NBM / Black Axe Convention 2015 in Lekki

Indeed an opportunity not to be missed…. hopefully IGP will turn up and arrest a few more hundred assmen.


So even after a large number of NBM cultists being arrested in Edo State this month, NBM aka Black Axe are shameless enough to announce their upcoming convention in public as if they were a respectable organisation. Let me point out once again that this group is ILLEGAL ACCORDING TO NIGERIAN LAW. NBM is a worldwide mafia.

Since this is the case, this convention would be the perfect occasion for the special squad against cultists to make a trip to Lekki and get a hold of a few hundred more criminals.



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KUTH Foundation Fraud Exposed

Following exposing the fraudulent NGO ‘The KUTH Foundation’ as been what it is (a Neo Black Movement image laundering project) some time ago… the members of the foundation, the foundation’s website and seemingly the foundation itself vanished for some time. I’m greatly disturbed to see that today it has reappeared and is yet again peddling it’s bullshit and lies relating mostly to it’s fake objectives and aims.

The website can be seen here: http://www.kuth-ng.org/

As we can see from the ‘About Us’ page the foundation claims:

Keep Up The Hope – KUTH Foundation (Reg. No. 48350), is a non-governmental, non-partisan humanitarian organization, established on the 11th of November 2011, to provide cutting-edge solution to societal vices amongst the youth, promote civic education, democracy and good governance in the belief that these are the fundamentals to sustainable development and should be inculcated in the youth at an early stage in life.

The Foundation equally provides and cares for the less privileged in the society, especially the elderly, widows, orphans, motherless babies, the mentally and physically challenged, destitute, prison inmates, and the indigent generally.

The reality of the matter is somewhat different to their claims.

For members of Nigeria’s largest, most dangerous, criminal mafia group: The Neo Black Movement (Black Axe) to claim they are providing “cutting edge solutions to societal vices amongst the youth, promote civic education, democracy and good governance” is like Saudi Arabia coming out and claiming to be World leaders in the field of protecting human rights.

They are cultists, members of an illegal organisation, yet want to be seen as providing a solution to the problems THEY themselves are causing in the first place. The organisation responsible for the killing of dozens of innocent children each year cannot surely present themselves as been Africa’s equivalent of UNICEF.

Furthermore for cultists to claim they promote “democracy and good governance” is one of the most laughable jokes I’ve ever heard. ‘Cultism and democracy’ and ‘cultism and good governance’ are words that cannot possibly be accurately spoken in the same breath. Cultism is all about nepotism, covert infiltration and the benefit only of the cult’s own members. Therefore cultists have no place in the governance of anything. Especially politics at a local or national level. No good can ever come of it.

For the foundation to claim they provide assistance to the “less privileged in the society” such as prison inmates is one of the only accurate (albeit half accurate) statements on their website. Although i’m aware of very nominal donations been made to a hospital and an orphanage… the figures given to these really needy causes are dwarfed by the amounts of money given to “”less privileged” cultists (those caught for various crimes) residing in prison.

If it helps you sleep at night knowing the KUTH Foundation is helping imprisoned cultists with financial and material assistance then you can sleep very well tonight. That would appear to be their primary function.

Also if it helps you sleep better knowing that cultists (famous for causing horrific problems in society relating to their management and participation in the fields of drugs, prostitution, malpractices, cultism, idleness, robbery, rape, alcoholism and violence) are “Organize seminars, workshops and conferences to educating the youths on and inculcate in them the need to shun social vices in whatever form, whether, drugs, prostitution, abortion, examination malpractices, cultism, idleness, robbery, rape, alcoholism, and the proclivity for violence generally.” then you can also sleep very well knowing the KUTH Foundation exists.

I will write these mugus and see if we can get some donation figures.

crack units to address similar crimes in three other states

Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Solomon Arase has pledged to “amputate” the activities of cultists nationwide.

Read More at: http://nigeriana.org/141613.html

Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, has pledged to deploy crack units to address similar crimes in three other states.

Abuja – Following the success of an operation to rid Edo and Ekiti State of cultists, Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, has pledged to deploy crack units to address similar crimes in three other states.

Speaking at the Force Headquarters in Abuja, he cited Benue, Kogi and Rivers States as problematic states in terms of crime and promised to massively deploy personnel to the states in 48 hours as of Tuesday evening.

“We are sending the message loud and clear that we will not allow any miscreant to turn any state in the federation into a lawless state.

Wherever we find them, we will pursue them. We will arrest and prosecute them,” Ararse warned.

Also Read: Arase’s intervention in Edo cult violence bearing fruit

Arase earlier announced that two suspected kingpins responsible for the spate of the kidnappings in Ekiti State had been arrested on Tuesday while cultists operating in Edo had been ‘technically amputated’ with the arrest, and transfer to Abuja, of 11 suspects believed to be their ring-leaders.

He described Kogi, Rivers and Benue Arase advised Commissioners of Police on timely report of security threat in their respective states to the Force Headquarters for possible intervention.

He threatened to sanction any Commissioner of Police who allowed the security situation in their command to get out of hand.

Meanwhile, Arase said the meeting was called to assess the success of special operations by the police in Edo and Ekiti States in the last two weeks.

The IG also said the parley would map out strategies to ensure hitch-free inauguration of elected leaders on Friday.

Read More at: http://m.news24.com/Nigeria/National/News/Police-confirm-expansion-operation-against-cults-20150527

Open Letter to IGP Solomon Arase

Dear Inspector General of Police Solomon Arase,

It is with great pleasure and sincerity I congratulate you on your recent anti-cultist campaign in Edo State which has led to so many arrests.
However the reason for writing is not for the want to congratulate you.
Although the arrests of Osunde Aigbedo (48, Neo Black Movement and Executive Director, Special Duties, Government House, Edo State, ), Ahunwan-Id (39, Neo Black Movement), Ernest Amadasun (49, Neo Black Movement), Isabor Larry (34, staff of Edo State House of Assembly) , Uche Chukwuka, (36, the Private Secretary to the Chairman, Committee on Environment, Ministry of Environment, Edo State), Salako Adebowale (43, Neo Black Movement) , Felix O Evbod (34, Neo Black Movement) and some 100 other cultists others are laudable….
There is till very much work still to do be done. Still holding very prominent and visible positions in our society there remains still hundreds of others.
May I please draw your attention to the following:
Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo aka Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo aka Lord Aare Ona Kakanfo is the head of NBM and owner of the Lagos hotel ‘Roseview Court’. He recently ran for election in Warri North. He is still at large.
Tony Adun (Tony Kabaka), also a NBM cultist. A thug who thinks ok to have gun fights with other workers in Government and yet is Special Assistant to the Governor on Neighbourhood Watch. He is still at large.
Chief Osamede Adun (Bob Izua) also a NBM cultist. NBM Mafia kingpin and cultist. He is still at large.
Isimeme Iriogbe aka Lord Jaja of Opobo 1 is the former head of NBM and now Edo state commissioner for transport. He is still at large.
Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomholewho is also known to sponsor cultists for election rigging. NBM Mafia kingpin and cultist. He is still at large.
Dr. Mayor Onyebueke akso a former head of NBM. NBM Mafia kingpin and cultist. He is still at large.
Osaro Obazee, also a NBM cultist, is Executive Chairman of Oredo local government. He is still at large.
These people are highly placed in society but: “no criminal will be spared, no matter how highly placed” – Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Solomon E. Arase
All cultists around the whole country should hunted down for their “roles in acts of terror, vicious inter and intra-cult conflicts that have led to avoidable loss of lives” – Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Solomon E. Arase
The whole country would welcome and appreciate a broader nationwide assault on cultism.
Kindest Regards
Uche Tobias

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo the world’s biggest hypocrite

Mr Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo is the world’s biggest hypocrite.

He claims to be from a “human rights group” which is actually an illegal organisation banned under the prohibition of secret societies and cults act. He is no more an advocate for “human rights” as Adolf Hitler was. This is such a joke.

He is the Head of an organisation who fraudulently claim to be “partnered with The British Red Cross and the United Nations”. This there for anyone to see on their website ‘the uhuru foundation’. People can also go to view the emails with these organisations in which they state no such partnership exists and the claims are lies.

Mr Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo would also be the first advocate of “human rights” to be involved in the conspiracy to kill many people. As demonstrated with the recent arrests of cultists in Edo State the country has had enough with cultists like Mr Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo and their time has come. It will not be very long until Mr Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo gets a knock at the door from IGP at the Roseview Court Hotel in Lagos.

So whereas the brainwashed cultists above are quite happy to absorb the opinions of Mr Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo in the field of “human rights”…. Anyone who actually knows who Mr Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo really is and what his organisation really do (they are an international mafia… illegal in their country of origin) will just simply laugh at such nonsense been published.


Lagos zone of of Africa, a Pan-African group that has over 50 zones worldwide, carried out a peaceful protest at the South African Embassy to show their grievances over the xenophobia act in South Africa.
Speaking to pressmen in Lagos during the protest, National President, Mr Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo, said, “All over the world, we know that xenophobia is evil against humanity and that is the essence of this protest today. Also, protest against injustice is one of the bases of our organisation which is hinged on freedom.”
According to him, Nigeria contributed a lot to the freedom of South Africa during the Apartheid days, and now her citizens had turned around to fight foreigners and blacks in that country. This is evil and unaccepted.
“We demand today that the South African government should make sure they protect foreigners, not just Nigerians alone against a recurrence. Government there should go a step further in educating their citizens on why they should accommodate and live in harmony with foreigners, especially neighbouring black countries like Nigeria.”
Eyeoyibo advised the South African government to do more in creating educational facilities for its citizens and give them reorientation to curb inferiority complex among them.


NBM decries killings, arrest of Edo officials

Regarding: http://www.ngrguardiannews.com/2015/05/group-decries-killings-arrest-of-edo-officials/

I’m reliably informed the group of Nigerian “human rights advocates” is none other than The Neo Black Movement of Africa (aka NBM and Black Axe). This goes a long way to explain the crazy levels of nonsense and bullshite within this article.

Firstly the NBM are no more “human rights advocates” than Saddam Hussein was. It is a mafia group that engages in almost every criminal enterprise under the sun: they murder and kidnap people, they aid crooked cultist politicians rig elections, human traffic, drug traffic, engage in credit card crime and fraud and many many more worrying things.

Next they lie through their teeth. These self-proclaimed “”human rights advocates” fraudulently claim to have partnerships with the British Red Cross and The United Nations. Having written to both organisations I can confirm these are lies. Also whilst parading themselves as “human rights advocates” they like the world to see them as a kind of African UNICEF who care about the future of our continents children. This been the same group responsible for countless murders of children.

They have “decried the spate of killings and kidnapping”. This is the spate of the thousands of murders and kidnappings they have been caught for since their formation in 1977? They are famous to only “decry” what they or other members are caught for.

They describe the murder suspects, all whom are confirmed cultists, as: ““illegal arrest of 11 innocent and responsible citizens”. Firstly their innocence in the matter of them been charged for ‘conspiracy to murder’ will be decided soon within our judiciary system. They are however unquestionably guilty, beyond any doubt, of all been illegal cultists. Prohibited under the cult and secret societies bill. They are not “11 innocent and responsible citizens”. They are 11 criminals.

“The group’s leader who did not want to be named “because of the prevailing atmosphere of uncertainty” is called Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo aka Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo is known within the Neo Black Movement as: Lord Aare Ona Kankanfo.

He is primarily a mafia boss overseeing a criminal empire around the world and secondly a hotel owner. The “uncertainty” he describes is whether or not the Inspector General of the Police is going to turn up at Roseview Court Hotel one day soon and take him away for interrogation.

It’s laughable that a group of cultists such as the NBM meet to discuss the “nation’s crucial problems.” They must surely heard that they have been declared that they are near the top of the “nation’s crucial problems.”. This is a view that is positively widespread across the whole nation and that is why as we speak more than 100 of them have just been arrested.

The 11 criminal cultists were “invited by the police and government to a series of meetings to help them find solution to the spate of killings in the state adduced to cultism”. Which was a positive move by the police to address the murders with those looking most likely to be the conspirators responsible.Among them the likes of Osunde Aigbedo aka Lord Bizingo of the Black Axe who had weened his way into government in the State. Even more positive was that the last ‘meeting’ saw them all arrested.

With all due respect to him…. Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo does make one accurate and honest comment in the article when he says: “It (the killing) is the handiwork of hoodlums in the state in disguise of the cultism”.

The NBM are hoodlums. They kill people.

Lastly the NBM have called on the government to “intervene and that they should be released unconditionally”…..

Not going to happen!!!

UNICEF and the NBM…….

In regards to: http://nigershowbiz.com/on-african-childs-day-unicef-urges-protection-of-the-disabled/

I pray the other organisations involved in this article are respectable and legit… but the Neo- Black Movement (NBM) of Africa aka Black Axe Confraternity certainly are not.

The organisation is now illegal in it’s country of origin . At the time of speaking there have been over 100 cultist arrests in only two days related to conspiring to murder the recent victims of the ‘cult wars’.

What is going on in the world that UNICEF and the NBM can be portrayed as working towards the same aims and objectives? Did some deluded cultist write this piece?

On one hand UNICEF’s goals are stated as saving children “from discrimination, violence”

Whilst on the other hand the NBM are directly responsible for violence that has led to the deaths of hundreds of children (and gloat about every single killing i may add) through the cycle of cult wars.

Their visits to orphanages and such are all insincere and purely for photo opportunities… photos for the much needed “image laundering campaigns”. They boast on various websites they are “partnered with the British Red Cross and the United Nations”. All fraudulent claims.

Head (Worldwide) of the NBM mafia, Mr. Bemigho Eyeoyibo a prolific criminal… Can be quoted as saying the organisations only motivation to register as an NGO was for financial gain. Dares to talk about “the future of African child” and yet fails to act to positively effect any of the children who will die or have died in the name and colours of his organisation.

The best thing this website could do for children right now is remove the NBM section from this article. It is tantamount to glorifying criminality and killing.

119 suspected cultists arrested now edo state

Following incessant cult-related crimes in Edo State, the police said it arrested no fewer than 119 suspects in the state.

Force Public Relations Officer, Emmanuel Ojukwu, told journalists yesterday in Abuja, while parading 11 cult kingpins that activities of the cultists had led to loss of lives and properties, while inflicting terror on residents of the state.

According to him, the kingpins include professionals, artisans, public office holders, civil servants and businessmen, adding that the arrest was made possible by the deployment of a crack team by the Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase.

The FPRO said: The 11 suspects are being interrogated for their conspiratorial involvement in the murder of 10 Nigerians, including one late Ojo Aye Adu, 55 years, male, between 5th April, 2015, and 5th May, 2015, in Edo State. “Another 30 suspects were linked to the murder of one Constance Iyoha, 23 years, female, an apprentice interior decorator.

“The incident occurred during a fracas that broke out among members of Marphites confraternity, students of Auchi Polytechnic that came for initiation ceremonies on 12th May, 2015, at Baladi Hotel, Aviele, out of which 11 had confessed membership. “On the same date, 12 May 2015, a total of 68 suspected cultists linked to recent cult related violence in the state were also arrested and are undergoing interrogation.”

Exhibits recovered include sculptures, multiple Nigerian and international passports, multiple pass books, multiple ATM cards, about 40 membership cards of various political parties, photo frames and pictures marked RIP. While assuring Nigerians on the timely and qualitative intervention of the police wherever and whenever the need arises, Ojukwu stressed that operations was ongoing to ensure cultism do not over run the system.

Meanwhile, the Inspector General of Police has launched about 259 patrol vehicles under the ‘safer highways patrol scheme’, following the removal of road blocks across the country.

Speaking during the launch, Arase noted that the vehicles were an alternative to the indiscriminate mounting of roadblocks by policemen, to effectively curb the rate of crimes on the highways, gain the respect of the citizenry and conform to international best practices as it concerns policing.

To enhance an effective operational system that would hold the police accountable for their actions, Arase urged citizens to explore the new social networking anti corruption platform of the force, http://www.stopthebribes. net to report cases of unprofessional conduct by highway patrol officers. He however appealed to members of the public not to abuse the platform by reporting malicious cases but ensure that all reported cases were factual and if possible, accompanied with pictorial evidence to boost claims.

Earlier, the IGP sealed collaboration with the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, in ensuring access to the motor vehicle license data base to enhance crime detection by the police.

He stressed that the patrol vehicles deployed in the 36 states of the federation and the FCT, were customized for each particular state and equipped with dedicated phone numbers to ease communication by informants or distress calls that could be placed by citizens

Source: http://nationalmirroronline.net/new/police-nab-119-cultists-launch-259-patrol-vehicles/

Osunde Aigbedo – interrogated for his conspiratorial involvement in the murder of 10 Nigerians

Osunde Aigbedo, 48; Executive Director, Special Duties, Government House, Edo State is been “interrogated for his conspiratorial involvement in the murder of 10 Nigerians”


Osunde Aigbedo aka  Lord Bizingo. Former Head of the Lagos Zone Neo Black Movement.

Aye Axemen, My distinguished Elders,

In my earlier Application to you in which I sought to serve our great movement in the position of National Head which was titled MY ASPIRATION, I laid the background of what I believed was the root of the degenerating rate of positive values in our Movement and the society in general and how the resultant effects of these societal ills reflects on the level of our social, economic and political development as an organization and a nation. To this end I think it is necessary for us to examine proposals that I have set out for a proactive structural approach to these ills that beset us so that in your evaluation we can together determine our roles in this effort and proffer suggestions to enhance reform. The basic thrust of our intervention will be as follows summarized in a six point agenda; this will assist us to measure and evaluate our efforts as we go along to guarantee efficiency.


While we collate all data relevant to our history and service for a continuum, we will continue the ongoing recertification exercise by using adequate software for computerization to enable an enduring data base. This process will undergo a continuous process of evaluation to stem the tide of unapproved initiations and condense the list of members to an accessible document and also improve on budget estimates. This will be a focus in our reorientation to abide by movement responsibilities.

The national executive Council will operate using working committees attached to the various offices to enhance the performance of our duties. The various offices of the NEXCO and its committees will work in tandem with their complimenting offices in the zones to ensure harmony in policy implementation. We must note that reinvigorating the functions and offices of the NEXCO is a direct recipe to stem the tide of growing indiscipline in the movement. To combat indiscipline leaders must first of all abide by the rule of “leadership by example” to avoid compromise when they carry out their duties. With this rule entrenched in our service pact and procedure we will reduce the menace of indiscipline using established correctional methods.

A responsible organization should be able to generate adequate funds to meet its needs. From our membership data base all Axemen will pay a token annual due as distinct from zonal dues, the framework for redemption of these dues will be worked out with the zones. We will initiate systems to make sure that dues are paid on time and correctional measures for defaulters instituted.
Funds will be generated from the standardization of movement paraphernalia coordinated from a central point administered by the NEXCO for the production and sales of these items. Items like our logo which is registered as a copyright will generate fund through endorsements. We will strive to ensure that the movement is self-sustained without having to rely on handouts to plug financial deficits, but we will encourage personal donations made to the coffers of the movement by individual members or groups that wish to do so. All payments made to the movement must be reflected in our corporate bank account and all expenditures withdrawn from the account must be receipted. The movement financial books must be complete with invoices for approval and other credit and debit books. We will initiate and publish a biannual audit of our financial books and systems to enhance fiscal discipline.

The way we are perceived by the larger society is of paramount importance to the success of our initiated goals and can be used as a parameter to measure our service to the Black race and humanity in general. Our focus will be on external image making which is a function of our internal comportment. Our public relations model will be imparted in the various sublevels of leadership within the movement and styled towards an attitudinal change in the character of individual members through the principle of leadership by example earlier reiterated. This classic model will take cognizance of an adequate curriculum developed to suit the learning capabilities and exposure of different categories of members to mitigate the consequence of the jaundiced processes of the past. Our magazine UHURU and our website http://www.nbmarena.org will be very effective for collation of our activities and also serve as a platform for message dissemination to the larger society. Our public enlightenment model will benefit from the latest technological improvements in the electronic- print media, world- wide web and other social networks.

Tradition like culture is a way of life, and its uniqueness reflects the originality of its adherents. The names we bear should always serve as a reminder of the labors of heroes past, as a matter of duty we must reflect on these names and the ideals they represent or represented. Our terms and language of internal communication will be reactivated for members to understand its significance, so also our songs or LPS apart from entertainment should serve us as a development tool to introduce our ideals and message to all and sundry who listen to these songs. Where it’s rendered in our native dialect translations are made with the necessary rhymes and melody for effect.

Our exciting brew KOKOMA has indeed been proliferated and abused due to ignorance, the National Chief Priest will be enjoined to ensure standardization of this brew to meet modern concerns on issues of health and packaged adequately as a brew for the initiated.
The movement regalia will be produced from a central point and requisitions made to the organizing body as the need arises. We will continue to improve on our ceremonial attire for other occasions.

Procedures for jollification will be improved and necessary guidelines set out to outline the duties of officials and members during jollifications as standard procedure. Our ceremonies will be enlarged to include major African traditional celebrations like the New Yam festival, Igue festival and others that celebrate the rich cultural heritage and the travails we have surmounted as a people.

For all that we have to do as a people and as an organization there must be an understanding of causes and effects. We should be able to analyze situations and proffer solutions as the need arises or as the case may be to ensure compliance with realities. Leading ideas should reflect the general intellectual trend of the times. We should be poised to initiate research into African cultures, traditions, religion, contemporary social paradigms and science as the core for the protection of our values and enable reforms in its application to our way of life for sustainable development. This six point agenda is the result of researches and studies carried out in a bid to understand our problems and effect solutions using the comparative and statistical mode of analysis.

Do note that this six point prescription has taken into consideration all zones including the Diasporas and the Temples on the need for effective internal communication and it is the framework for the actualization of our set goals. As for the strategies for its implementation, on assumption of office if elected, the realities on ground will determine to a large extent our mode of operation having in mind the regimented nature of our organization since we intend to harness human resource and professional capabilities within the movement.

In conclusion I enjoin all of us that to succeed we must take full responsibility for all actions and inactions so that together we will march to our glory and our ideals of enlightenment will not degenerate into a revolution of terror. Regarding our grand norm the Constitution it is my considered view that while review and amendments are continuous, the letters of the law alone cannot propel an organization to great heights; it’s the spirit as executed by the custodians of these laws that make the difference. As I have said before the oath of membership which I took in 1988 and the ideology of the Neo Black Movement of Africa has always motivated my interest to seek for enhancement of the Black man anywhere he may exist to attain the basic freedoms and other fundamentals that guarantee the right to live in peaceful coexistence with other races founded on the principles of justice and equality, this consciousness cannot be legislated. On this promise I derive optimism and faith in my fellow Axemen that together we can change the world using the vehicle of the greatest Black Movement on earth-The Neo Black Movement of Africa. This is my call as I continue to urge that “your support and vote for me will mark the first step on this journey and I assure you that I will not let you down because generally generally the major mark of a man is his ability to stand by his words.”


I remain your loyal Axeman,

lord Bizingo. FJ88
Lagos Zone.