Another Angry Assman

Angry Assman says:

Dumb ass tobias uche…u re so stupid that u have lost control of urself and its quiet clear that u are a frustrated soul..i think u should go and hang urself now that our men has been given bail and ur plans with ur act of blacklisting this great movement has failed..SHAME ON U BASTARD…i keep daring u to come out and let the whole world knows whom u are and the cause u are fighting for, stupid coward

I say:

Did you enjoy the 7/7 celebrations yesterday for the Neo Black Movement’s 38th anniversary?

I must admit it is a pet hate of mine when people ask questions to things they know the answer for. So for that reason I am sorry. I am well aware of the answer.

You didnt due to all celebrations, jollys, boogies and any sort of get togethers were banned by the National leadership of the NBM.

“all regions, zones, sub-zones, forums, temples and members worldwide are directed to not hold any jolly, boogie, IT or any form of gathering as a movement for obvious reasons”

what are the obvious reasons?

Again i’m asking a question to which i know the answer for and again i’m very sorry.

The obvious reasons are that the police are turning up every time an assman even coughs. Never mind congregate for jollys, meetings or to go on murder or robbery rampages. The other obvious reason you have actually stated well your self 🙂

Your “men” have been granted “BAIL”

I dont know if you think this means they are innocent but in fact means very much the opposite. I wont ask you what you think it means because frankly I know what it means and therefore dont really care what your interpretation is.

You are a cultist too and you will soon be joining your “men” in prison you butt faced donkey.

Uche Tobias

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