Lagos PDP Chief Paid Black Axe Cultists To Kill During Election


I have been known to refer to the Neo Black Movement as ‘Hired Thugs’. the reality is much much more sinister and evil. NBM members have admitted to carry out a series of political motivated attacks and killings in Lagos Island on behalf of politicians.

They are in fact therefore more accuretly described as ‘Hired Assasians’ than “Hired Thugs”


June 17, 2015

Arrested Abija & Black Axe Cult Members Say Lagos PDP Chief Paid Them To Kill During Election

An armed robbery suspect, Adebayo Dipo, yesterday said his gang got its weapons from a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain in Lagos during the last elections.

Dipo, 30, alongside Alade Ogbulu 30 and Kofi Olumede (Ghanian), 21, were paraded by the police over the series of attacks and killings on Lagos Island.

They said they were hired and paid N200,000 by politicians to foment trouble during the elections.

One pump action rifle, a single barrel rifle and four rounds of ammunition were said to have been recovered from them. The suspects said the arms and a FEDECO bus were given to them by the PDP chieftain.

The suspects, who belong to different cult groups, also reportedly had two cutlasses and an axe in their possession.

They told reporters that they…

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