The view of a Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo supporter….

Below is the view of a Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo suporter who it seems I have somewhat outraged.

The view here of the aptly named ‘Tit’:

has any court found the Right Honorable Dr. Bemigho guilty of any offense?
why are you wasting the time of honest hardworking Nigerians because you lost out in the game of politics?

Here is my reply:

Tit, haha. I dont need to change your name to make you sound funny 🙂

Tit, how often do courts find cultists guilty of any offence? Very very rarely.

Why? Because the police are been paid by the cultists so they rarely end up in court. Then if by mistake they do the judge who’s job it is to find them guilty or not more often than not happens to be a cultist too. This is how evidence vanishes. How guilty men are declared innocent and how “the Right Honorable Dr. Bemigho” has never been found guilty of any offence.

If you dont think this happens and you think Nigeria is a corruption free society, with a corruption free judiciary, with a corruption free police service, with a corruption free government then you are either deluded for one or retarded or also probably a cultist too yourself. You tit.

Let me tell you something else.

“The Right Honorable Dr. Bemigho” is the head of an organisation prohibited under various state and federal laws. See the “SECRET CULTS/SOCIETIES AND SIMILAR ACTIVITIES (PROHIBITION) LAW” which lists his organisation as an illegal one. Interestingly it lists the organisation under it’s various names. Interestingly those names cannot be muttered here on nairaland.

Next let me tell you something further… you tit.

I “lost out in the game of politics”?. I have never once in my life engaged in politics as I state at the top of this article.

That is until now. This week will see my first victory in this game. This will be when “The Right Honorable Dr. Bemigho” falls flat on his face, crying to his Mummy with his tail between his legs because the word is out of who he really is. A cultist, one of those illegal banned ones. Nobody wants the head of illegal cult, a mafia boss, a scammer or a lying cretin to form any part of their government. “The Right Honorable Dr. Bemigho” ticks all of those boxes. He less deserves a place in the Warri House of Assembly and would be more deserving of a place in a house with no windows, locked doors and to be fed substandard foodstuffs like all criminals should be.

Dont let the fact he has not been convicted yet define him as been innocent. The laws of our land clearly define in black and white him as a criminal. His days of enjoying your “innocent” label are numbered. I will enjoy that day his legal status is officially redefined. Until then I will no less than relish this coming week the announcement he has not become a member of Warri House of Assembly.

Uche Tobias

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