NBM decries killings, arrest of Edo officials

Regarding: http://www.ngrguardiannews.com/2015/05/group-decries-killings-arrest-of-edo-officials/

I’m reliably informed the group of Nigerian “human rights advocates” is none other than The Neo Black Movement of Africa (aka NBM and Black Axe). This goes a long way to explain the crazy levels of nonsense and bullshite within this article.

Firstly the NBM are no more “human rights advocates” than Saddam Hussein was. It is a mafia group that engages in almost every criminal enterprise under the sun: they murder and kidnap people, they aid crooked cultist politicians rig elections, human traffic, drug traffic, engage in credit card crime and fraud and many many more worrying things.

Next they lie through their teeth. These self-proclaimed “”human rights advocates” fraudulently claim to have partnerships with the British Red Cross and The United Nations. Having written to both organisations I can confirm these are lies. Also whilst parading themselves as “human rights advocates” they like the world to see them as a kind of African UNICEF who care about the future of our continents children. This been the same group responsible for countless murders of children.

They have “decried the spate of killings and kidnapping”. This is the spate of the thousands of murders and kidnappings they have been caught for since their formation in 1977? They are famous to only “decry” what they or other members are caught for.

They describe the murder suspects, all whom are confirmed cultists, as: ““illegal arrest of 11 innocent and responsible citizens”. Firstly their innocence in the matter of them been charged for ‘conspiracy to murder’ will be decided soon within our judiciary system. They are however unquestionably guilty, beyond any doubt, of all been illegal cultists. Prohibited under the cult and secret societies bill. They are not “11 innocent and responsible citizens”. They are 11 criminals.

“The group’s leader who did not want to be named “because of the prevailing atmosphere of uncertainty” is called Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo aka Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo is known within the Neo Black Movement as: Lord Aare Ona Kankanfo.

He is primarily a mafia boss overseeing a criminal empire around the world and secondly a hotel owner. The “uncertainty” he describes is whether or not the Inspector General of the Police is going to turn up at Roseview Court Hotel one day soon and take him away for interrogation.

It’s laughable that a group of cultists such as the NBM meet to discuss the “nation’s crucial problems.” They must surely heard that they have been declared that they are near the top of the “nation’s crucial problems.”. This is a view that is positively widespread across the whole nation and that is why as we speak more than 100 of them have just been arrested.

The 11 criminal cultists were “invited by the police and government to a series of meetings to help them find solution to the spate of killings in the state adduced to cultism”. Which was a positive move by the police to address the murders with those looking most likely to be the conspirators responsible.Among them the likes of Osunde Aigbedo aka Lord Bizingo of the Black Axe who had weened his way into government in the State. Even more positive was that the last ‘meeting’ saw them all arrested.

With all due respect to him…. Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo does make one accurate and honest comment in the article when he says: “It (the killing) is the handiwork of hoodlums in the state in disguise of the cultism”.

The NBM are hoodlums. They kill people.

Lastly the NBM have called on the government to “intervene and that they should be released unconditionally”…..

Not going to happen!!!

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