the matters.

Japan Zone Wahala – Part 2 – Details of a Japan Zone member Lucky Aghaku (Lord Patrick Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu) suspended for dancing inappropriately with the Zonal Head’s wife. Also whilst an attempted punishment was been carried out by the Zonal Butcher “he gave the butcher (lord kinta kunte) a head butt in the eye that caused him severe injury in the eye”

On another occasion at a Japan Zone ‘jolly’ Lucky Aghaku also began dancing “inappropriately” and took control of the Zonal microphone much to the disgust of the Japan Zone Chairman. After repeated warning and his bad behavior not stopping the Japan Zonal Head ordered the Butchers to take him outside for his 5 minute punishment. Lucky Aghaku was unwilling to take his punishment and for a second time headbutted the butcher (lord kinta kunte), elbowed Lord Barack Obama and started destroying the venue. Additionally injuring Thomas Sankara, the Zonal Head and spitting in the face of the Zonal Eye. Insults made about the Zonal Head and his family resulted in an “emergency coe meeting” to be called and a proposal made to de-axe Lucky Aghaku.

Netherlands Zone Wahala – Details of a Police raid in Holland on the NBM hang-out ‘Grand Café’ where 111 Nigerians were arrested. The document details concerns over the security of NBM members acknowledging the “obvious fact in the whole situation is that most members of the Nigerian community as well as Axe Men are not systemized as per Residence Permit, Visa or otherwise. Further arrests of an unknown number at “an Afro Shop in The Hague where mostly Nigerians hangout”. This led to all NBM meetings been suspended in the Netherland Zone for security reasons.

Rose View Court Hotel Wahala – Evidence of the NBM holding meetings at Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo’s hotel (Rose View Court Hotel) and how this contravene’s the law and makes the hotel subject to seizure and Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo himself liable for arrest.

Spain Zone Wahala – Part 1 – Spanish Zonal investigations uncovering embezzlement of Zonal funds by NBM member Leo Giebaen (Lord santos kabaka) and a plot to kill the Spain Zone’s Council of Elders.

Spain Zone Wahala – Part 2 – Accusations about Spain Zone NBM member Uwaifo Okonobo (Lord Aye Bulala) for stealing money from a fellow NBM member and insulting the Zonal Head which resulted in his de-axeation. He was traced to a house but fired shots at the people trying to regain the stolen money. He then fled to Sevilla.

Another dispute is described where a Spain Zone member (“Odion”) living and working in Spain illegally had been using the ID papers and bank account of another NBM member (“Uwaifo”) in the Zone (“he give his documents as help to a lord to secure a job). Uwaifo did for a little time pass on Odion’s earnings but then stopped and kept the money for himself.

Uwaifo is reported to have done the same to Spain Zonal Head when the Zonal Head first came to Spain….. running off with 9,800 Euros of which only 2,000 Euros was recovered after he was hunted down in hiding in Sevilla

Part 2 will be coming soon…….

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Benin Zone Wahala

Nigeria, effectively a lawless and dis-functioning failed nation (aside from functioning for those who pervert it’s functionality) is a country that can demonstrate a level beyond that of simple ‘corruption’.
It is a country where corruption itself is able to be corrupted. Below is an example of that. Where large payments given to corrupt organisations by corrupt government officials are channeled away as corruption within corruption.
The text below is taken from ‘petitions’ of infighting internally occurring within one such corrupt group: The Neo Black Movement of Africa (aka ‘NBM of Africa’ and ‘Black Axe Confraternity’). They are documents which outline payments and government positions allocated as rewards by gangs/cults to perpitrate political thugery, violence, killing and corruption.


The National Head ,
N.B.M Worldwide,
We wish to bring this to your knowledge because of what is good for the Goose is good for the Gander,so we want the National Executive to treat this.
(1)CASE OF 35 MILLION GIVEN TO NBM FOR ELECTION OF COMRADE GOVERNOR FIRST TERM IN OFFICE:It is well known to all Lords in Benin that Lord Patricks Lumumba played as a leading role in first term bid of Comrade Governor not as an individual but as the National Head of NBM Worldwideto this end the sum of 35 million was given to this great movement to assist the Comrade Governor to victory.This money was distributed through the then Cheif of Staff Hon. Sam Iredia
(2)MONEY GIVEN AS SECURITY MONEY TO PROTECT THE VOTES:During the April 2011 election into the house of assembly.senate and house of Representative,money was equally given to Lord Patricks Mulumba,this was to ensure that the votes of he’s party,the Action Congress,was protected and mostly because of the role he played in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State where he fights against a Lord in the opposite party Hon. Cheif Lucky Imasuen(Former Deputy Governor of Edo state).
(3)ISSUE OF MONEY RAISED UNDER LORD PATRICKS LUMUBA FOR NBM NATIONAL HEADQUARTER OF EVBORIARIA IN BENIN CITY. over four million was raised and uptill now there have been no work done on the site, and the money have never been accounted for by Lord patricks lumuba, even if Dr Amadasun is under suspension from the movement for a similar issue
Donors-(1) Hon. Paul ohubamu #500,000.00
(2)Hon. M.A. Iduoriyekamwen #1000,000.oo etc
(4)FUNDS COLLECTED FROM AVARIANS OVER THE BURNING OF BENIN ZONAL ARENA. When benin Zonal Arena was burnt down in a peace deal, Avarian were asked to rebuild the burnt down arena. Later, Lord Patricks Lumuba, collected an undisclosed sum of money from them and uptill now the arena was never rebuild. Also, Prof Wole Soyinka was brought to see the burnt down arena to further humiliate NBM.
(5)POLITICAL APPOINTMENT AS COMPENSANTION TO NBM. As compensation for all these use of NBM to fight political opponent even if they were members of this same movement, political office was given to him not as an individual but as a personification of NBM.
(6)AKOKO-EDO RERUN ELECTION: Lord Patricks Mulumba collected serious funds from the Comrade Governor to ensure that a fellow Lord Hon Anslem Agbabi and Hon. Saiki Samuel do not win the rerun election into the house of assembly,strong men were seriously mobilized to fight against their fellow brothers.
(7)KOGI ELECTION:Lord Patricks Mulumba was equally given millions in the name of movement to mobilise strong men to Kogi State to ensure the victory of political associates in that state.not as an individual but as a known NBM Leader.
(8)COLLECTION OF FUNDS FROM CAPTAIN HOSA OKUNBOR:Lord patricks Mulumba collected millions of naira from captain Hosa in the name of NBM for he’s relection into the office of the National Head of this movement.
(9)ISSUE OF #750,000.00 MONTHLY FROM GOVERNMENT UNDER LUCKY IGBINEDION REGIME: Lord patricks Mulumba,as a Zonal Head collected the sum of #750,000.00 monthly as a compensation for the role NBM played to ensure the victory of PDP as at then.
(10)CONVERSION OF APPOINTMENT MEANT FOR LORDS IN THE ZONE INTO HIS PERSONAL USE:After the April 2011 election into the house of representatiove ,senate and house of assembly was given to NBM as neighbourhood watch co-ordinators and other offices,Lords Paticks Mulumba and former chairman National Councils of Elders converted this appointment into theirs,80 slots was given to NBM,they took 60 slots and gave 20 to the Zone.
(11)ISSUE OF HANDOVER OF FORMER HEAD OF BENIN ZONE TO POLICE: Lord Patricks Mulumba deceived former National Head of the Zone Lord Mammar Gaddafi to the state police headquarters and handed him over as a criminal and a killer to the state commissioner of Police.
We want the National Executive to use their good offices to investigate all these and that we shall come out with proof at anytime when called upon.
Thanks for your tradition co-operation.

Yours in Movement
(1) Zino Fazeez
(2)David Diop
(3)Kenneth Kaunda
(4)Scadela Ekhator(Mahmood Gadafi)
(5)Odinga Odinga
(6)Chucks Okungbe
(7)Oyo Stephen
National COE Chairman
National COE Member
All Zonal Heads
All Zonal COE chairman
The Arena,
Benin Zone,
The Ag COE Chairman,
Benin Zone

The zonal/council of elders( COE) to investigate various monies/properties that was misappropriate under this regime, by the zonal head (lord muammer Ghadaffi) since the zone does not have an auditor.
1.About N3.5m was given to the zone by the governor during the governorship election.
2.N380,000 as a part of zonal money given to the zone by Edo state government.
3.How 40 names was compiled back to government house as part of the names requested by the government for lords employment.
4.Lord Samora Mitchel (Ebo Amagba) N50,000 donated after receiving an award from the zone.
5.Jew name Edion 1 donated N20,000 after receiving an award from the zone
6.Lord Asoro N100,000 donation after receiving an award from the zone.
7.Jew name Paul Ohunbamu N50,000 donation also as a recipient of the same award.
8.Jew name Micheal jones N68,000 gift toward arena renovation.
9.Ireland head donation N50,000 as gift towards beautification.
10.Jew name Isele bought 10 drums of paint where 6 was used,the zonal head took 4 to his personal house
11.Jew name Abu donated N160,000 to fix split A/CS cannot also be accounted for by the zonal head.
The Benin Zonal COE should carefully investigate these monies and properties for proper accountability because the movement does not belong to one person.
Lord Mammer Ghadaffi
Ikpitan 1996
Benin Zonal CP
Cc: National head
Cc: National COE chairman
Cc: National COE members
Cc: All axemen world wide

Lord Kaduna Nzeogwu 1
Ikpitan 1997
Member COE
Italian zone
National Head
NBM Worldwide,
Chairman, NCOE,
Scribe NCOE,
OC legal NCOE
Members NCOE,
Zonal Heads,
Zonal chairmen,
We the dedicated members of Benin zone wishes to expressly state our position on the committee that was constituted at the last NCOE IN Umuhia to look into the various petitions that was submitted to NCOE chairman, that in respect of the said issue we are categorically stating that the committee lacks merit and more so we don’t have confidence on the chairman of the committee Jew name Omelele, for the following reasons:
1) The said chairman of the committee, tried as NCOE chairman then to impose Jew name Henry Omeregie as Head of Benin Zonal when the zonal COE was exercising the process of bringing in a new Head.
2) Omolele has been a party to various petitions that has been emanating from Benin Zone to NCOE right from when he was an NCOE chairman till date by way of inciting, instigating and sponsoring Jew names Kpangoli, fola, Henry Omeregie and co.
3) This same former NCOE chairman has used Benin Zonal status to gain appointment from the state government as a special adviser to the state governor.
4) It’s also amazing that this same man and Dr. Mayor hijacked 60 slots out of the 80 slots allocated to NBM Benin Zone for immediate employment by the state government.
5) We are not satisfy with the educational qualification of this former NCOE chairman, for investigation has reveal that he went to school of health, therefore he was awarded certificate of completion or attendance which does not make him a lord as specified by our constitution.
6) This man spends most of his time in Benin though His family are in port Harcourt, got appointment and work in Benin but does not attend zonal IT’s except when there is crisis, due to his personal attachment to a certain clique in the zone that has been refusing to let the zone move forward.
Our national Head its worthy to note that with the above stated reasons, the Benin zonal members has lost confidence on the committee set up by the NCOE chairman to look into the various petitions and also we don’t have confidence on the chairman (Omolele) of the said committee based on the fact that he is an interested party therefore the committee investigation cum findings will be sentimental and biased which will be inimical to the growth of our great movement in Benin zone.
Sir, as the national Head who is in charge of the day to day running of the movement and for the fact that the NCOE meets quarterly, that is why we want you to please use your highly coveted and revered office to look into this petition so that Benin zone can move forward positively.

Apapa Zone Wahala

James Babatunde Barrow

El-Senussi I

Chairman Apapa Zone

Blended 1994 Kiriji

Graduated In Unilag

(Second Class Lower 2.2)


Apapa zone stopped functioning as an organized body as soon as we where

granted a zone in the last national convention. Due to my

head’s bureaucratic and anarchical leadership pattern. He did not call for IT since

inception as a zone till date. In fact, it was due to his inability to call for IT and his

inappropriateness that spurs the brouhaha in Apapa Zonal

arena where they attempted an unconstitutional and unlawful violent event,

claiming I was no longer the chairman of COE Apapa zone in an arena

development and inaugural committee meeting. (not ZCOE IT).

Sir, enumerated below are some reasons which hinder the progress of Apapa

(1) My head, the C.P and some Excos and Elders were not graduate of any

tertiary institution. He forged a certificate of BSc. Hons Lasu he presented to

the NCOE. It is evidence in the constitution that a black lord should at least

posses OND, NCE, BSc, Hehas none of this so does his C.P and some of them.

(2) My head did not call any IT all through the year since we where granted a

zone though he attended one IT in October. The IT I compelled him to

attend that informed his hatred for me. He did not attend any NCOE or

embark on any meaningful NBM project all through the year, he was never

(3) The inaugural I.T which was due to hold since inception as a zone has since not seen the light of day

(4) The zone is an Ajegunle Forum, it does not have the presence of other parts

of it jurisdiction, e.g. Apapa, Festac Town, Satellite Town, Ijora, Orile down

(5) The zone was hijacked and situated in Ajegunle instead of the original

Apapa metropolis where it started thereby affording captains of industries

and the established lords we all started the zone together to all opted out.

Any one who attempt to question his inadequates would be label a rebel. So

no one could raise objections against his antics.

My N.C.O.E Chairman, I bring the above to your attention so the movement could

save our beloved Apapa zone from it imminent collapse. It is on record that I am

the only member in Apapa zone who was in Lagos Zone for almost 17 years and

also have serve in several committees including being a Butcher in Aigbedo Osude

Regime. Others had not attended 6 I.T’s before we were approved a zone.

Therefore, do not understand what a zone entails. It’s on record.

I wait your urgent and positive response.


Spain Zone Wahala…. Once Again

Aye axe men,

With reference to the mail below we have been sent to all zone as regards the suspended lord below:
Strong Name: Aye Bulala.
Jew name:Uwaifo Okonobo.
Temple Blend: Ogunpa (Ibadan)
Year 96..

He has refused to answer the call of the COE and also he did not make effort to repay all the money he stole from the lords below,he want as far of insulting the zonal head and he refuse answering his phone.After give two weeks since last year to write a appeal before the Zonal COE.He refused no man is an island.

HE has been DE-AXED from the movement

We bring to the notice of NBM worldwide and Lagos Zone/Benin Zone must especially,that the Aye name below have been suspended indefinitely from the movement and also declared wanted by Spanish Zone:

Strong Name: Aye Bulala.
Jew name:Uwaifo Okonobo.
Temple Blend: Ogunpa (Ibadan)
Year 96.

The reasons are stealing/obtaining in the different Stage:

He want to an Eiye man house (Airlord) the son a Benin politician (Bob Izua),them were in a company one lady/girl,according to a lord that reported matter to the zonal,the girl want into the bathroom free herself,to cut the story short on coming back the girl discovered that her pause is open,she was all alone with Jew name Uwaifo before she left just 10minute interval, € 600 has been taken from her wallet,meanwhile the Bob Izua son was in the kitchen try to make food or something for them,the girl start shouting her money that Jew name Uwaifo have taken her money,the Eiye boy now apprehened the aye to bring the money out,the next thing the aye did was to bring out a DOG (pistol) from his body and he left the house to his own house on his going 50 euros drop from his pockage after he claim he has nothing with him.

The girl want to trace the aye house,he gain entrance to the main flat where the aye release 5 shot on the air,which attract the police,the matter was report to the police,he ran away to another city call Sevilla (his Hide joint).The matter was report to the Zonal Head,the zonal call him and warn him bitterly for this gross misconduct,he appologize for his conduct.

The Recent one his the most saddest time in the Zonal,which all lords make vow to make sure he pay for this evil,this involves a lord in the Zonal,he give his documents as help to a lord to secure a job normally European black way of life,the lord Jew name Odion work monthly why the salary is paid into Uwaifos account because he is the legal owner of the documents,that is how it is here,Uwaifo duty as a black man even without NBM relationship is to withdraw the money I give it to the lord jew name odion who is working with his documents,the first two month according to the lord,Uwaifo withdrawn the salary from his account and give it to the lord,the lord give him something from it as a sign of appreciation that he lend him his documents to secure a job,which we suppose to for a follow lords.

The month on June,before my Zonal Head want to Nigeria,Jew name Odion report that is more than month he work and the copy have paid the salary to his account,uwaifo withdraw the money and travelled to his Sevilla his Hiden Joint,My head personally call Uwaifo to return the money he said when he come to Madrid,so the lord worked for the second months the money was paid into that account,he denied he did see no money in the account,the company now presented a prove that the money was transfered to the account.

So when my zonal head came back to Spain,find out that is no longer the month issue now two months which amount €2,700 (Two thousand seven hundred euros), My head call him personally to return the to teh lord,he refuse,he later refer the matter to teh COE,the COE send message even through the zonal Head to him 5 times,he did not honour the invitation from the COE and on one occassion he off his phone on my Zonal head.

Till now he as not return the money to the Lord Jew name Odion June and July monthly salary,if an aye can do this to a lord where are we going and the movement,the head advise the lord to stop the work and look for other documents.

We appealing to NBM in diaspora and Nigeria Zones to take note and Identity of this aye whenever and whatever is found with him should be seize ,which will be converted to the equal how money he took from the lord and paid back.

He did similar thing to my Zonal Head in the year 2004 when he was working as with my Zonal Head as new comer to Europe.He took 9,800 Euros from the house,money that belong to people,he ran to the Sevilla 5 hours drive from Madrid,my and want to search for him in company of two other lords in a car that same morning,only to find him in a hotel,my Zonal Head only sucided in getting just € 2,000 from him,till today he did return the balance put my Zonal head in tied corner.

Enough is Enough.

If he refuse to bring back the money he took before xmas the COE have no options to DE-AXE him and treat him like a jew,then the money will be easy for us to get any where.

Korofo on Guard.

Lord.Ibn Battuta.
Head Spanish Zone.
K.B 92

Lord Dedan Kimathi
Spanish Zonal Chairman
K.B 95

Cc National Head For National Executive
Chairman NCOE For National Council Of Elders
All Regions NBM Worldwide
All Zones NBM World wide
All Forums NBM Worldwide
All Lords London Zone
All Axemen World wide

Rose View Court Hotel Wahala




About the Hotel

Located along the Akute Road in Lagos, Rose View Court Hotel is many of the few hotels that guarantee maximum comfort and cosiness within the axis.

“Within the axis”…. Would this be the “Axis of Evil”?

Rose View Court Hotel is the establishment of Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo (aka Bemuda… Head of the Neo Black Movement).

Not only was each brick undoubtedly funded with the proceeds of crime there is one other reason that the Nigerian Police should seize the hotel (preferably along with it’s cultist occupants).

See below what Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo does not want anyone to know:

Aye axe men!!

NEXCO/council of heads IT holds on friday 27th july 2012@Roseview Court 2 Omoba close Alagbole Akute via Ojodu Berger by AP filling station by 6pm prompt..

Please reach out to zonals heads around you.

Dedan Kimathi Waciuri
Nat.Crier 2

Why does Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo not want you to know this……?
Cult Activities in Hotels

(1) Any person who knowingly allows or permits a secret cult meeting or activity to hold in his hotel, nightclub or similar place of business, commits an offence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for five years without an option of fine.

(2) In addition to any punishment provided under subsection (1) of this Section, any such place of business as mentioned in the subsection where a secret cult meeting or activity is allowed or permitted to take place shall be shutdown and the property confiscated.

So in addition to Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo been criminalized by the law. So is his hotel.
The law clearly states Rose View Court should be shutdown and the property confiscated.

Ike Bobby Onwubuya Wahala

More wahala from the Spain Zone… This time causing concern to Ike Bobby Onwubuya of the London Zone who declares “this does not look good at all”

His Neo Black Movement comrades raided by police and found to have:

150 grams of cocaine and other quantities of drugs

21 stolen computers, 20 stolen televisions and 64 stolen mobile phones

Stolen electronic devices (DVDs, PDAs, TDTs,), stolen stereos, stolen camcorders, stolen cameras, and stolen MP3 players)

Over 200 pieces of stolen jewelry, including thirty stolen luxury watches

31 stolen savings accounts

Stolen Credit and debit cards

Suitcases and bags full of stolen new clothes, stolen shoes, stolen sunglasses and stolen perfumes.

A suitcase with chemical elements (iodine, alcohol, etc.), latex gloves, wads of cut paper and other utensils for the Nigerian black money scam (to steal more money)

and 13,845 euros in cash (very possibly stolen)

Ike Bobby Onwubuya…. “this does not look good”?

Anyone would think you are more worried about your image than what is actually going on. It’s less about how it “looks” and more about it been evil, bad and against the law.

Stupid man.

(Click to enlarge the post by Ike Bobby Onwubuya… Note: He’s ran the original article through a translate tool’)

spain wahala

(Photos courtesy of Spain’s Guardia Civil… Well done ladies and gentleman)

spain1 spain2

Then, Ike Bobby Onwubuya, you are the same man who thought Farouk Mutallab’s failed terror attack didn’t look good for the NBM either:
“Farouk Mutallab failed in his attempt to detonate explosives aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253”

“The implications for us as the Neo Black Movement of Africa are that groups that originate from Nigeria would be watched ever more closely than before”

“We are going to be subjected to increased scrutiny at airports”

“As a matter of routine we should sever any links with any organisation that promotes any extreme views. Be it Jihadist, Anti-Western or Anti-Semitic” – Ike Bobby Onwubuya

I’m not sure if the Neo Black Movement have severed it’s links with any jihadist groups…. but I am sure over the years you guys have threatened many many times to sever my head from my shoulders.

September 11 Retrospective

Spain Zone Wahala

On behalf of the C.O.E and the entire Spanish zone, i wish to inform and clearify the national body NBM worldwide, European zones and all other NBM zones worldwide on the following issues;
(1.) That jn Leo giebaen, was found guilty on the grounds of finanial  embezzlement and misapriopriation by the council’s meeting held on the 8th of May 2013 which started by 6:15pm. This action was unanimously taken by the nine elders present on ground which was consequent upon the report from the three (3) man committee that was set up to investigate the account statement earlier presented by the then head (jn Leo). Other elders outside the committee also faulted the account statement and relying on Article 6, part 2 subsection 2 under TENURE OF OFFICE that; (In the event that any Executive Officer of the Zone is found wanting in the discharge of his duties or gross misconduct, he shall be suspended or remove from office by two-third majority of Zonal Council of Elders and supported by two-third majority of the Zonal members present at the meeting where the issue shall be resolved.) Further more, for the fact that Spanish zone is indebted to the national body more than half a million naira, the council of elders can no longer condole any act of financial misapriopriation whatsoever in the zone, hence the constitutional legal power as the legislative arm of the zone was exercised by the council. It is worthy of note that the zone recorded a sturning income amounted to 9,049.000.00 euros (Nine thousand and fourty-nine euros) as at September 2012. This amount is aproximated at more than two million naira, there was no justified reason why the zone should be in debt. Finanlly, the former head (jn Leo) is to pay back an obvious total amount of one thousand eight hundred and eighty-two euros to Spanish zone. it is Spanish zonal funds we are talking about here. The council has physical evidence intact to prove this fact.
(2) According to the verbal confessional statement made by the his longtime fiancee(wife to be), jn Leo connived with her and other person secretly to take the lives of the chairman jn omoruyi and some elders, jn izekor (fmr head), jn bishop (fmr head), jn Ik austria, jn peter (fmr chairman) jn tayo (coe scribe), jn ikhide (fmr cp) and other congress lords and above all, the name of the NATIONAL HEAD by using their names diabolically. This names according to her were all collected in her very presence through the national data base registration web of NBMA worldwide by jn Leo and were taken to shrines of various native doctors and prophets in Benin city and environs. She said that the onetime money (20 euros) given to jn Leo by jn olitan was sent unused sealed in an envelop by jn Leo to a native doctor. AYE MI NH, NCOE,ZH and zonal LORDS, the ethics of this great movement speaks exressly against this act and the blood oath of kokoman that we all took stood up and fought for our innocent souls. We have  made various investigations and confirmations and we discovered that 95% of what she confessed was true. We have a recorded verbal confession made by her to that effect.


(1) With regard to the above, we the elders are urging and pleading the NH, NCMAN, NCOE and other stakeholders to throw under the carpet every informations and utterances that has been passed to them either verbally or email by jn Leo. (lord santos kabaka).

(2) When he had issues with the fmr cp, the council stood by him immediately retifying and confirming the suspension notice he issued on the fmr cp without any further delay. This is contrary to what he is circulating around.

(3)  Most of us (the elders) just like him, had cordial relationship as axemen/lords when we met here in Spain. Contrary to what he is circulating around that the decision of the C.O.E  is as a result of the conspiracy by intimate elders to dethrown him.

He deliberately refuse to attend the council meeting where the decision was made having being properlly informed. It is also

valueble to know that he has  since armed himself with a police extract against zonal lords. This can be confirmed in the various emails he has sent so far.


(1) We still maintain our stand that jn Leo Ogiegbaen has been suspended indefinitely from the office of the head of Spanish zone and from all activites of NBM worldwide.

(2) He is to immediately pay back the sum of One thousand eight hundred and eighty-two euros (1,882.00.00 euros) embezzled during his duration as head or else apriopriate action will be taken.

(3) He is to return every Spanish zonal property or official materials in his possession with immediate effect.

(4) Finally, we are praying the NH, the Chairman NCOE and the NCOE to disregard any information or conrespondence he has disseminated so far. It will be so transparent to deal with the facts and evidence on ground rather than mere speculations. We are  ready to provide evidence to prove our case whenever we are being called upon.





Netherlands Zone Wahala

Illegal Axemen in the NL Zone under pressure:


Aye My Lords,

I greet you all in seven languages!

As you all may or may not be aware, the security situation as it concerns immigrants in the Netherlands is not very clear at the moment. A reference point is the raid by the immigration police on Grand Café and an Afro Shop in The Hague where mostly Nigerians hangout.

In both cases Nigerians were the specific targets under the excuse of searching for internet frauders. The raid on Grand Café led to the arrest of one hundred and eleven persons and the raid in The Hague led to the arrest of an unspecified number of persons. In recent times it seems that new practice of the police force in the Netherlands is to target where large numbers of Nigerians converge.

An obvious fact in the whole situation is that most members of the Nigerian community as well as Axe Men are not systemized as per Residence Permit, Visa or otherwise. This is raising the fear among a large number of persons in our community for being at public and known reoccurring specific social gatherings.

In view of the above and haven reviewed the security threat the above may pose for our members, I Lord Kulisamama in consultation with the Chief Priest, the Eye and the rest of the Exco members with the powers conferred on us to deal with issues bordering on Administration, Emergencies, Publicities, Security, etc for the good governance of the Zone hereby postpone our monthly I.T. slated for 7 July for one month.

Going ahead in holding the monthly I.T. under the present unclear situation will be a failure on the part of the Exco in the oath we took to serve the best interest of our members at all times. We will continue to review the situation and if the circumstances allow we can always hold a make  up I.T. somewhere in July.

To replace not holding the I.T. we are proposing that all members of NBM Netherland Zone attend their various places of worship (Church service) the next day as a form of thanksgiving to God.

Korofo on guard!

Humbly yours,

Lord Kulisamama ( Limpopo 1986)

Head, NBM Netherland Zone


When when you consider that Lord Muta-Karibo1(Akugbe Dennis), Lord Amilcar Cabral (Ndbubuisi Dunkwu), Lord Amilcar Cabral (Frank Asemota), Lord Oba-Eweka (Uku-akpolokpolo), Lord Martin Luther King (Ogbeifun Chelsea Osafanmen), Lord Marcus Garvey (Charles), Lord Isaac Adakaboru (Festus Murphy, ERHUNMWUNSE-OSIFO), Lord Ginuwa (Timothy Ajehi), Lord Ibutacumasic (Ejiro Udih), Lord Samora Mitchel (Eseoghene Ushurhe), Lord Idris Alooma (FESTUS), Lord Fela Anikulakpo Kuti, Lord Fayinka (Victor Nwabuebo), Lord Kamuzu Banda, Lord Kasavubu (Anselm Ikhimopka), Lord Opoku Ware 1 (John Ayide), Lord Kulisamama, Lord Amilcar Cabral (Ndubuisi Dunkwu), Lord Mangosuthu Buthelezi (Owens Agbongiator), Lord JaJa-Jawara (Mondris Awoko), Lord Yakata Muhammed, Lord Thamo Mbeki (Monday), Lord Komo Karumeh, (Ernest Omunizua), Lord Shaka de Zulu, (Solomon Monye), Lord Malla Millar, (Sunny Saliu), Lord Unthanbo Ubake, (Surag Yamah), Lord Cyril Ramaphosa (Theo) ,Lord Peter Abraham, Lord Shaka De Zulu (Charles Osas Egbon), Lord Thambo Mbeki (Damain M. Ikhenoba), Lord Soso Soweto (John Saliue) Oyegun, Eseoghene Ushurhe, Elamah Chris, Monday Edomwonyi Osaigbovo, Agiobasimi Collins Ilamai and Bobby comprise the world’s biggest criminal NBM Zone conducting fraud of all kinds and cocaine trafficking…. this is a great tactic by the police! 

Plus the Grand Cafe is of great NBM significance…..


A fresh report of fighting between Lord Zulu Laziz (Ju
Name Hammer) and Ju Name Val Okhia was brought before
the Council. The Chair commented that base on the last
warning to Ju Name Hammer as read in the just adopted
last COE minutes his issue has to be treated with
seriousness and fairly. After full deliberation by the
council it was agreed that both of them are expel from
grand café for 6 month, they are hereby suspended from
the movement indefinitely and any fight from either of
them will attract De-axezasion.



Misconduct by Zuru Laziz: Lord Kasavubu informed the Council how Zuru Laziz assaulted the National Crier during his visit and Chaka de Zulu also informed the Council how he molested Lord Sundiata 2. After lots of variously variously the Council resolved that in view of Zuru Laziz contravening conditions of his definite suspension and different sections of our Zonal by-laws, he is hereby placed on indefinite suspension from NBM, by the ZCOE. It was also agreed that in light of this decision that henceforth any Axe Man that has a conflict with Zuru Laziz is always right no matter what happens.
Since we still did not have a venue in Amsterdam, Richie fixed the November I.T. in Marcus house in Sittard;
During this November I.T. the Head informed the house that he did an investigation while in Nigeria on the membership of Ogidon and Joshua; The results of his investigation were 1) Joshua was not a bona fide Axe Man since his Ini was unclear, 2) Ogidon was not a bona fide Axe Man since his credentials were unclear, he did not attend Ikpitan as claimed and was not qualified to be blended into the Movement;
After statements by Richie to the house, Iro Kabila (Jermaine) also claimed that the Head that blended Festus already handed over or was not the Head as at time he did that blending. They (Joshua did not attend) were then asked to excuse the house till further investigation is concluded via the National Body;
At the December I.T. which the COE Chairman did not attend at a restaurant in ????, the accused men came to the I.T. The Head ordered them to leave, but Mikado opposed their leaving saying the charges against them were still mere accusations and they should be allowed to state their side of the story before being asked to leave. The move to forcefully eject them from the I.T. venue and the counter move to keep them at the I.T. led to rowdiness and some pushing and shoving. This eventually led to us abandoning the restaurant as I.T. venue since cops were already arriving downstairs;
Fewer Men later re-assembled at another restaurant in the binnenstraat of ???? in Kraainest. While there we heard that Cooper and Owens (Didikpo) were held by Koti in relation to the rowdiness that happened earlier. Luckily they were released the same day. At this second venue things seemed okay, but eventually there was a fracas with major role reserved for Frank (James Hornu) against Rufus and Jermaine and to an extent Frank (James Hornu), Richie, Mikado and Ogba amongst others.
Following this fracas a COE meeting was convened to discuss the matter on request of Elders. The Chairman agreed to a COE meeting in Rotterdam, but stated he would not be attending. The Head did not attend the meeting as well. The Elders who attended sent out an email after the meeting suspending Frank and Mikado from the Movement. They also removed Richie as Head and nominated CY to replace him

More Italy Zone Wahala (Again)

Aye my National Head,

Aye my National Crier,

This is to inform you that news reached me from Italy that we have lost one of the brothers residing in Napoli, Italy.The said Lord (Aye Thambo Mbeki, Limpopo ’05, Ju name Jonathan a.k.a Ojo) was involved in gambling with some other friends, reported to be Jus and Eiye friends.

In the event of the gambling an arguement ensued over money and Aye Thambo Mbeki, Limpopo ’05 was stabbed to death by one of the men with whom he was involved in the gambling.

When calls started coming requesting for what action to be taken, after discussing with the Austria ZH(Napoli Forum is under Austria Zone), we informed them that information of the perpertrator of this evil act should be given to the police to help them apprehend the culprit so that the laws of the land will prevail.

Lords where advised to resist any form of violence that will escalate the already existing problem.

May KRF guide us.


Mangosuthu Buthelezi

Rocky Olota’ 95

Head Netherlland Zone

Coordinator, NBM European Region