Destruction of the NBM Wiki Article

I was quite disappointed recently at the destruction (after months of vandalism) of the NBM Wiki article.

It’s destruction was order by Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo:

Somebody called Uche Tobias has been posting Temples names and NBM constitution on wikipedia. Please people that can edit wikipedia should be vigilant to follow his edit. His wikipedia user name is assopre. Don’t spread this message to avoid super axemen behaviours online.

By “super axeman behaviours” I can only presume a reference to quickness to issue death threat after death threat and promise of beheading after promise of beheading. All in this case entirely not forthcoming. I can assure you all I remain alive and my head is still firmly fixed to my body.

It is a priority, as to serve the public for educationary purposes, that I will try hard to get the wiki article back online.

Having made my feelings known initially I was told:

“it’s really difficult to find reliable third-party sources about the Neo Black Movement, so it’s hard to establish that it is notable as an organization”

and this will was my reply:

I’m not sure whether the following remark is an attempted joke or a challenge:
“it’s really difficult to find reliable third-party sources about the Neo Black Movement, so it’s hard to establish that it is notable as an organization”
Having finished chuckling at it i’ve taken it up as a challenge.
When questioning how “notable” the Neo Black Movement aka Black Axe are it comes to my mind that very often they are described as the “Nigerian Mafia”. This somewhat more “notable” than if they were referred to as “Nigerian Morris Dancers” or likened to having the structure and behavior identical to “the Norwich Male Voice Choir”.
They are notable enough in their country of origin and contribute to notable enough problems to the extent to have had several State and Federal laws which outlaw their existence. Such laws include ‘Secret Cult and Similar Activities (Prohibition) Law in 2004’ and Edo State ‘Secret Cult (Prohibition) Bill’. Cult activity and violence was further acknowledged by the United Nations who enacted the “Students Anti-Thuggery and Cultism Project” in December 2006 which was “aimed at making students aware of the dangers of belonging to gangs and to encourage those already involved to renounce their membership” (UN 22 Feb. 2007).
When NBM activities internationally include, but are not limited to the following, i fail to see how they could be seen as anything but notable: international smuggling of drugs, extortion, human trafficking and prostitution, counterfeiting of identity documents, cloning of credit cards, cheque fraud, 419 fraud, robbery, rape, murder and are used by politicians as ‘hired thugs’. (Also backed up by sources below)
When questioning the strength and reliability of the sources available i’m not sure what would be deemed “reliable” if not any one of the following: (respected newspaper in italy)
An article here states the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Naples and the police’s Investigative Unit of Castello di Cisterna after having examined the structure and behavior of the group classified them as a “Nigerian Mafia”. It also documents the arrest of 8 NBM members. Their arrests were for extortion, the management of prostitution, offences relating to violence, counterfeiting of identity documents and the possession of illegal firearms.   It reports that part of their initiation into the organisation involves them been tortured  in order to satisfy the leadership they could withstand torture in the future. I’d imagine such activity would be needless if there wasn’t the danger of “notable” information been possibly available to any torturers.
The above information is further backed up by this source: (respected newspaper in italy)
They have been seen to be given reference to here: (This is a publication by the Italian security services)
Described as operating Italy “autonomously, as independent criminal actors; horizontally, as joints of a network and vertically, in hierarchically organized mafia environments” – The Independent is a UK newspaper regarded as a “reliable source” of information since it’s launch in 1986. It’s online presence aside on a sunday it’s readership of it’s physical newspaper exeeds 100,000 readers.
This is what The Independent says:
“In 2010, 36 members of the Nigerian mafia (affiliated with the local groups of the Black Axe and the Eiye) were sentenced to more than 400 years in prison for human trafficking, drugs smuggling, slavery and murder, as hundreds of witnesses kept telling the judge the same story.
The two groups – what remains of the former university’s confraternities, now considered illegal in Nigeria – were using death threats against other Nigerians to enslave them in their illegal businesses”
Another unquestionably reliable third party source is the UK’s national newspaper ‘The Telegraph’ who have on at least one occasion deemed the NBM notable enough to include an article about them.
“The Telegraph report among other things: “In the last month alone, 13 of its students have been killed in clashes between cults calling themselves the “Black Axe” and the “Black Eye”.” and “”Black Axe” seized first place as the largest cult.” and “Murders are organised by the cult’s “capos” or “butchers”.”
So i’m not sure why a shortage of reliable third party sources is given as the reason for the Wiki page’s destruction. It clearly is not the case. I can only assume that the sources have not been properly looked into. Furthermore a great deal of sources which i suspect might be referred to as ‘unreliable’ could be ones originating from Nigeria. Yet these are the same sources used by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada report entitled: Nigeria: Societal and government reactions to student cult activities (2007 – July 2009), 12 August 2009, NGA103199.E, available at:
Please find one or two more below:

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