An Open Letter

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo 2

My next stage of political activism was mostly to scratch my head. Proverbially only I have to admit. If truth be told I’m more of a chin rubber. I’d tossed and turned in bed and endured a sleepless night worrying about our country and the prospect of Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo gaining a position in government. At around 5am my wife had had enough and banished me from bed and I returned back to my office room to rub my chin and think. 

I felt considerably less unsettled when my next course of action was decided. I would write to Mr Eyeoyibo and express some of my concerns. Although adamant he couldn’t allay them I would certainly feel better getting some things off my chest.

In an effort to conduct this procedure in a transparent and educative manner I have opted for the medium of an ‘Open Letter’ so my concerns can be more widely heard and should a reply be forthcoming I will be delighted to publish that too.

Here is what has been sent to Mr Eyeoyibo this morning:

Dear Mr Eyeoyibo,

I am writing to you as a constituent of Warri State and in my capacity as a free thinking individual who theoretically has the power to vote for you in the upcoming election. An election which you bid to gain a position in the State Assembly in the Warri North constituency.

Although my wife has been known to refer to me as been a “wise man” essentially in the grand scheme of things I do not consider myself to be the most educated of people. I do attempt however to learn wherever possible and the views I hold I like to believe are informed, correct and justified.

It is in this spirit that I write to you in the hope you may reply so I can gain insight into your motives, intentions and what the reality of an outcome of you been elected will bring.

I have the following questions:

1) In your bid to be elected as Head of The Neo Black Movement you stated that your organisations (NBM) members “have due to idleness taken to robbery, thuggery and violence” and you wished to “sensitize ayes as to why violence,robbery,rape,murder,thuggery should be totally eradicated”.

However daily news reports of the aforementioned “violence, robbery, rape, murder and thuggery” still continue. What did you do to attempt to stop this and why did you fail?

2) Also on the subject of the horrific violence widely reported you stated you would “register a foundation under the aegis of the movement “STOP CAMPUS VIOLENECE TODAY”

Again however little seems to have changed. I wondered if you could give any details of the “Stop Campus Violence Today” campaign and perhaps speculate on why this initiative failed?

3) Also on the subject on campus violence. You stated “campus violence is the main headache of the movement is an understatement; it is the cankerworm that is eating deep and destroying this great movement”

I do not see mention of the lives destroyed (ultimately of the lives ended) or any word of the families effected. I wondered why this was omitted and whether your primary concern was with the bad publicity that reflects so poorly on the Neo Black Movement as it seems when the statement is read?

4) When projecting your aspirations upon becoming Head of The Neo Black Movement you talk of “image laundering”. In the context of measures to curb the bad publicity surrounding campus violence you state “This will go a long way in laundering our already battered image”

Why does it appear your primary concern is with “image” rather than actually tackling the root of the problem itself?

5) I notice in your NBM campaign speech you state you wish to: “register the movement as an NGO”. What is the current state of the Neo Black Movement in respect to been registered as an NGO?

6) In the same breath you go on to say: “Such registrations will see the movement getting subventions from international organizations which will go a long way to help our very horrendous state of the movement’s finances”

and you also state: “if we setup an NGO and hook up to organizations within and outside the shores of the country we could rake in millions by way of subventions from the government and these organizations we will be affiliated to.”

Your primary motivation for the NBM to become an NGO was to procure money from the government (“to boost zonal and individual member’s finances, this will go a long way to boost our overall finances”)?

7) In respect to the Nepotism you acknowledge when you state you: “want us to open our hearts and free our minds from any political juggling, money politicking, campaign of calumny, godfatherism, favouritism, nepotism, and focus on the sincerity of purpose as Axe men”

Why if you wished to curb nepotism upon becoming National Head of the NBM did you frequently circulate job opportunities to NBM members, mostly within our country’s financial institutions, that were open only to NBM members (more specifically open only to fully paid up members)?

8) You state: “Finance and proper accountability would be another focus by my administration” and yet I have spoken to disillusioned NBM members who report embezzlement and corruption is still rife within the organisation.

How can I be sure the same will not happen within Warri State government upon your election (baring in mind Warri State is home to over 300,000 people and yet you have seemed unable to control criminality in your organisation of only a few thousand)?

9) Regarding criminality…. Both here and abroad aside from the not so small matter of “violence, robbery, rape, murder and thuggery” it is evident from international media that members of the NBM are also involved heavily in cybercrime, drug trafficking and people smuggling.

Why have you been unable or unwilling the curb this behavior?

10) Is it because you yourself are not only partake in some of these activities but direct this global problem in your capacity of head of the organisation that is carrying it out?

I think that covers all the questions that immediately spring to my mind. If I have any further questions I will be sure to email you again.

I would delighted and eternally grateful if you could reply. I appreciate they are tough questions but that will make me all the more grateful to hear back from you

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