7th of 7, be careful

7th of 7, be careful

If you stay beside Imo State University or any other high institution in Nigeria, you are advised to tread with carefulness today. It will be nice not to keep late hours today also.
There have been words flying around that today is a significant day for one of the cult groups spread across Nigeria especially the higher institutions.
One respondent said it is the day Neo black movement a.k.a Aiye confraternity celebrate as their birthday.
With the recent spate of gunshots and cult confrontations going on, you are advised to be careful.
Don’t take lonely parts alone, don’t stay out till late in the night and mind your business.
God help us all.


The Neo Black Movement are a global mafia that commit crime 365 days a year. The danger of them is not limited to just one day of the year and their activities are not limited to simply one university or State. Over the years since their birth on 7/7/1977 they have been found responsible for the following activities: robbery, murder, violent crime, internet fraud, credit card fraud, banking fraud, cheque fraud, human trafficking, drug smuggling and many more including acting as hired killers for various politicians.

For years they have been able to attain greater and greater positions of responsibility in our country through the system of nepotism. In the police, in government, in judiciary, in banking and in big business. This has enabled them to act seemingly invisibly and with a longstanding sense of impunity for many years.

Thankfully in recent weeks a dramatic change of attitude has occurred and whenever a NBM member shoots someone, attacks someone, robs someone or even when the group meet the police are there waiting for them. In the past week we are close to having over 500 cultists now under arrest and facing charges relating to cultist activity and conspiracy to murder.

These are great days for the world as they are the very last days of the Neo Black Movement. We are seeing the last days of this global mafia.

Uche Tobias

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