Jesus Delivers a Neo Black Movement Assman

Watch Jesus deliver a Neo Black Movement assman: 

A Nigerian internet fraudster identified as Samuel Johnson, also known as ‘king of dating’ has confessed before the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, SCOAN in Lagos how he defrauded people he met online.

Johnson, who hails from Edo State, while confessing his wrong doing disclosed that his journey into the world of internet fraud started during his school days in the University of Port Harcourt after he became a member of a cult group called ‘Black-Axe.

Recounting how he joined the occult world at the age of 19, Johnson said, “I followed them into a very thick forest during the night of initiation, we reached a place where there was a candle and a coffin encircled by 50 young men. They tortured us with canes until we started bleeding. They then cut my tongue on a razor blade and gave me something to drink.”

The quiet, intelligent student changed drastically from that day onward. “It was like I had two people living inside me, I became very aggressive. I had this urge to steal and started stealing from people. I also started smoking and drinking excessively. Anytime I drank, it’s like I became stronger,” he recalled.

Johnson affirmed he got into advanced internet fraud through a cult friend, though he claimed he learnt more from a strange voice which taught him how to go about deceiving people.

While confessing to his fraudulent activities, Johnson stated that his targets were wealthy ladies from North America, high ranking intelligent professionals, adding that he procured a foreign sim-card from the UK and USA so as to augment his act.

Johnson who stated in his expose that the availability of on-line media like Skype and Facebook made the business of internet scam easier to execute, stressed that, “I had pictures and pre-recorded videos of a white man. There is software which will replay these videos on Skype.

So, if I am Skyping with you, you will not see my present self – you would see this video on a webcam. I had about 20 different videos with the same white man and I had created stories behind each clip. When I showed my victims, they all believed it was real.”

The repentant fraudster said he made between $30,000, $80,000 and sometimes $250,000 on a single victim. ”As a result of the proceed from my victims, I lived large.”

Johnson noted that his deliverance started in a dream, with Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, telling him to fast for three days. This, he claimed made him to start looking for the acclaimed man of God.

He added that the deliverance was complete when the man of God touched him in the cause of prayer at SCOAN premises.

“When the man of God touched me, I immediately saw myself facing a judge. I felt something in between my chest starting to pop out. I then felt like something left me and before I knew it, I saw myself on the floor,” he noted.

Johnson who testified of been a changed man said he had stopped smoking; drinking and his fraudulent activities were now a thing of the past.

He urged people to hold on to God as that is the only way to greatness.

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