How to Get Away With Murder

How to Get Away With Murder

Ever wondered how to get away with murder?

Well there is a long answer and a short answer.

In short:

1. Join a nepotistic and corrupt organisation like ‘The Neo Black Movement’
2. Kill as many people as you like
3. Get arrested for murder
4. Use the influence of the local Attorney General who is a member of your organisation
5. Pay a bribe
6. Sue the police for wrongful arrest
7. Start killing again.

Here’s the longer answer:

How to get away with murder – A Neo Black Movement methodology.
A case study of bribery, corruption and nepotism.

The Neo Black Movement of Africa are also known by the names ‘The Neo Black Movement Worldwide’ and ‘The Black Axe Confraternity’ and also by the acronym ‘NBM’. The current Head of the organisation is Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo.

They are an international organisation illegal in their home country of Nigeria and officially classified as a ‘mafia’ by the Italian security services among others. Unofficially throughout the world they are referred to as “The Nigerian Mafia” due to their exploits in controlling large amounts of Nigerian organised crime been perpetrated around the globe.

NBM activities include, but are not limited to, the following: Murder (including political assassinations), armed robbery, kidnapping, violent crime (including acting as hired thugs for politicians), fraud (cheque fraud, credit card fraud, identity fraud, immigration fraud, tax fraud and 419 advance fee fraud), drug trafficking, human trafficking and money laundering.

The Neo Black Movement have terrorized communities in Nigeria now for decades. The most obvious example of this been the continued fighting of ‘cult wars’ against other confraternities/cults which communities and particularly the education system’s institutions have had to endure. These ‘wars’ have seen countless thousands of young men savagely murdered in the most barbaric ways possible including been beheaded.

In recent years The Neo Black Movement Worldwide worryingly are living up to their name and their members are taking up residency in many countries around the world. Official NBM ‘Zones’ now exist in the following cities and countries: Atlanta, New York, Dallas, Houston, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, India, Japan, Malaysia, Bangalore, China, Mumbai, Dubai, Ghana, South Africa, Senegal, Togo, Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, London, Manchester, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine,

As we speak not a week goes by without the Neo Black Movement making the news. Mostly these news articles related to viscous murders or the arrest of various members who have been caught for various things. All the while in secret chat rooms and forums the NBM gloat and boast about how many rivals they have killed or brutally attacked with axes and how many of these murders they are getting away with.

To counter this bad publicity the Neo Black Movement has a well oiled propaganda machine in operation at all times. Aside from members scouting the internet for adverse comments (and threatening to behead the authors) they have their tentacles within the Nigerian media who come to their aid whenever required. The media are quite happy to blindly publish stories and images of this organisation donating frivolous sums of money and materials to orphanages, hospitals and prisons. The NBM refer to this technique as “image laundry”.

In addition to help from the media the NBM utilize dubious organisations such as ‘The Uhuru Foundation’ and ‘The Kuth Foundation’ which portray themselves as charities to further their “image laundering” objectives. These organisations wrongly present the NBM as been the African equivalent of UNICEF and fraudulently claim to be “partnered with the British Red Cross and The United Nations”.

The need for image laundry has never been more important to the NBM than in the last month. Hundreds of their members were arrested following extensive police operations in several states (most notably Edo State where this year the NBM have been responsible for a horrendous amount of murders). These arrests included a number of high ranking Neo Black Movement members several of whom were working in government in the state. The charges brought by prosecutors in addition to ‘cultism’ included ‘conspiracy to murder’.

This would be good news…..

However the Neo Black Movement are well established in the practice of nepotism. Their members have infiltrated the media, the police, the judiciary, government, banking and big business. Whenever things go wrong they can count on fellow members to destroy evidence, simply find them not guilty, pull a few strings or find the right people to bribe.

Which is what has happened now in Edo State. The Neo Black Movement are rejoicing at the decision to release a large number of it’s members from prison and have the charges of murder and cultism dropped.

How could this be?

As we know Nigeria is one of the most corrupt places on the planet. Money talks. NBM Members from around the world have contributed sums of cash (far in excess of what they give to orphanages and hospitals) in order for a bribe to be made to secure the release of it’s members and for the murder charges and cultism to be dropped.

All of this possible thanks to the Attorney General been a member of the organisation. He has promised fellow members of Neo Black Movement that along with the release of it’s members and the dropping of all murder charges in addition to this he will support the NBM’s legal action in suing the police for 25 million naira for wrongful arrest.

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Welcome to Nigeria.

This is how you get away with murder.
By Uche Tobias


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