Italy Zone Mafia

Internal NBM memo sent around the elders inclusing Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo following a failing by the Italy Zone Head. The “failing” in question: Getting caught.

Everyone within the NBM knows everyone is else is doing bad things (after all they are mostly working with each other) and that is never a problem.

Problems only arise when a member gets caught

NBM Memo:

(1)The head Italian zone was unable to defend him self on the allegation leveled against him.

(2)was unable to give the c.o.e the account of the NBM money in is possession.and also could not give any good reasons on why he have refuse to make a zonal ihaze after several I.T

(3)and he couldn’t give a good reasons why he have refuse to pay the national due which he agreed on the last c.o.e meetings that was held in RAVENA Italy and he replied the councils that the zonal money in his possession more than 2500euro was been spent on October 1st/lords night. which was not necessary out the moment.

(4)The head is been monitored by the security agent/police for fraud,which two of his computer have been arrested by the police in his house four month back and those computers contains NBM datas which is is still with police till now.

(5)he is also facing a mafia case for using an axe on an injews fract(eiye) which the case is still in the law court till date .also alleged for fighting a lady that lives in is house which turn out to be a fians to a lord (jewname obas)and there is a prove of voice record on this which was played to the hearing of the c.o.e

(6)his phone also is been tap,under the police.this was almost the same art that lead to the arrest of the past italian zonanl head/exco the chiarman /coe and so many lords which NBM worldwide knows about.

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo Talking Shit

When the Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo says: “the Neo Black Movement of Africa is a non-partisan, non-religious and non- tribal organisation, with its core objectives being to eradicate all forms of oppression, intimidation, corruption, neo colonialism and other vices from the society using legal means.”…

He is talking shit.

and when Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo says: “NBM stands for Equality and Social Justice in every race and not just the black race”

He is talking shit.

The NBM are a “non violent organization”?? LOL

Seems not: 

THE NBM’s “core objectives being to eradicate all forms of oppression”?? LOL

Seems not: 

“”NBM stands for Equality and Social Justice in every race and not just the black race”?? LOL

Seems not: 

“Equality and Social Justice”?? LOL

Seems not: 

““We are registered by law. We are not the Black Axe confraternity”?? LOL

Seems not: 

“We cannot be involved in criminal activities or murder”?? LOL

Seems not: 

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo is head of the most racist and violent organisation of criminals I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. They say one thing in public and do the complete opposite. Dont expect him to be any different in politics.

Warri should be sure not to welcome him to the House of Assembly. Soon there will not be very many places Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo is welcome

Uche Tobias

From the blood-soaked battlefields of Lagos

From the blood-soaked battlefields of Lagos – The chilling story of street cultism

By Charles Kumolu –

Who goes there?!’’ they hollered. Those seated at the same relaxation spot with him were taken aback by this. Indeed, many could not help but wonder aloud what could have prompted a group of powerfully dressed young men to erupt into such a reckless outburst. It was at this point that a slim, dark complexioned man walked in.

The arrival of this man, who could possibly be in his late 20s, triggered off another round of rapturous shouts. ‘’Clear road, clear road,’’ they barked commandingly to the chagrin of others, who had come to relax at the rendezvous located in one of the suburbs in Oriade Local Development Council Authority of Lagos State.

The conduct of this group became so irritating to other customers that the proprietor of the spot had to ask them to give peace a chance.

Apparently angered by the development, the boys left the scene in a jiffy. The shop owner in his usual friendly manner, apologised profusely to the customers. “Please don’t allow the activities of these boys to disturb you. They have refused to be useful to themselves. They are members of a secret cult,’’ he said.

Answering Vanguard Features, VF’ questions during a subsequent visit, the proprietor of the spot affirmed that the cult members actually patronise the spot on regular basis. “I won’t deny that they are my customers, because they patronise me non-stop, unlike others who come after working hours.

I guess you know Bruno (not real name) whose arrival that day led to the disturbance. That guy has turned himself into something else. I learnt he is a cult leader in this environment and has even become a problem to the community. He is constantly involved in cult-related controversies, ‘’ he noted.

Armed robbery

A few days after this encounter, VF learnt that Bruno was killed by the local vigilante in the area. The group fondly called Bakassi Boys allegedly shot and killed Bruno during a robbery operation in the neighbourhood.

VF further learnt that the deceased became notorious in the locality due to his escapades as a cultist and an armed robber. In fact, he had on many occasions robbed shop owners in the area.

The late cult leader who was described as a secondary school dropout, was allegedly involved in several deadly clashes with rival gangs. Residents of the neighbourhood explained that it had become a common feature to see young men wielding dangerous weapons who engage themselves in supremacy battles.

Living in fear

VF investigations show that residents of many Lagos communities now live in fear as a result of the activities of cultists. Only last month, a staff of Vanguard Media Limited, his wife and their two-year-old child, narrowly escaped death after being attacked by persons suspected to be members of Eiye Confraternity. They shattered his windows with machetes in an attempt to break into the house.

Trouble was said to have begun around 11p.m. when some boys from Orile-Oshodi and Afariogun clashed during the naming ceremony of one Jimoh Odekunle at Okeleye Street, Afariogun. One person simply identified as Kamoru was alleged to have been severely injured and later died in an undisclosed hospital where he was rushed to for treatment.

When news of his death filtered in, his colleagues from Orile-Oshodi reportedly embarked on a reprisal attack. Their first port of call was said to be the residence of one Sunday Anajonu, alleged to be responsible for the death of their colleague. But for the timely intervention of policemen from Akinpelu Division, Anajonu would have been lynched by his assailants.

A visit to the troubled zone showed that some residents fled their abodes for fear of being entangled in the web of the warring factions. No fewer than 40 vehicles and 20 buildings were destroyed during the mayhem.

Widow of deceased raped

Another gory incident occurred recently when two rival cult groups clashed in Ijora Badia, a sprawling slum in the Apapa-Iganmu area of Lagos. Three persons allegedly lost their lives during the fracas.

The victims were said to be members of a cult group which had been engaged in a supremacy battle with another cult group from Badia.

One of the victims, who was simply identified as Jamiu, was allegedly hit with an axe. The other two victims, Kazeem Ayinde and another whose identity could not be readily ascertained, were killed as a reprisal for Jamiu’s death.

In April 2014, the tranquility of Iba, a suburb of Ojo Local Government Area was replaced by pandemonium as a result of cult clashes. The fracas between two rival cult gangs led to the death of a 33-year-old man simply identified as Hamburger. The incident involved two cult groups from Aratomi and Chemist areas. Reports had it that trouble erupted when a cult member from Aratomi snatched a female lover from a member of the other group. The crisis would have escalated but for the timely intervention of policemen from the Ojo Police division.

Similarly, in 2013, a superiority war between two rival cult gangs in the Mile 12 area of Lagos claimed four lives, including that of a Senior Secondary School, SSS 3 student. The victim was said to be writing the West African School Certificate Examination, WASSE, when he was brutally murdered.

As if that was not enough, another cult clash in Shomolu and Ketu areas, left four persons dead and several others injured.

Suspected members of Eiye Confraternity were said to have stormed the home of one Seyi, a suspected member of a rival cult in Ajelogo area of Ketu. He was allegedly dragged outside and clubbed to death after the cultists had defiled his wife in his presence. They (cultists) also reportedly threw his nine-month-old baby out of the bed.

Policemen from Alapere division later arrested three suspects who were transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba. The above scenarios highlight a trend which has gradually become a major threat to the security of lives and property, not only in Lagos, but the entire country.

Notorious areas

Areas where cult activities have surged in the last few months, according to VF investigations, include Bariga, Ijegun /Satellite Town, Shomolu, Onipanu, Bariga,Shomolu,Onipanu, Ketu , Ojota, Okoko, Amukoko and Lagos Island.

The activities of the cult groups have become a common feature in these areas, hence it would be difficult to spend two weeks without recording incidents of cult clashes. VF gathered that money, supremacy, and tussle over girlfriends, are usually behind such deadly clashes.

Unlike what obtained in the past when university campuses were the theatres of cult clashes, the streets have become the battle fields.

During such fights, the cultists who brandish guns, cutlasses and other dangerous weapons, take over the streets, seeking who to kill. In fact, residents of these flashpoints now live in fear because their safety is no longer guaranteed.

How streets became theatres of war

How the streets became the setting of cult related activities is one issue that continues to agitate many minds.

VF findings revealed that rusticated students of tertiary institutions started the practice in the late 1990s. These students, who were expelled for various gross misconducts, ended up as the “lords of the Manor” in their communities.

Mr. Tony Arne ( not real names), who was expelled from University of Lagos, UNILAG, in 1998 corroborated this viewpoint. ‘’The wave of expulsions then made some guys who found themselves at home to begin to conscript people indiscriminately without adhering to the rules that membership was only for undergraduates. Of course, being expelled from school did not mean being expelled from your fold. So, I was still a cult member. That was how the practice gradually spread to the extent that anyone on the streets can be conscripted. That process of conscripting people from the streets was against the rules,’’ Arne who later graduated from Kaduna State Polytechnic, KADPOLY, explained to VF.

The 1999 renunciation of cultism across the campuses at the instance of then President Olusegun Obasanjo was also seen as major factor that gave rise to street cultism.

Desire to promote criminal, fetish wishes

While a retired Commissioner of Police, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav did not dismiss these factors, he was emphatic that the primary reason for cultism is the desire to promote criminal and fetish wishes.

‘’In the past, cultism was restricted to the tertiary institutions but today, it has spread to the society at large. Most of these cultist organisations are criminal groupings established to circumvent the law and promote the illegal and fetish wishes of their members, ‘’ he argued.

VF checks revealed that virtually all the campus cults have off-campus wings in many neighbourhoods. They include the Buccaneers Association of Nigeria, BAN, aka Bucaneers; Neo Black Movement of Africa, aka Black Axe; Supreme Eiye Confraternity; Supreme Vickings Confraternity, aka Aromates and Mafites.

While these groups continue to spread, their leadership have severally denied having structures and recruiting at youth level on the streets. The Buccaneers, for instance, claim to have a defined membership procedure. Information gleaned from its Grand Eye, Mr. Femi Osibanjo in a write-up on the group’s website explained this much. “Membership of our organisation is open to only adult males who are undergraduates and graduates of tertiary institutions and who agree to align themselves with our tenets and set objectives of impacting positively on our society while enhancing our development as a nation and also to those who agree to exhibit the highest level of citizenship and brotherliness at all times to fellow members,’’ he stated.

He advised members of the public to beware of impostors who sell fake membership to people. “We have a centralised admission procedure which will be found in our website once each year. If any person tells you that he can either admit you into this brotherhood or facilitate your admission, please check with us first by visiting our website,’’ he said.

In a related development, the Eiye confraternity in its constitution maintained that it is not a gang and as such does not engage in gang related activities. “We renounce any form of violence perpetrated by individuals with nefarious intent within and outside the walls of the Nigerian Ivory towers as proven by our strategic presence in the National Inter-Frat Council ,NIFC, and the SEC initiative of “Stop the Confra Wars,” the group stated in its constitution.

Overwhelming evidence

Despite the disclaimers which cut across all the known cults, there is overwhelming evidence that these groups which have become threats to public peace, are affiliates of the national bodies of the associations. The regular stories of arson, rape, robbery and killings, attest to this.

Many Nigerians are worried that the trend has assumed a monstrous dimension, despite the presence of the police and local vigilante groups.

‘’We are dealing with a troubling situation. It is saddening that a group of touts often unleash terror on residents. Whenever these boys start their madness, you will not find any security agent in sight. Even when some are arrested, they still come back to foment trouble,’’ Mr. Chukwuka Nwalie, a resident of Ijegun Waterside said.

A police source said: ‘’It is not that we are incapable of handling the cult cases. We always ensure that we go about the various cases according to the law. We can not do otherwise. This is a social crisis that can not be solved with adequate policing which we provide. There should be a functional legal framework to complement our efforts.’’

But President, Campaign for Civil Liberties, CCL, Dr. George Okwuonyeche disagreed. ‘’I agree that this is a social crisis that has eaten deep into the fabric of our society, but blames should be apportioned to the institutions that assisted in nurturing the problem. If the Police and other relevant institutions performed their crime fighting duties, we may not be where we are today. Nigeria is probably reaping the fruits of its collapsed value system, ‘’ he stated.

On his part, Tsav, who was in service when cult crisis peaked in the universities, gave a cogent reason why the Police finds it difficult to deal with cultists. ‘’The police find themselves incapable of curbing this trend because of the fetish beliefs in the powers of these cult members,’’ he said

Invisibility of cult members

In spite of these divergent positions, the consensus is that cultism has assumed a very troubling dimension.

Immediate past Lagos State Police Commissioner, Alhaji Umar Manko painted a picture of this upsurge. ‘“Cultism is not only in schools. Nowadays, they are also in garages and even vulcanisers are now cultists in Bariga axis.. I am aware but we are doing everything we can to arrest the situation. There is no day we don’t arrest people. My own concern is the ‘invincibility’ of these human beings; some of them were arraigned in court and sent to prison. Some of them were even charged for murder but you still find them back. How they get back into circulation is what is worrisome to me,” he said.

– See more at:

This is a great article by however there is one glaring inaccuracy. This is when the article refers to the “Invisibility of cult members”. This is far from the case. Not only had actually named some senior figures in the world of cultism but also they themselves gave news space to the Head of Neo Black Movement only days earlier.

Whats so invisible about Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo (Head of the NBM) here??

Aspirant assures on people oriented projects in Warri north

As aspirants of the different political divide continue to put finishing touches to their electoral campaign, the Labour Party flagbearer of Warri North constituency contesting the Delta state House of Assembly, Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo has promised to bring his business acumen to bear on the political fortunes of his constituency if elected. In this interview, the politician who doubles as renowned businessman listed some of the inherent challenges confronting Warri north to include but not limited to youth empowerment, education, infrastructural development and health and pledged to tackle them head-on. Excerpts:

How formidable is your party, Labour Party?

Labour Party anywhere in the world is supposedly the foremost party in the advanced world because Labour is formed by Labour Union. In this case in Nigeria, it is Nigerian Labour Congress. It is obvious that it should be about the most powerful party in any political system. Labour entails all facets of our working lives, including the market, schools, public

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo

service, civil services etc. So, Labour in a true situation should be a very formidable force, and in the case of Nigeria, the party is formidable. But of course you know we have the two major parties PDP and APC. I think the next formidable party is Labour Party. Even those parties are part of Labour Party, so I think we should categorise Labour Party as the most formidable party in the country as it is in other parts of the world.

What did you see missing in Warri North with the present administration, that you want to correct if elected into Delta State House of Assembly?

I have been in politics both passively and actively in Warri North Constituency, Delta state and other areas where I have my businesses. As a result, I was called by my people because of the seeming degradation in all facets of lives there; economic, social and political lives of Warri North Constituency and Delta state in general. Warri North basically could be one of the richest local governments in the country. But go to that local government which is the major ten wards, eight and half of those wards are in the creek, others on land. Even on land the state of infrastructure, social and economic lives of the indigenes are in total turmoil and this is the reason why my people sent me. ‘We know you as an activist, people oriented person, come and represent us in State House of Assembly. So I am responding to that call and that is why I’m out to carry the flag of my people to help them from that deplorable condition, considering what is on ground and what should come to them from the state and country at large. That is my interest in the politics of Warri North.

What do you intend doing with Bamboo Plantation and reducing unemployment in Warri North?

In Warri North, fishing is our basic occupation apart from other professional jobs. Apart from fishing , commerce is another viable means of livelihood in my area. What I intend to do firstly is to rehabilitate most of our youths who had gone astray because they were no industries to engage them to work, the fishing community is virtually dead, in our communities most people have moved to the township because most of these communities have been eroded by wave line of the Atlantic ocean. So, one of the manifestos is to make all these wards, communities and towns habitable for the people so that they can come and get acclimatised and get involved with their first love which is fishing considering it is a river-rine area. My first point of attraction is commerce by way of boosting aquaculture, fishing culture of the people of that area, by providing good boats, fishing nets, improved mechanised fishing system comparable to those in the developed world. This will go a long way in improving their economic lives and youth development. Again, we have a major market, the Ogheye market within that jurisdiction, Warri North. The market has existed over the years but today that market is dead because people are not there to carry out buying and selling, there are no infrastructure to boost the activity. I will help if elected to upgrade the market to a level of attraction like Indonesia, Thailand etc. And this will attract our neighbouring communities to carry out buying and selling on the market day.

Another major challenge is that there are no link roads to those communities and I think Abigborodo – Ogheye link bridge will be worked on to link up these rural communities to land. This will be on top of my priority. This will enhance youth development, health, education, infrastructure etc.

Now that Delta state is dominated by PDP, won’t this affect your chances of winning?

Politics has gone beyond personal. It is now politics of people who you know that are qualified and able to be accountable to the people. It is not about PDP, APC and Labour Parties. It’s about individuals, and apart from the individual, Labour Party is not a push over in Delta state and of course you know my principal, Chief Ogboru has always won elections in Delta State. Also if you want to go on public rating, Labour Party as against other parties and other contestants rates number one in Delta state. So we don’t have any fear. We know come April 11, Labour Party will be victorious in Delta state.

Before now, do you have anyone in Delta State House of Assembly from Labour Party?

No. Of course you know Labour Party metamorphosed from a faction of DPP. And after the last election DPP had about 50 per cent of the people in the House till politics came into play and almost all of them decamped to PDP. So Labour Party is an upshot of DPP, a branch. I can confidently say that Labour Party holds way in Delta state House of Assembly, they even have members in House of Reps, Senate but under DPP.

How can you assess Delta state government?

Well, politically, economically and socially I think governor of the state has tried his best by carrying out his good policies and programmes for the people. I believe there is room for improvement. If I must score the governor I will score him above 70 percent. I also think that the leadership of Ogboru Labour Party if given a chance will do better.

– See more at:

Head of Black Axe Cult running for election: “Aspirant assures on people oriented projects in Warri north”

Oh my word


How can it be that the worldwide head of the ILLEGAL organisation “Neo Black Movemen of Africa” aka “Black Axe Cult” is running for election in Warri North?
How can it be that this fact is either not noticed or totally ignored by so-called journalists? And this in spite of Mr. Bemigho-Eyeoyibo having made several public statements in his function as the worldwide head of NBM:
This same Vanguard newspaper has repeatedly reported on the incessant killing by this same group. Is it really so hard to do some research? Since Mr. Bemigho-Eyeoyibo has admitted so many times that he is indeed the worldwide head of NBM aka Black Axe is it not safe to assume that he actually is? Is it so hard to then come to the logical conclusion that the worldwide head of an organisation that is illegal in Nigeria is…

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Many people when they thinking of the Black Axe/Neo Black Movement think only of the violence and killings that Nigeria has to endure daily. Some time ago the Neo Black Movement decided to expand their influence overseas by the formation of several international Zones. Their influence can be seen as little more than expanding their criminal empire and bringing terror to other shores.

One such international “Zone” is the London Zone. Nestled deep inside the civilized world hides the Black Axe cult. Not only here perpetuating  the cycle of criminality but also, even more worrying, expressing their support of radical ideologies, fundamentalist beliefs and threatening good people with beheadings.

One such Black Axe self-proclaimed “Lord” is Bobby. Bobby scours the internet daily researching for the NBM what negative information has been posted. He reports any such instance (many times a day) to both the National Head Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo and to the movement as a whole (see screenshots below). Upon relaying the information to his fellow hot headed axemen friends he sits back and watches the plans to behead the writer are hatched.

In the case below… as usual… it is me they wish to behead.



In most countries (i think every single one without exception) Bobby can be seen here engaging in what would be defined by law as a conspiracy to murder. The NBM believe such conspiracies are ok and acceptable provided they remain SECRET. In some such instances as demonstrated these conspiracies to behead people are made public and it doesn’t do a great deal to help their already notoriously horrific public image.

Question: What do you do you do to someone who exposes your secret plans to behead them?

Answer: Threaten again to behead them but also threatening to kill them as well like Malcom X.

Much more serious than threatening the beheadings over the odd individual causing a little wahala now and again is the NBM’s world view, their view of ‘blackism’, their views on ‘uhuru’ and how the global problem of equality should be resolved through extreme activities like crashing planes into buildings and blowing up New York.

Here are some thoughts from the London Zone’s Ike Bobby Onwubuya:



September 11 Retrospective




image laundry 101

There is nothing the Neo Black Movement like to do more after a hard days conducting and reading about their own criminal exploits than trying to clean things up a bit with a bit of “image laundry”. Blood in the photos of their killings is washed away with the news they present of a visit to an orphanage. Reports of global arrests are brought into balance by NBM propaganda that they have donated a chair to a hospital.

Interesting they use the term “image laundering”. This is funny because their “image laundering” fits exactly with their ‘money laundering’ model.  When they have stolen large amounts of someone’s money then they filter it through a process that makes the money look good. Whereas stolen money, money from prostitution. money from human trafficking. money from drugs, money from extortion is legitimised through processes like buying cars and shipping them to Nigeria or been sent around in loops via a complex series of bank transfers… image laundry is much the same.

Bare this mind next time you read things like:

Why we donated to Delta hospital……?

A group, Neo-Black Movement of Africa (World Wide), has donated chairs, bed sheets and other items to the Ughelli and Agbarho Central Hospitals, Ughelli North Local Government Area, Delta State as part of the activities to mark its 2012 welfare day.

Presenting the items, which included toiletries water dispensers, disinfectants and cash donation of N10,000, to the first baby of the day, National Chairman of the group, Mr. Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo, said the donation stemmed from the desire of the group to contribute its quota to effective health care service delivery to the people.

According to him, the gesture was an avenue for member of the movement to give back to the society what the society had invested on them over the years.

– See more at:

Why they really donated is described above. A gesture purely in the self centered hope it will make them look better after taking so much from society, killing so many people in society and having such a negative role and reputation within society. Dont be fooled by their bullshit.

Illegal Politicians: Cultists in Power


The following Nigerian politicians and wannabe politicians are all members of an illegal criminal organisation, the Neo Black Movement of Africa. This is banned by Nigerian law. Members of a worldwide crime syndicate running for election and being “elected” (well, by means of fellow cultist thugs and hired assassins for election rigging, that is)? Yes, in Nigeria anything goes. Below are just a few examples. There are sadly many more. No wonder Nigeria is just getting worse all the time.

Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo aka Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo aka Lord Aare Ona Kakanfo is the head of NBM and running for election in Warri North.




Isimeme Iriogbe aka Lord Jaja of Opobo 1 is the former head of NBM and now Edo state commissioner for transport. Assigned by Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole who is also known to sponsor cultists for election rigging. See him below as member of NBM Lagos…

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The mafia organisation the Neo Black Movement (aka Black Axe) operate in almost every European country. Official “Zones” or smaller “Forums” with highly organised administrative centers are present in the following countries:

UK (Manchester and London)

The head’s of these Zones in addition to delegating who will arrange the member’s “jollys” (piss ups often ending in violent episodes) and who will sit on their Zone’s picnic committee they also direct and manage the Zone’s criminal activities. Naturally as head of the organisation internationally Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo’s function is to oversee all Zones and ensure they are run smoothly, efficiently and of course send him his cut of the proceeds.

Here’s a an example of one such Zone. I’ve omitted his real name and used his nickname in the hope of not incurring the wrath of wordpress following what is likely to be a huge tide of complains (from the NBM).

“Dennis The Menace”  –  Manchester Zone

The Neo Black Movement head of the Manchester Zone is a prolific, industrious and highly skilled advance fee fraudster operating currently in Manchester, UK. Known to those around him as “Dennis The Menace” he organizes and directs 419 advance fee fraud, cheque fraud and the subsequent money laundering operations not just on a regional or national scale but internationally.

“Dennis The Menace” was born in Ishan, Edo State of Nigeria and is a Neo Black Movement (Black Axe) member known within the organisation as “Lord Muta-Karibo”. He was initiated into the movement 1996 and later moved to Netherlands in 2002. He is a former Netherland’s Zone Elder having held the position of ‘Chief Priest’. “Dennis The Menace” is currently Head of the Manchester (UK) Zone.

It should be noted that despite been a legal and mostly unknown organisation in the UK in “Dennis The Menace” home country of Nigeria it is a criminal offence to participate in membership of the NBM and is an organisation with a notoriously violent reputation. The Neo Black Movement (NBM) in 2014 alone were directly involved with more than 100 killings (mostly inter-cult violence). The NBM is widely accepted to be involved heavily not only in fraud and cybercrime but also the global trafficking of illegal drugs. It’s membership includes individuals in more than 40 countries worldwide who collaborate and conspire freely on many varied criminal activities and are collectively bound by oaths of silence.

As an “oga” (phrase used in Nigerian organised crime to describe a crime boss who manages a team of fraudsters and/or facilitates cooperation where necessary help from outside the defined ‘gang’) “Dennis The Menace”‘s roles consist of, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Organising ‘spammers’. Acquiring and disseminating AMS (Advanced Mail Systems) tools, smtp, victim email lists to those charged with the task of spamming out 419 advance fee fraud emails.
2. Ensuring the gang’s flow of potential victims. This could be by buying email lists (marketing data, email addresses taken from hacked websites and email addresses acquired by the use of spiders/extractors) or trading the details and identities of victims who have been known to pay other scammers before (refereed to as “Maga” or “Mugu” meaning ‘Big Fool’) or by offering the gang’s services to other scammers not confident enough of lacking the ability to get someone to pay.
3. Organising ‘catchers’ (lower ranked workers in the ‘gang’) to monitor specific email boxes for victims replying to fraudulent emails. Providing them with the necessary script needed to reply with. Also providing the necessary proxy service/tools to both feign sending the emails from a specific location and hide the sender’s real location.
4. Providing details to be used to receive the initial payments by Western Union lost in an advance fee fraud scam. The details are inserted by the catchers into the script provided by “Dennis The Menace”. The details then passed back to “Dennis The Menace” by the catcher so he can have the payment collected.
5. Providing assistance to catchers requiring guidance on how to reply to victim emails. As an “oga” “Dennis The Menace” would be expected to demonstrate a better grasp of English than lower ranked ‘gang’ members and also be more experienced in techniques to convince victims to send money.
6. Providing details to be used to receive the later and larger payments by bank transfer lost in an advance fee fraud scam.
7. Taking on important roles later in the fraud. Later in an advance fee scam, often when it is intended to extract very large sums of money from a victim, “Dennis The Menace” will adopt any necessary identity to achieve the gangs objectives. “Dennis The Menace”‘s aptitude in both language and fraud techniques allows him to freely and successfully engage victims with unscripted emails and phone calls. In addition to this “Dennis The Menace” is known to meet face to face with victims.
8. Providing bank accounts to be used in any subsequent “cleaning” of the stolen money (Money Laundering)
9. Ensuring everything runs smoothly and overcoming any problems that occur during the life cycle of any active fraud. The role of “oga” is similar to the role of ‘Managing Director’ in a company. “Dennis The Menace” might need to employ people outside of the established group for example to build fake banks, construct web pages to make fake companies seem more legit, to take phone calls from a specific country, create fake documents and/or identification
10. Distributing the proceeds of crime. As an “oga” “Dennis The Menace” manages who gets a cut from any payment made by a victim and how much. Money could be forwarded around the world to anyone who helped with the scam (This might include: spammers, catchers, money mules, website builders, counterfeiters etc etc)
11. Organsing violence where necessary. There is no honor among thieves. It is not uncommon for individuals trsuted with the task of receiving money (be it by instant money transfer or bank wire) to keep all the money and not return the % required by “Dennis The Menace”. “Dennis The Menace” strives so that any such occurrence is met with violence in order to exact punishment and to act as a deterrent to anyone else who might consider breaking any future agreement that is made. Primarily “Dennis The Menace” will turn and ask for help from fellow Neo Black Movement (Black Axe) members who are scattered in many countries around the world. The cult’s preexisting oaths and codes of silence limits any potential repercussions and meaning the murders will go unsolved.

It is notable that “Dennis The Menace”‘s favoured method of punishment is not to harm the actual target but instead order the killing of their closest family. The intention been so the target has to live knowing their actions have resulted in the murder of their brothers, sisters and parents. Murders could be followed by the victim’s houses been ransacked for money or goods of value. Anything discovered kept by the attackers and/or forwarded as “compensation” to “Dennis The Menace”.

“Dennis The Menace”‘s favoured 419 scam format is that of the “wash wash” scam. This involves duping unsuspecting victim’s into believing he has a consignment of “black money” (physical currency painted with black dye) that he needs their help in monetizing. Initially this may involve the victim paying what he/she believes are bank fee’s, lawyer fees, flight tickets and for the procurement of various fake and worthless documents. The payments become progressively higher as the victim is continually told any payment made will be the last. The scam culminates in the victim flying from their home country to either Manchester or Amsterdam where they are conned into making a huge cash payment in order, they are told, to buy a chemical needed to remove the black dye from the ‘black money’.

Fake companies created in the past purportedly acting as “security companies” include:

EURO SECURITIES & ASSETS LTD (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Dr. Roberto Gavey (Director of Operation)
Tel: +(44) 776 093 8577 (local tariff)
Fax: +(44) 700 593 8199 (normal tariff) Fax: +(44) 700 593 8299 (£ 0,10 per minute)

EURO SECURITIES & ASSETS LTD (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Dr. Johan Gallangher (Director of Operations)
Tel: +31 685 574 661 (local tariff)
Fax: +31 847 301 126 (local tariff)
Fax: +31 847 301 127 (€ 0,10 per minute)

Ultimately the scam victim will lose everything they have “invested” but “Dennis The Menace” doesn’t leave it there. Assuming the fake identity of various law enforcement bodies “Dennis The Menace” will then email the victims offering the chance of getting any lost money back. This is known as a “compensation scam” and will once again simply be a never-ending cycle of the victim paying fee after fee. The fraud only comes to end when the victim has either spent and borrowed every penny they possibly can or they discover that it is a scam. It is known for some victims of fraud to commit suicide once realising they have lost everything (not just their life savings but sometimes their friends, families, home and even their jobs).

“Dennis The Menace”‘s historic fraud activities have seen him overseeing the following email addresses:

(This will be by no means a full list!)