Black Axe Opinion

From the Comments here:

Anonymous said…

Uche Tobias,
We know how seriously U are denting the Image of the movement in various blogs especially in najuju.word press .com.
U were expelled from the movement due to ur rascality and criminal acts.U defrauded a widow of her €23,000 in Italy,in the year 2010.U were excommunicated ‘cos we don’t abhor crime.Ever since then u decided to wage gorrila war with the movement using several anonymous alias and some blogs.I promise U one day U will face the wrath of the law by defamatory statements and published articles U did against our Nobel movement. Go get ur solicitors ready,we shall meet at the court of law.Obote!

The Neo Black Movement think the world is still the Wild West. Running around the streets with guns, knives and axes. Shooting, stabbing and hacking into pieces the youth of this country. A mafia organisation controlling much of the world’s fraud, money laundering and cyber crime. Managing global drug trafficking and human trafficking. Hired assassins and thugs for politicians around the country. Murderers, rapists and robbers. These cretinous demons with a hand in every criminal activity under the sun.

They are the Devil manifested in human form. There is no place for them in a world under God. Let us not tolerate their lies, their diversions and their self-proclaimed invisibility and innocence.

They are all guilty of the murder of every man, woman and child that has fallen for their axes, guns or hands. They are guilty of many many more crimes aisde from cultism.

They should be brought to account around the whole world. We must rid the country of this menace.


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