Fears For My Family – Closure Of The Blog

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the closure of the blog here. I have been warned that should I continue the lives of my dear family and myself could be put in danger. A long series of barbaric and threatening messages has brought me to this decision.

When I weigh up the benefits of continuing my efforts of political activism and expressing my views on Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo against the sickening acts which have been wished upon my family I really have no choice. As I eluded in my last post here the Neo Black Movement’s “murderous tendencies” Have cost many many lives.

Do I fear the Axe-Men at my door? Yes.

Do I fear I will be torn apart by savage Strongmen? Yes.

Do I fear my family will be tortured before my eyes? Yes.

Any man who loves his family would make this choice. When the choice is between life and death it is only natural and all humans are programmed to choose life.  Despite having kept strong, resilient and focused for so long on what I thought was doing the right thing there always was around the corner the straw that breaks the camels back.

Today that straw came in the form of a remark from ‘Peter’ who featured so elegantly and wise in my last post.

When he points out: “he (Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo) is dangerous and you tread on his dreams. Be careful incase he finally has time for you” I know he is right. Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo can summon an army of the most wild and dangerous axemen with just one or two calls. A call to his Zonal coordinator would be followed by ten calls to various Elders within the movement which would followed by 100 calls to the most viscous foot soldiers Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo has at his disposal to quash decent of his policies and appointment.

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo has achieved finally my silence today. My silence here and my silence elsewhere too. I do not wish to reveal whether or not I am “Najuju” and hope no assumptions will be made when I announce too that the blog here: https://najuju.wordpress.com will also be quickly removed. Other contentious articles and forms of media that are not to the liking of Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo will also be removed wherever possible. If they do not go down immediately please post the links in the comment section and I will resolve their quick deletion.

For the benefit of those who do not understand the gravity of my ordeal and the weight and nature of the threats that have been forthcoming over the last year I will post a selection below. Not only to inform you of how I came to make my own decision but equally to deter anyone thinking too of opposing Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo.

God bless you all. I hope you understand.

(I will try and correct the image wahala below out later. I must spend some time now with those who are important to me)

(Please be warned… Although clicking the images will make them larger they are very graphic and could cause distress)

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My First Blog Comment – Q&A

I’m delighted to have received my first blog comment. It has made my otherwise miserable day somewhat more meaningful and I have to admit i’m somewhat excited to have gained a person’s attention. 

So excited in fact I’m posting it here as a Q&A!

Firstly the question from someone calling them self ‘Peter’:

Nice publication, but how come you know so much about this man if are not a member of this cult and secondly I noticed you have hidden your identity and that shows that you have not guts.
Freedom of speech is not an avenue for you to discredit people while hiding in the dark. This publication holds no water if you cannot come out the closet and you also are a member.

Now for my answer to ‘Peter’s’ question:

Hi Peter, how delighted I am that I have grabbed your interest irrespective of the fact you seem greatly unimpressed by my view, the medium upon which i have voiced it and the way i have chosen to carry it out.

I note you are unimpressed but you are clearly in two minds and somewhat impressed too.  I’m really not sure but then if you are not sure yourself then how can I be? Anyway the level of how impressed you are or how unimpressed you are or how impressed and unimpressed you are could baffle me all day so I will move on…..

One thing which you are unimpressed about and yet not impressed at the same time is that I haven’t signed my name as identifying myself as the author. Let me tell you that in a time before WordPress, the internet itself and even the printing press authors have chosen for one reason or another to write certain works anonymously. Works of literature, observations, views, opinions and statements of one kind or another have been intentionally unsigned by their authors as far back as Mesopotamian times (3500 BC).

It is not uncommon and since those early examples there are many pieces of writing that have remained unsigned due to it been seen as a right for an author to choose not to name himself. After authors in Mesopotamian times chose to exercise their right to anonymity… authors in Ancient Egypt exercised that right too… and following that in every century since there have been authors who have continued to exercise that right.

I imagine if this was something you didn’t know then this possibly could invoke another occurrence of you been impressed and unimpressed at the same time.

More often than purely leaving a peace of work unsigned a writer often uses a pen name. I have opted, if only to give you or others something to call me, to go along this route too. This I fear will not leave you either impressed and unimpressed at the same time or indeed positively unimpressed only. However I cant impress everyone all of the time. I’m sure you understand.

Anyway to cut a long story short I will sign this piece at the bottom and will continue to sign my work using my ‘pen name’ I have chosen.

As a side-note this will most certainly impress my wife who, like everyone in our country, is all too aware of the Black Axe’s murderous tendencies. A topic you’ll be delighted to know will be the subject and focus of my next article. After reading it perhaps you would like to reappraise the statement that my excising my right to protect myself and family “shows that I have not guts”

Now we have addressed the small matter of my not signing my work lets move onto to your next point.

Next the point that left me momentarily disgruntled. You state I “discredit” Mr Eyeoyibo. Let me assure you that Mr Eyeoyibo demonstrates very well the ability to “discredit” himself without any help whatsoever from me. I would suggest when he presses ‘send’ on the 419 emails he sends that is the moment he is ‘discredited’ and not as you suggest when I delineate any such action.

You ask “how come you know so much about this man if are not a member of this cult?” You are clearly impressed at my knowledge and I cordially thank you. Also in the same breath you state the work so far “holds no water”. By this I presume you mean that you do not believe any word of it. So as well as been impressed and unimpressed (though not in equal measure I can only presume) you also believe and do not believe what has been written. Firstly I concluded that you believe some of it and do not believe other bits. I’d express an interest in which parts you believe and which parts you do not believe but I know what I have written so far (and will endevour to continue to do) to be 100% accurate so therefore what you believe and do not believe is of little relevance to me. Plus, frankly, I’m keeping an open mind that certain parts you possibly may believe and not believe simultaneously. There is also the added dimension of the possibility that you do believe it but refuse to believe it (commonly called ‘self denial’).

What you believe and/or do not believe, the question of whether you are possibly believing and not believing at the same time and the matter of whether you want or not to believe but possibly do or dont… we will put to one side.

Back to the actual question: “how come you know so much about this man if are not a member of this cult?”. The question implied to me you were asking how i knew this information despite my not been a member. Indicating you believed I was not a member of the Black Axe.

Further down your comment right at the end however I see you make the statement “you also are a member”. Forgive me if I am wrong but this shows you think I am concurrently both a member and also not a member. This part had me rubbing my chin some time then I resigned myself to the idea that despite believing I knew what you meant I didn’t believe I knew at all. I shall be quick to point out though with great certainty that at no time did I both believe I knew and believe I didn’t know at the same time. That would be strange. One was followed by the other.

I’m very thankful at one point in my morning I was graced by the presence of my 4th Son. I will leave his name out of the matter regardless of how impressed, unimpressed or both you are at this or whether you either believe or disbelieve I have a son or indeed of course both.

Moving quickly on to the point I was trying to make. He is a 3rd year psychology student and i was delighted at his presence to help me understand what on earth you meant and what you didn’t mean in your comment. He looked over the comment several time and rubbed his chin for a little while (like Father like Son!). Ultimately I’m afraid to say he too was more than a little baffled and after speculating you may or may not suffer with various disorders (perhaps he suggests having both suffered and not suffered with one or two during the course of writing your comment) he lastly, before leaving to school, suggested I try “get into your head”.

This I then attempted to do.

I looked at myself trying to do so as you must have done whilst reading my blog. In order to not over complicate things I felt it necessary to presume, although I presume this might be incorrect, that at the time of reading you were not subject to any mental disorder or disturbance and this only occurred only during the writing of your comment. I must hasten to add that I did not both presume (you were not subject to any mental disorder or disturbance) and not presume at the same time. This  too would be strange. I chose to adopt the presumption only for the sake of making the exercise more simple.

Anyway…. I looked back at what i’d written. Trying to find things I’d written for you to conclude that I wasn’t a member of the NBM. Then also I looked for things I’d written that might support your alternative conclusion that I was.

I see I pointed out the NBM is “an illegal and banned organisation under Nigerian law”. I was unsure if this would lead you to believe either way I was or wasn’t. Therefore, knowing you, I surmised this potentially led you to believe I both am and aren’t. That is of course not taking into consideration whether or not you believe or do not believe they are an illegal organisation.

I also see I pointed out the fact NBM members conduct frequent acts of “violence, robbery, rape, murder and thuggery” and “cybercrime, drug trafficking and people smuggling”. I was unsure too if this would lead you to believe either way I was or wasn’t a current member. Maybe this disturbed me as a member and/or disturbed me as a decent member of the public appalled at this behavior?

I see I pointed out my displeasure at Mr Eyeoyibo’s intent to register the NBM as an NGO purely “to boost zonal and individual member’s finances” and that of the movement. This I thought most certainly identified me as a non-member in your eyes but then I see I went on to complain about the organisations widespread “embezzlement and corruption”. Which could be interpreted that although I would support in theory Mr Eyeoyibo’s promise to milk money from wherever he could I might not be convinced I would in fact see any of it. Therefore I see how this was ambiguous too and not provide a clear indication either way.

I expressed annoyance too at Mr Eyeoyibo “frequently circulating job opportunities to NBM members, mostly within our country’s financial institutions, that were open only to NBM members”. Again this made me both believe you could see me as a non-member and also not believe. Not at the same time did I hold both of those beliefs! Retarded I am not. Firstly I believed you could see me as a non-member due to this part then I read my inclusion in brackets: “more specifically open only to fully paid up members”. Which could indicate jealously perhaps on my part if was behind in my due payments. Certainly ambiguous I admit.

Reflecting on all of the above I find it hard to imagine which side of the fence I would sit if asked to choose if i thought myself to be a member or non-member.

Furthermore when taking into consideration there is in fact a third possibility also you didn’t mention I find it near on impossible to see how you were able to claim so confidently that I was a member and also wasn’t.

The third possibility of course been: I was a member but no longer am (please note the chronological dimension of time would not allow me to exist in both states at once).

Not really been sure which of three possibilities you would like me to confirm or deny. I guess I am only left to assure you that I can be classified by one of the following (though i also assure you only one of them!)

1. I am a member of the NBM

2. I am not a member of the NBM

3. I was a member but no longer am

As my final point you elude to my right for “free speech”. I’m sure you recognise this is a freedom given by God to all men.  Yet you suggest that my right to exercise anonymity and my God given right to exercise free speech are not mutually inclusive? These my friend finally are two things that are things that can exist simultaneously.

What it is highly important to bare in mind though when ‘exercising free speech’ is that it is a crime to print misleading, libelous and harmful untruths and although at any one moment it is possible to say anything you wish those effected may have right to seek punishment on the author as a result.

I assure you this is always considered when I write and Mr Eyeoyibo is very aware everything written here is true and for that reason there is nothing in even his power to make the truth disappear. The truth will always wins Peter. Always.

Uche Tobias

An Open Letter

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo 2

My next stage of political activism was mostly to scratch my head. Proverbially only I have to admit. If truth be told I’m more of a chin rubber. I’d tossed and turned in bed and endured a sleepless night worrying about our country and the prospect of Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo gaining a position in government. At around 5am my wife had had enough and banished me from bed and I returned back to my office room to rub my chin and think. 

I felt considerably less unsettled when my next course of action was decided. I would write to Mr Eyeoyibo and express some of my concerns. Although adamant he couldn’t allay them I would certainly feel better getting some things off my chest.

In an effort to conduct this procedure in a transparent and educative manner I have opted for the medium of an ‘Open Letter’ so my concerns can be more widely heard and should a reply be forthcoming I will be delighted to publish that too.

Here is what has been sent to Mr Eyeoyibo this morning:

Dear Mr Eyeoyibo,

I am writing to you as a constituent of Warri State and in my capacity as a free thinking individual who theoretically has the power to vote for you in the upcoming election. An election which you bid to gain a position in the State Assembly in the Warri North constituency.

Although my wife has been known to refer to me as been a “wise man” essentially in the grand scheme of things I do not consider myself to be the most educated of people. I do attempt however to learn wherever possible and the views I hold I like to believe are informed, correct and justified.

It is in this spirit that I write to you in the hope you may reply so I can gain insight into your motives, intentions and what the reality of an outcome of you been elected will bring.

I have the following questions:

1) In your bid to be elected as Head of The Neo Black Movement you stated that your organisations (NBM) members “have due to idleness taken to robbery, thuggery and violence” and you wished to “sensitize ayes as to why violence,robbery,rape,murder,thuggery should be totally eradicated”.

However daily news reports of the aforementioned “violence, robbery, rape, murder and thuggery” still continue. What did you do to attempt to stop this and why did you fail?

2) Also on the subject of the horrific violence widely reported you stated you would “register a foundation under the aegis of the movement “STOP CAMPUS VIOLENECE TODAY”

Again however little seems to have changed. I wondered if you could give any details of the “Stop Campus Violence Today” campaign and perhaps speculate on why this initiative failed?

3) Also on the subject on campus violence. You stated “campus violence is the main headache of the movement is an understatement; it is the cankerworm that is eating deep and destroying this great movement”

I do not see mention of the lives destroyed (ultimately of the lives ended) or any word of the families effected. I wondered why this was omitted and whether your primary concern was with the bad publicity that reflects so poorly on the Neo Black Movement as it seems when the statement is read?

4) When projecting your aspirations upon becoming Head of The Neo Black Movement you talk of “image laundering”. In the context of measures to curb the bad publicity surrounding campus violence you state “This will go a long way in laundering our already battered image”

Why does it appear your primary concern is with “image” rather than actually tackling the root of the problem itself?

5) I notice in your NBM campaign speech you state you wish to: “register the movement as an NGO”. What is the current state of the Neo Black Movement in respect to been registered as an NGO?

6) In the same breath you go on to say: “Such registrations will see the movement getting subventions from international organizations which will go a long way to help our very horrendous state of the movement’s finances”

and you also state: “if we setup an NGO and hook up to organizations within and outside the shores of the country we could rake in millions by way of subventions from the government and these organizations we will be affiliated to.”

Your primary motivation for the NBM to become an NGO was to procure money from the government (“to boost zonal and individual member’s finances, this will go a long way to boost our overall finances”)?

7) In respect to the Nepotism you acknowledge when you state you: “want us to open our hearts and free our minds from any political juggling, money politicking, campaign of calumny, godfatherism, favouritism, nepotism, and focus on the sincerity of purpose as Axe men”

Why if you wished to curb nepotism upon becoming National Head of the NBM did you frequently circulate job opportunities to NBM members, mostly within our country’s financial institutions, that were open only to NBM members (more specifically open only to fully paid up members)?

8) You state: “Finance and proper accountability would be another focus by my administration” and yet I have spoken to disillusioned NBM members who report embezzlement and corruption is still rife within the organisation.

How can I be sure the same will not happen within Warri State government upon your election (baring in mind Warri State is home to over 300,000 people and yet you have seemed unable to control criminality in your organisation of only a few thousand)?

9) Regarding criminality…. Both here and abroad aside from the not so small matter of “violence, robbery, rape, murder and thuggery” it is evident from international media that members of the NBM are also involved heavily in cybercrime, drug trafficking and people smuggling.

Why have you been unable or unwilling the curb this behavior?

10) Is it because you yourself are not only partake in some of these activities but direct this global problem in your capacity of head of the organisation that is carrying it out?

I think that covers all the questions that immediately spring to my mind. If I have any further questions I will be sure to email you again.

I would delighted and eternally grateful if you could reply. I appreciate they are tough questions but that will make me all the more grateful to hear back from you

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo

This morning, like so many of us have, I found myself spurting my coffee all over my keyboard. Usually for most people this is upon hearing, reading or seeing something so funny our basic instincts are overcome and the subsequent lack of control  results in the contents of our mouth been ejected in front of us. In my case i’m afraid it was a symptom of uncontrollable horror and shock.

My wife rushed to the kitchen and quickly brought me a cloth. I used it, still open mouthed and aghast at what I’d seen, and proceeded to clean my keyboard, desk and monitor as they still dripped with hot coffee.

What had I seen?

I still cant quite believe it. At first I was in denial and once all coffee had been mopped up I scurried around the internet hoping to find something which proved the article I had read as been false.

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo running for a position in Government of our country!?

My hopes of acquiring information to the contrary crumbled as I found source after source stating it was the case.

As many of us are aware Nigeria is slowly becoming overcome with increasing levels of corruption and other cancerous conditions mostly of a criminal aspect. With this in mind it will not surprise you that I see Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo as been the equivalent of a square peg for a round hole in terms of been a solution to Nigeria’s problems.

Another way of putting it I guess would be: appointing Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo to government would be like trying to kill a fire by throwing petrol on it.

I spent of the rest of the day very unsettled and here I am now at nearly 4am in the morning engaging myself for the first time in perhaps what could be called “political activism”.

For those not overly familiar or perhaps have no idea who Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo is. Let me attempt to bring you up to speed. Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo also goes by the name ‘Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo’. He studied at Bendel State University, Ekpoma and now resides in Lagos as the owner of Roseview Court Hotel.

None of this worries you I know. Here is why I was so shocked: Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo is the current serving head of the Black Axe Confraternity aka ‘Neo Black Movement of Africa’ (an illegal and banned organisation under Nigerian law). What’s more Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo also participates in and coordinates a global offensive against unwitting victims in the way of 419 advance fee fraud.

His masterful skill in the art of 419 fraud gives him one particular worrying attribute we should be aware of: Masterful skill in the art of deception. Although I hear people say “well… all politicians are liars” and although that may or not be the case do we really as a country want government officials who so overtly lie, cheat and steal in the way he does? Whose primary goal has always been to achieve for himself financial gain at the expense of others? Perhaps this is a little unfair as I am well aware money is distributed to the cretinous creatures in his orbit (mostly other cult members) to lubricate the wheels of support for him to successfully achieve his aims.

It is my aim here to plead with you not to accept his campaign lies when he shamelessly states he “is a man of outstanding moral character” and to inform you he a liar and a thief. Fundamentally Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo is the proverbial square peg for the round hole which is our country.

I implore you all to do everything in your power to ensure he is not appointed to the State Assembly in the Warri North constituency. This blog will serve as your provider of all the information you need to make an informed choice and to make the only correct decision.

Good luck and God bless.