Italy Zone Mafia

Internal NBM memo sent around the elders inclusing Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo following a failing by the Italy Zone Head. The “failing” in question: Getting caught.

Everyone within the NBM knows everyone is else is doing bad things (after all they are mostly working with each other) and that is never a problem.

Problems only arise when a member gets caught

NBM Memo:

(1)The head Italian zone was unable to defend him self on the allegation leveled against him.

(2)was unable to give the c.o.e the account of the NBM money in is possession.and also could not give any good reasons on why he have refuse to make a zonal ihaze after several I.T

(3)and he couldn’t give a good reasons why he have refuse to pay the national due which he agreed on the last c.o.e meetings that was held in RAVENA Italy and he replied the councils that the zonal money in his possession more than 2500euro was been spent on October 1st/lords night. which was not necessary out the moment.

(4)The head is been monitored by the security agent/police for fraud,which two of his computer have been arrested by the police in his house four month back and those computers contains NBM datas which is is still with police till now.

(5)he is also facing a mafia case for using an axe on an injews fract(eiye) which the case is still in the law court till date .also alleged for fighting a lady that lives in is house which turn out to be a fians to a lord (jewname obas)and there is a prove of voice record on this which was played to the hearing of the c.o.e

(6)his phone also is been tap,under the police.this was almost the same art that lead to the arrest of the past italian zonanl head/exco the chiarman /coe and so many lords which NBM worldwide knows about.

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