KUTH Foundation Fraud Exposed

Following exposing the fraudulent NGO ‘The KUTH Foundation’ as been what it is (a Neo Black Movement image laundering project) some time ago… the members of the foundation, the foundation’s website and seemingly the foundation itself vanished for some time. I’m greatly disturbed to see that today it has reappeared and is yet again peddling it’s bullshit and lies relating mostly to it’s fake objectives and aims.

The website can be seen here: http://www.kuth-ng.org/

As we can see from the ‘About Us’ page the foundation claims:

Keep Up The Hope – KUTH Foundation (Reg. No. 48350), is a non-governmental, non-partisan humanitarian organization, established on the 11th of November 2011, to provide cutting-edge solution to societal vices amongst the youth, promote civic education, democracy and good governance in the belief that these are the fundamentals to sustainable development and should be inculcated in the youth at an early stage in life.

The Foundation equally provides and cares for the less privileged in the society, especially the elderly, widows, orphans, motherless babies, the mentally and physically challenged, destitute, prison inmates, and the indigent generally.

The reality of the matter is somewhat different to their claims.

For members of Nigeria’s largest, most dangerous, criminal mafia group: The Neo Black Movement (Black Axe) to claim they are providing “cutting edge solutions to societal vices amongst the youth, promote civic education, democracy and good governance” is like Saudi Arabia coming out and claiming to be World leaders in the field of protecting human rights.

They are cultists, members of an illegal organisation, yet want to be seen as providing a solution to the problems THEY themselves are causing in the first place. The organisation responsible for the killing of dozens of innocent children each year cannot surely present themselves as been Africa’s equivalent of UNICEF.

Furthermore for cultists to claim they promote “democracy and good governance” is one of the most laughable jokes I’ve ever heard. ‘Cultism and democracy’ and ‘cultism and good governance’ are words that cannot possibly be accurately spoken in the same breath. Cultism is all about nepotism, covert infiltration and the benefit only of the cult’s own members. Therefore cultists have no place in the governance of anything. Especially politics at a local or national level. No good can ever come of it.

For the foundation to claim they provide assistance to the “less privileged in the society” such as prison inmates is one of the only accurate (albeit half accurate) statements on their website. Although i’m aware of very nominal donations been made to a hospital and an orphanage… the figures given to these really needy causes are dwarfed by the amounts of money given to “”less privileged” cultists (those caught for various crimes) residing in prison.

If it helps you sleep at night knowing the KUTH Foundation is helping imprisoned cultists with financial and material assistance then you can sleep very well tonight. That would appear to be their primary function.

Also if it helps you sleep better knowing that cultists (famous for causing horrific problems in society relating to their management and participation in the fields of drugs, prostitution, malpractices, cultism, idleness, robbery, rape, alcoholism and violence) are “Organize seminars, workshops and conferences to educating the youths on and inculcate in them the need to shun social vices in whatever form, whether, drugs, prostitution, abortion, examination malpractices, cultism, idleness, robbery, rape, alcoholism, and the proclivity for violence generally.” then you can also sleep very well knowing the KUTH Foundation exists.

I will write these mugus and see if we can get some donation figures.

4 thoughts on “KUTH Foundation Fraud Exposed

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  3. I have always used every given opportunity to defend the Nigerian press, but time without number, i have found out that there are quite a number of people out there who simply take solace in damaging and defaming one’s hard earned reputation all in the name of journalism. A professionally and well trained journalist should know that you do not go to press without hearing from both sides of the coin. i am the face of KUTH Foundation and my contact details are on the website. More so am not hidden. It will not be out of place to either send me an email, call me up or even pay me a visit before you go to town with your rubbish. Your write up simply smacks of lack of grib and knowledge of how a foundation is run. I will not hesitate to take serious legal actions against you if you do not retract your article and tender an apology. (you can reach me on 08121118789 if you want clarifications.)


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