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  1. You are just bitter because you were De-axed. Are you trying to say you were blind or was a fool when you were an active member of the movement? Mr nobody enjoys killing anybody but some people do things that they have to pay for with their live, just like you are doing now. I have observed that you are only writing under the code name Uche Tobias. But you still mingle with Axemen, maybe for the fact that most of them don’t know you have been De-axed or you somehow happen to find your way into forums and groups on facebook, where matters of to whom it may concern are discussed. You are doing all this because you have issues with the leaders of the movement, I know you are a business man, maybe you were cheated out on a deal, or you were somehow wronged from your point of view, but due to obeyance, you were punished even when you were right. Mr everything that has a good side also has a bad side, I mean in every aspect of life. when Blackism arose in Uniben at the apex of the massive oppression of the Pyrates and the post colonial era. Can you sincerely tell yourself it wasn’t of any use? You are right if you say things are going out of hand, but this can’t be totally blamed on Axemen. What about the other Confraternity, if you were truly initiated when you were a student of a higher institution in Nigeria, you would know Axemen are one of the least troublesome and aren’t in demand to be noticed as a macho frat. But they react do to the checks from other frats and these checks don’t come inform of handshakes or friendly hugs, but they come as a treat to your life and the government/law enforcement agents can’t do anything about it, because members of all frats are in every sectors, so politics would surely play out. If the violence would end, all frat including the Pyrates that calm to be off campus has to put their arms and wash clean their hand from any fowl play that would spark violence on campus. Once it starts on campus it spreads to the street. I know Campuses where Pyrates sponsor/backup one frat to tackle another frat that they(pyrates) are having a power tussle with, especially at the Institution managerial level. If you are trying to condemn the violence, condemn all frats. But if you focus on Axemen alone, then you are declaring they yourself an enemy and you can’t fight them all. There is this Proverb that says “when one man cooks for a community, the members of that community would empty the pot and ask for more. But when the members of a community cooks for one man, he might not empty one of the members pot, not to think of the pots of a whole community”. There were better ways you could have resolved your differences between other Axemen. Other frats still know you as an Axeman, except you tell them you have been De-axed and that they wouldn’t believe. They are still your rivals, you can’t know them all, business might bring misunderstanding between you and a member of any other frat and they wouldn’t treat you like a brother. I guess you have cross carpet to another frat for reasons best know to you, that is why you target Axemen alone. Because Axemen tend to be a common rival to other frats because of their Charisma and Ideas. Now you are a Judas to Axemen because you were wronged, Judas was a follower of Christ and back stabbed him, he didn’t end well. You think the blood oath you swore doesn’t matter, but it goes a long way. Since you are a Judas to an idea you once promoted due to reasons best known to you. So would a trusted close family, friend or associate who promotes this your idea of pulling Axemen down, feel wronged by you. And would conclude that the only best way to get even with you, is to pay you back by selling you out, by revealing. Then what shall be your Fate? Because your real identity which is the only power you feel you have, has been revealed. Keep doing what you do, Karma is a law of nature.


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