arrest of so called “untouchables” working within government

We maybe dont know it yet but I think this year has been the best year in Nigeria’s history. A huge turning point not only in the war against cultism but also in the war against corruption, nepotism and organised crime.
In the past few days there have been no fewer than 67 arrests of cultists in Edo State. It is a fantastic step forward.
Not least due to the arrest of so called “untouchables” working within government in the State such as Aigbedo Osunde aka Lord Bizingo of the The Neo Black Movement
the arrested suspects include Engr. David Olukoga, 46, who is the Chairman, Edo State Committee on War Against Indiscipline and Senior Special Assistant on Youth Enhancement to the Governor of the State, Osunde Aigbedo, 48; Executive Director, Special Duties, Government House, Edo State, Dr. Salako Adebowale, 43, of UBTH, Benin-City; Ernest Amadasun, 49, the Managing Director, Pohien Investments and National Coordinator, Human Assistant Initiative and Adebo Ejuaoje, 46, of the Ministry of Education, Science and Tech Vocational, Iyaro, Benin City.
Other suspects, include Isabor Larry, 34, staff of Edo State House of Assembly; Totti Omonuwa, 42, of No. 97, Igun Street, Benin-City, Ahunwan-ID Orlando, 39, of No. 2, Ighodalo Street, Benin-City; Josuah Ehiabhi, 36, of No. 11, Upper Mission Road, off Ewa Raod, Benin-City; Felix Evbodi, 46, of No. 12, Aibelegbe Street, Benin-City and Uche Chukwuka, 36, the Private Secretary to the Chairman, Committee on Environment, Ministry of Environment, Edo State.
As we speak cultists are fleeing Edo State in the wake of the arrests.
It would all be reason for excited celebration had it not been news set against the back drop of close to 30 murders in only a couple of weeks due to cult related violence and killing. Without the action of every State within the country the cultists will just move into States either more lenient or even more under their control than the State they leaving. We should send a clear message that it is not only Edo State they are not welcome.
Also last month saw residents in Warri voting overwhelmingly against cultist kingpin Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo in the house of assembly elections. Warri made it very clear they didn’t want to turn a blind eye to cultists such as Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo (otherwise known as Lord Aare Ona Kankanfo… Head of the mafia The Neo Black Movement) taking up increasingly worrying large amounts of positions of power in government, banking and the judiciary.
They are lots more cultists hiding in plain site. Spread the word to stand up to these thugs.
There is no such thing as an “invisible cultist”. 67 arrests in Edo State only is not enough!

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