UNICEF and the NBM…….

In regards to: http://nigershowbiz.com/on-african-childs-day-unicef-urges-protection-of-the-disabled/

I pray the other organisations involved in this article are respectable and legit… but the Neo- Black Movement (NBM) of Africa aka Black Axe Confraternity certainly are not.

The organisation is now illegal in it’s country of origin . At the time of speaking there have been over 100 cultist arrests in only two days related to conspiring to murder the recent victims of the ‘cult wars’.

What is going on in the world that UNICEF and the NBM can be portrayed as working towards the same aims and objectives? Did some deluded cultist write this piece?

On one hand UNICEF’s goals are stated as saving children “from discrimination, violence”

Whilst on the other hand the NBM are directly responsible for violence that has led to the deaths of hundreds of children (and gloat about every single killing i may add) through the cycle of cult wars.

Their visits to orphanages and such are all insincere and purely for photo opportunities… photos for the much needed “image laundering campaigns”. They boast on various websites they are “partnered with the British Red Cross and the United Nations”. All fraudulent claims.

Head (Worldwide) of the NBM mafia, Mr. Bemigho Eyeoyibo a prolific criminal… Can be quoted as saying the organisations only motivation to register as an NGO was for financial gain. Dares to talk about “the future of African child” and yet fails to act to positively effect any of the children who will die or have died in the name and colours of his organisation.

The best thing this website could do for children right now is remove the NBM section from this article. It is tantamount to glorifying criminality and killing.

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