Uche Tobias Unmasked (quack Murderer Doctor)

Oh lordy… dont really know what to say about this one. For at least two years the consensus of my identity was that I was the former Neo Black Movement OC Legal and disgraced fraudster (disgraced from within the NBM for stealing movement monies and outside it by been a 419 scammer…. funnily enough cooperating with none other than Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo) “Cosmas Atabor”. A conclusion reached by the most incompetent fools forming what was regarded by the NBM “a crack team of IT investigators” . 

Still to this day many members believe this to be the case. 

However of the positions I have held to date OC Legal of the Neo Black Movement is yet to be one of them.

Excitingly today I found another theory on nairaland. Am very happy to share it because it, yet again, is wide of the mark:

Uche Tobias Unmasked (quack Murderer Doctor)

It has always been a case of “nothing hidden under the sun that will not be one day revealed” the man behind the mask has finally be unveiled and will be beaten to his own game. A sour loser, who wants to force his selfish belief down the throat of responsible people. An who was actually rusticated for 9 years by the then VC university of Benin Prof. Alele Williams from medical school and later absconded to Germany and took up an illegal refugee status though we will not be dwelling on that knowing that the appropriate authorities will question such if the need be. As part of his desperate measures which has been a strong part of character also made him using all acts of deceit in luring a young german lady into marriage illegally using other lies about his profession as a doctor to gain acceptance by the German family who were doctors and as a result took him in.
Within dat period he lied and Practised in auxiliary status as a doctor whilst not qualified knowing that e was a rusticated student from university of Benin. He is a drunk and his drunken habit has made him a regular sleeper in bars and clubs until date. A known psychotic patient who ran a lot of porn sites on the Internet and other social network. .www.ukiri.com
His psychotic state explains the heinous and damaging propaganda he embarked on using one of the aliases of Uche Tobias against the movement. He was a high ranking officer in the movement and at the point that his desperate ideas and ideals which bothers the movement where not accepted he decided to go into blackmail and character defamation of those who oppose him. He can best be described as a
killer doctor whose certificate and brain has to be evaluated to be able to ascertain his mental state.
He has fraudulently gotten into the powers that be to administer treatment to them. Most of these innocent patients have been taken undue advantage of and some are not lucky to be alive to tell their stories. His incompetence has done so much damage and we are aware that more damage will be done if he is not stopped!
Already efforts have been geared towards verifying other facts and information in our possession in ensuring our next publication comes out with documents/photos/and complete names to validate our assertions.

Source: http://www.nairaland.com/2215107/uche-tobias-unmasked-quack-murderer

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