image laundry 101

There is nothing the Neo Black Movement like to do more after a hard days conducting and reading about their own criminal exploits than trying to clean things up a bit with a bit of “image laundry”. Blood in the photos of their killings is washed away with the news they present of a visit to an orphanage. Reports of global arrests are brought into balance by NBM propaganda that they have donated a chair to a hospital.

Interesting they use the term “image laundering”. This is funny because their “image laundering” fits exactly with their ‘money laundering’ model.  When they have stolen large amounts of someone’s money then they filter it through a process that makes the money look good. Whereas stolen money, money from prostitution. money from human trafficking. money from drugs, money from extortion is legitimised through processes like buying cars and shipping them to Nigeria or been sent around in loops via a complex series of bank transfers… image laundry is much the same.

Bare this mind next time you read things like:

Why we donated to Delta hospital……?

A group, Neo-Black Movement of Africa (World Wide), has donated chairs, bed sheets and other items to the Ughelli and Agbarho Central Hospitals, Ughelli North Local Government Area, Delta State as part of the activities to mark its 2012 welfare day.

Presenting the items, which included toiletries water dispensers, disinfectants and cash donation of N10,000, to the first baby of the day, National Chairman of the group, Mr. Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo, said the donation stemmed from the desire of the group to contribute its quota to effective health care service delivery to the people.

According to him, the gesture was an avenue for member of the movement to give back to the society what the society had invested on them over the years.

– See more at:

Why they really donated is described above. A gesture purely in the self centered hope it will make them look better after taking so much from society, killing so many people in society and having such a negative role and reputation within society. Dont be fooled by their bullshit.

One thought on “image laundry 101

  1. Slight mishap on the blog here…. it seems reporting SOMEONE ELSE’S views and activities has got me into trouble again and I can longer post new threads. The London Terrorism and Beheadings one above here (now “private”) is, despite been in the public interest, too naughty for the public to know. Plus I think “Bobby” freaked out and reported it to WordPress. Cant be having screenshots of your secret forum conspiracies made public 🙂


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