Invisible Cultists

Aigbedo Osunde aka Lord Bizingo… arrested for cultism.

67 further arrests in Edo State.

Still more “invisible cultists” to go.



The following Nigerian politicians and wannabe politicians are all members of an illegal criminal organisation, the Neo Black Movement of Africa. This is banned by Nigerian law. Members of a worldwide crime syndicate running for election and being “elected” (well, by means of fellow cultist thugs and hired assassins for election rigging, that is)? Yes, in Nigeria anything goes. Below are just a few examples. There are sadly many more. No wonder Nigeria is just getting worse all the time.

Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo aka Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo aka Lord Aare Ona Kakanfo is the head of NBM and running for election in Warri North

open your eyes 2

Isimeme Iriogbe aka Lord Jaja of Opobo 1 is the former head of NBM and now Edo state commissioner for transport. Assigned by Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomholewho is also known to sponsor cultists for election rigging

open your eyes 1

Osaro Obazee Executive Chairman of Oredo Local Government

open your eyes 3

Aigbedo Osunde…

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