I am ORITSEBEMIGHO EYEOYIBO ESQ. Head of the Black Axe Mafia.
I am putting myself up for election as the less than Honorable member of the DELTA STATE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY misrepresenting the WARRI NORTH constituency comprising OGHEYE, OPUAMA, OGBINBIRI, EGHORO, GBOKODA, TSEKELEWU, OGBUDUGBUDU, ABIGBORODO, EGHORO AND EBROHIMI.
My misrepresentation is on the platform of the Labour Party of Nigeria.
I am not seeking office to be part of a catalytic group that will bring about a turnaround in Legislative Governance.
I am not seeking office to bring about Revolutionary Change.
I am not seeking office to bring about a new way of doing Business.
To do Business not as usual but as unusual and unlawful.
No. Thrice No.
I am committed to bringing about a 360 Degrees revolutionary turn around in Legislative, Executive and Administrative governance in Delta State, from utterly corrupt right round full circle to corrupt again.
I am not seeking office because I am committed to the Social Welfarist Agenda of free education, free health care services, employment creation and generation, employment benefits, provision for the elderly and the handicapped, women development,entrepreneurial development for the masses of our people. Only for my own gain.
I am seeking Legislative office due to a personal agenda, vaunting ambition, a desire for self- aggrandizement and enrichment.
I am seeking office due to my megalomanic quest for power and all its appurtenances.
I am seeking office due to my ill-conceived sense of manifest destiny and a Messiah complex.
I am seeking office due to my need for image laundry and being head and shoulders above everyone else.
Yes. Thrice Yes.
With your vote you are helping to save the great communities in Warri North and Delta State.

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